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Operation Jupiter: Introduction



The year is 2032.

After decades of economic collapse and diplomatic isolation, Russia has become an unstable military dictatorship after a series of coups. The current head of state is General Yuriy Shykov. Russia's territorial integrity has been crumbling for a decade.

The world's biggest country's military strategy has for centuries been determined by its geography. With virtually endless borders and lacking defensible points, buffer zones had to be created between the Russian heartlands and potential rivals.

Chernarus, since early modern times, used to be part of this buffer zone in the Russian South-West. The region is about the size of Estonia and has about 10 Million inhabitants, the majority of whom live in densely forested rural areas. Most of its urban centers are small, such as its political capital Esseker. However there are industrial areas in the cities of Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk at the Southern coast. Chernarus posesses natural resources such as coal, iron and copper. There are offshore deposits of oil and natural gas which are currently being developed.

When Chernarus broke away from the Russian Federation in 2019, the country was initially left to its own devices.

Internal turmoil surrounding the Bondarev military coup prevented a Russian reaction. Chernarussian citizens gave themselves a constitution and set up their own democratic institutions. Until recently the region enjoyed a time of stability and prosperity.

In order to appease Russia, Chernarus has not made any efforts to join NATO. The Chernarus Defense Force does however participate in large scale excercises and peace keeping missions in Africa and the Middle East. Thanks to its surprising prosperity, Chernarus maintains a sizeable military. Its special forces under the command of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are among the most capable in the region.


Since the outgoing 2020s, an illegal militia known as The Chedaki have begun destabilising an area of Chernarus neighbouring Russia. The Chedaki's declared goal is to force the Chernarussian government to seek re-integration into the Russian Federation. The Federation in turn signed a decree of recognition with the Chedaki leadership in 2030. During the year 2031, their efforts became decidedly more violent.




At the end of March 2032, the Chedaki seized Chernarus' biggest military air field, evidently with Russian support. Troops of the Chernarus Special Forces Branch managed to regain control of it in the Battle of Vybor, but came under heavy attack by Russian air assault forces and took severe casualties.


Both countries have now entered a state of war, without a formal declaration.


Website Changes

So of the last few days I have been busy making some changes to our website. For the last year possibly longer we've had a timer on our home page which counted down to the next event, this turned out to be very difficult to get correct due to the wide variety of time zones used by community. I have decided to scrap the live count down and instead I am now listing the latest mission from the week day missions and major missions on the forum.



The mission name can be clicked on and this will take you directly to the topic. The mission start times are also listed in both UTC & BST. This will still continue to update but will do so based on the current day of the week.


The next thing I've done which some of you may have noticed is I have made the entire site slightly transparent so that the back ground can be seen. There is a gradient that has been applied to the image this is done using CSS3 so the image isn't actually modified to achieve this.


The next change is the most significant one; provided that you have an active session on the forum which means you've been logged into the forum in the last five minutes then the website will display a 'Member's Area' box like in the screenshot below. This currently includes links to various tools available.


That's not all. Previously using the Server Manager or Recruiter pages required an access code which I suspect was most likely a pain in the ass for those of you who had to enter this in. I'm happy to say you don't need the access codes anymore and provided you're logged in on the forum in the last few minutes you will be able to use the controls.


The server manager is now available to the following ranks:

  • Second Lieutenant
  • Gunnery Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Specialist



I haven't finished yet - I am going to be making improvements to the following pages Gallery & Platoon and the Admin page will be playing a greater roll in clan management as this is something else I've built to keep squad XML's up-to-date and add awards to the site and members.

Let me know what you think good or bad and if you have any ideas or things you think should be changed.


Situation Report: Operation Wasa

29th November 2017 - Baltic Flashpoint



21st of November 2017
 - A NATO summit meeting is held in Newport, Wales where Sweden and Finland have been requested to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Sweden has not been involved in a major conflict for over 200 years, the last conflict involving Sweden was the war against Norway in 1814.


The last battle Sweden took part in was fought at Kjolberg Bridge where 75 Swedish soldiers under the command of Gustav Fredrik Mörner, crossed a bridge undetected and without reinforcements charged at a regiment of 600 Norwegians and became victorious, taking only 18 casualties. The same day a cease fire was agreed upon and Sweden have yet to join a war ever since.

Finland another Nordic country has not been involved in conflict since 1945 where they pushed German forces out of Finland in the end of World War 2. Both nations with particularly weak military interests have refused to join the NATO Alliance. Both the United Kingdoms and United States representatives Douglas Lute & Sir Adam Thomson have warned Sweden and Finland that the threat of imminent conflict is ahead. 


