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Operation Order: HELLFIRE II


Location: Takistan
Player Faction: BAF
Starting Time (Ingame): 1130
Starting Position: Southern Airfield
Weather: Overcast, Windy, Storm, Light Rain
Forecast: Overcast, Windy, Storm, Light Rain
Terrain: Desert, hills, settlements



The Taliban occupy most of Takistan, we have been tasked with bringing stability to the country. Today's mission will be a show of force, we will be inserting into the heart of the territory recently claimed by the Taliban. We will be on the look out for rebel positions as we patrol through the mountains and through intel gained from our successful operation four days ago we have been given the location of possible weapon hideouts. We will also be assisting the UN as they bring much needed aid into the remaining villages. As this is a show of force low fly by's have been authorized.


Tasking Ground

  1. Insert at LZ Alpha

  2. Patrol the marked locations for and search the marked location for Taliban hideouts / weapon cache.

  3. Insert at LZ Bravo

  4. Protect the UN convoy as it brings supplies to locals.

  5. Proceed west and destroy mortar position.

Tasking Air

  1. Insert Squad to LZ ALPHA

  2. Carry out 3 klick Search and Destroy mission around LZ Alpha - Check targets as there are civilian vehicles in the area.

  3. Recon LZ Bravo ensure that this is a safe place to land - LZ Charlie will be used if the threat level of LZ Bravo is high.

  4. Provide logistics, reinsert and CASEVAC


4x Merlin
4x AW159 Wildcat
2x F-35
4x Land Rover (M2)

Signed Staff Sergeant R4IDER


OPORD: The Patrol

MAP: Zargabad

MISSION DTG: 09/09/17 1900hrs (BST)

OPORD: The Patrol



START DTG: 15/07/2012 1000 Local 

START LOCATION: NATO HQ, Zargabad Regional Airport


1: Mission Overview 

Operation Arrowhead has come to a successful conclusion and the military dictatorship of Takistan has been removed from power. The countries infrastructure has been decimated by the conflict with mass homelessness and starvation becoming a desperate problem for the remaining NATO security forces. The international Red Cross and United Nations have deployed aid worker units to the area in an effort to ease the humanitarian crisis. These teams have become targets for insurgent and militia forces that are trying to continue the fight after an official peace has been declared.

NATO has now entered an "occupation state" with units standing down from combat readiness and assuming a defensive security role as the UN and Red Cross endeavour to piece the country back together.


2: Specific Mission Parameters 

Charlie Company, 506th Infantry, 101st Airborne Div are currently in occupation around the capital city of Zargabad. They are co-located at the regional airport with elements of the 7th Cavalry, 23rd TFW and 5th Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment. The Company is tasked with patrolling the area and defending against insurgent activity.

Todays patrol will see 9 Platoon follow the main MSR from the airport, through the city then south to FOB Shughart where they will be collected by 5/101 Aviation.

The patrol orders are:

  • Ensure the safety and security of the local population including administering assistance where needed.
  • Check and clear the MSR of possible IEDs/Mines to maintain transit links to the South.
  • Check in at CP Echo, Yarum Distribution Centre, CP Foxtrot and FOB Walcott and assist the units there as required.
  • Check in at FOB Shughart and await collection.
  • Protect OPSEC at all costs.

Rules of engagement are to be strictly enforced. We cannot justify the deaths of civilians at our hands. DO NOT FIRE UNLESS FIRED UPON. If engaged, minimise collateral damage where possible and take prisoners wherever possible. CAS from 5/101 AV DAP is available but should be considered a last resort.


3: Intelligence 

Insurgent cells are armed with old generation eastern bloc weapons. There have been sightings of technical type light strike vehicles and we have confirmed sightings of IGLA MANPAD systems. The insurgents are pre-occupied with high profile kills so any attack is likely to be spectacular featuring as many big bangs as they can muster. They are also determined to down a US helicopter as a sort of trophy. Current MO is the IED initiated ambush with vehicle support.

That said, they are not stupid. They will not attack in conventional patterns and will favour ambush tactics, using the terrain and compounds to their advantage. They will not think twice about killing civilians especially if they can blame us for the killings so you can expect them to attack from within civilian crowds. These guys come from the same training camps as the Taliban so be on your guard.

Route Mapping:



Leg 1:


Leg 2:


Leg 3:


Leg 4:


Leg 5:



4: Coordination 

Platoon Radio Net: 50.1 

Air Net: 50.2

AAC Net: 50.3

Squad radio net as directed by COC. 


5: Logistics 

5/101 Aviation:

1x MH-60 DAP

1x MH-60 Slick


SnrAM Jason



This is a patrol in the truest sense. There are intentionally no known objectives or fixed enemy positions, it is your job to find them and deal with them accordingly.

This is a humanitarian operation. Behave yourselves. Respect the ROE or the civilians might start helping the insurgents. Assisting the civilians will make them more likely to help you. This could mean anything from escorting them to safety to administering medical aid and extracting them to hospital. Stay flexible and adapt as needed.

OPSEC is paramount. Anything left on the battlefield could help the insurgents. A downed helicopter for example must be secured and correctly disposed of to prevent a serious radio encryption breach. If the AAC lose a chopper the patrol MUST divert to secure the crash site and survivors or face severe, possibly mission defining repercussions.


OPORD: Skorpion

Operation Order: Skorpion


Location: Tanoa
Player Faction: BAF
Starting Time (Ingame): 1530
Starting Position: FOB Fort George
Weather: Medium Overcast
Forecast: Heavy Overcast
Terrain: Forest, hills, towns,



Rebel forces which are believed to be funded by the Russian government are taking control of key strategical positions  in Tanoa. If the island was to fall into rebel hands then this would have serve consequences and would impair NATO's ability to defend the west.



Tasking Ground

  1. Insert at LZ Alpha

  2. Proceed to Rautake, Balavu and Yavu and displace the rebel forces, destroy any located weapon caches

Tasking Air

  1. Search and Destroy Yanky - There are a number of motorised units in the area which will be moving to reinforce the defences to the east of the island.

  2. Search and Destroy Zulu - The rebel forces have artillery stationed here which is capable of reaching targets at Balavu and Tavu

  3. Provide logistics, reinsert and CASEVAC


2x Merlin HC3J
3x AW159 Wildcat
3x AW159 Wildcat [unarmed]
1x AV-8J Harrier II
4x Land Rover (M2)

Signed Staff Sergeant R4IDER


OPORD: The Tiny

2nd Company - British SAS

MAP: Altis
DATE: 2017/08/26 (19.00 UTC)
Operation Name: The Tiny
Terrain: Villages, Hills, Open Fields, Mountains
Weather: Clear skies - Light Fog
Forecast: Clear skies - Light Fog
Starting Time (In-Game): 2200 Hours
Starting Position: North Coast


2nd Company will arrive at the northern coast via RHIBs. The teams will conduct raids behind enemy lines along the northern coast and disrupt the Takistani forces enough for other military advances to succeed.


A)Strength - 
The Takistanii Army are assumed to have 100-150 soldiers in the area of operations.
B)Composition - Rear-guard units and garrisons
C)Support - Motorized support, Mechanized support, Armored support
D)Air Defence - No signs of infra-red / guided anti-aircraft systems. Limited threat