14th of November 2017 - After the breakdown of NATO discussions, Sweden and Finland sent representatives to partake in a secret meeting in Stockholm. During the meeting the nations would discuss the future of the Swedish and Finnish effort to avoid conflict. Once the meeting was complete, both nations agreed that a plan to reforge the Scandinavian Defence Force (SDF) was necessary.

17th of November 2017 - Both Finland and Sweden publicly announced the "secret" meeting and the agreements that were made. Sweden and Finland would forge an alliance to protect the borders of Scandinavia. Both nations would change their policies and budgets regarding the military, the intent: Rearm and rebuild the Scandinavian Forces to deter any thoughts of aggression by the Federation of Russia.

21st of November 2017 - Vladimir Putin, President of the Federation of Russia denounced the plans for the SDF and demanded that Sweden and Finland stop their rearmament as it could be seen as an aggression against Russia and the president also threatened to raise the combat readiness of the Baltic Front in response to the decisions made on November 17th.


22nd of November 2017 - During a peaceful demonstration in the streets of Stockholm, Russian & Syrian immigrants demanded that the Swedish government withdraw from the rearmament and the SDF. The Swedish Livgardet stationed in the capital was sent to ensure security for the people during their demonstration.

Anti-Russian protesters joined the scenes in Stockholm and started conflicts which resulted in fights breaking out in different streets around the city, the military swept in and tried to disarm the situation when Russian citizens started attacking the soldiers, throwing rocks and fire-bombs.

Swedish Military Policemen shot and killed 15 Russian citizens during the violence after a protester threw fire-bombs, injuring a Swedish soldier and killing a policeman, this caused increased aggression from the Pro-Russian supporters and riot spread into the city of Stockholm.


23rd of November 2017 - In response to the aggression against Russian citizens, Vladimir Putin have vowed to the Russian people that he will intervene against Sweden and Finland. The Federation of Russia have found the grounds to start a conflict with two nations outside of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The Baltic Fleet at St. Petersburg have prepared their forces to hit targets on the southern side of Finland, including smaller islands such as the tiny island of Thirsk. Both Sweden and Finland have now pleaded to the NATO Alliance to reinforce the SDF in preparation for an incoming Russian invasion. Sweden have mobilized all forces and have mustered 30'000 men (20'000 Reserves) whilst Finland have mobilized 40'000 (25'000 Reserves) which would face against the Russian Western Army at the size of 150'000 (No Reservists).

200px-Suomen_Puolustusvoimien_tornileijo                                                                     75px-F%C3%B6rsvarsmakten_vapen_bra.svg.p

25th of November 2017 - The Russian Embassy in Stockholm and Helsinki have delivered the declaration of war to both governments. The NATO Alliance have in majority refused to join the conflict yet have however increased military preparations along the whole NATO-Russian borders including more forces being sent to the Middle-east. The United States have in secret delivered equipment and supplies and have deployed the 7th Fleet to assist the nations in holding off the Russian onslaught.


26th of November 2017 - The First Russian troops cross into Finland and start their march towards Helsinki with a force of nearly a quarter million men. Five hundred tanks, a hundred aircraft and the Russian Baltic Fleet which supports the invasion, whilst the rest of the Russian Armed Forces maintains the borders against the NATO allies.

27th of November 2017 - Swedish forces arrive on the Finnish Mainland and join the Finnish troops in holding off the main thrust of the Russian Army advancing on the E18 Highway from St. Petersburg. A secondary task-force has been diverted to the islands south of Finland in the Baltic sea. The force includes the Swedish Amphibious Corps together with the United States 7th Fleet and it's Navy and Marine Aviation who have been tasked with clearing the islands threatening the 7th Fleets approach to the Gulf of Finland.


28th of November 2017 - Swedish Amphibious Corps forces raid a tiny island south of Thirsk to capture it's airfield to create a beachhead for taking the main island of Thirsk. The USS 'Atlas', HMS 'Norrköping' & HMS 'Carlskrona' have deployed off the coast of Thirsk separate from the 7th Fleet, who is heading further into the Gulf of Finland to blockade the Baltic Fleet and any Russian Naval approach.

29th of November 2017 - Operation Wasa begins as Swedish Marines prepare for their thrust to retake the southern side of Thirsk and remove the threat of Anti-Ship positions from the island. "Supported by the United States Navy & Marines the Russian Marine Garrison on Thirsk should be destroyed within the week" - Vice Admiral Joseph P. Aucoin




Breaking Point 2 - Report

After an outstanding performance, after being put against mighty odds and ill balanced terrain and navigation, DynCorp was renowned for fighting in tight CQB conditions in the battle of Esseker. Going against the rebels 7-1 and still being the dominate force in the fight.

The same results were expected, two days later, where DynCorp was tasked by Major Khasletskiy to clear out a power station, converted into a market stronghold for the local rebels; to reduce the locations the rebels could produce illegal substances but more importantly, stop local trade in the area and deny the enemy. The same results were not met.

"I knew they couldn't do it, waste of time and money." said Khasletskiy after finding out DynCorp only managed to clear out some areas of the forest near the plant to remove any chances of a overwhelming counter attacks when moving on the stronghold and a small, yet heavily occupied, military complex. Sustaining extreme losses, which halted any true advancement of DynCorp whenever a push was needed to be made. Although the team managed to locate and reclaim the stolen medical supplies from the ambushed convoy. However - Major Khasletskiy - laughing with amusement, had to send a Ukrainian convoy, manned by his own members, to deliver the much needed supplies to our encampment, due to faulty sling loading instruments on our giant call signs.

Before setting off, with high moral - Amin Yashed (AKA: R4IDER) stepped down from leading his team into battle due to extreme illness, and Robin Yacar (AKA: Oksman) had to take control of the team and the newly founded Dragon asset.

Although the push was acceptable, the amount of loses the team faced was staggering. The "Indication of not knowing what to do in a tree line" says Major Khasletskiy. Although, Dragon helped the team when their location was heavily suppressed or bogged down - Relieving the team in much needed situations.


However, facts are facts, and the team only managed to clear around half of the forest, and not even get eyes on the stronghold. Meaning the forces have retaken most of the forest that the team navigated through and lost many good men. But more importantly, the rebels are now expecting us, and have bulked up the stronghold with more men, and the leaders have made purchases in IFVs to further stop our advancement. They're also rumors that a rebel team uncovered a Russian supply shipment containing AA weapons such as Iglas.

"An average attempt" - Major Khasletskiy

Signed Pvt Goralight



Pre-Briefing: Breaking Point

Breaking Point

It's been almost 30 years since the Chernobyl disaster. 31 people died in the initial blast and countless more have died as a result of radiation poisoning. But you already knew this right? Everyone knows about Chernobyl but what you probably don't know is Chernobyl wasn't the only place that was abandoned, an area known as Esseker suffered the same fate.

Esseker, like Chernobyl, is a forgotten part of Ukrainian history and due to the lack of law enforcement in the area, it has made Esseker a kind of haven for criminal elements.

During 2007 the criminal activity started to escalate and the State Security Service managed to intercept over 300,000 crates of weaponry which were heading to Esseker. It's unclear how many weapons actually exist in the area today.


The Ukrainian government decided to ignore this hoping that the criminal elements would kill themselves or realise that due to the radiation levels it was just too dangerous to stay. Five years later - the fighting in the area continued to escalate, sometimes spilling outside of Esseker. However due to the rural location it was easy for the Ukrainian government to keep media reports of the fighting to a minimum.

During 2013 the fighting in Esseker was raised as an issue during a United Nations Security Council meeting and it was suggested that Esseker could be harbouring Islamic State terrorists and the Ukrainian government was asked to investigate this and take action if necessary. The State Security Service spent the best part of a year investigating these claims but everything came to a halt when the Russian Federation invaded Ukrainian territory of Crimea.

The Ukrainian government immediately deployed the military and security services to the borders in anticipation of a Russian invasion and for the last two years the Ukrainian military and security services have been on high alert and very little progress has been made with the investigation into Esseker. After the Paris attacks the issue was raised again during a United Nations Security Council meeting.


It was decided that the Ukrainian government simply doesn't have the resources to carry out an adequate investigation into Esseker - so they would be helped financially to put an end to the fighting and regain control over Esseker but most of this money was mismanaged and actually ended up going towards paying the countries debts and very little was done in pursuit of it's intended use.

The Ukrainian government under pressure from other countries with security concerns decided that they would enlist a Private Military Contractor to complete this task. The Ukrainian government decided to keep the involvement of a Private Military Contractor secret as it could be seen as a sign of weakness in the eyes of the Russian Federation and prompt a further movement into Ukrainian territory. This secrecy extended to most of the military and security services with only a handful of people knowing about the arrangement.

'DynCorp International' is a US based Private Military Contractor enlisted for the task and they will be working with Major Khaletskiy to deliver a workable plan in order for the Ukrainian government to cease control over Esseker again. DynCorp International will be working independently of military and security services so there will be nothing more than strategically support from Major Khaletskiy.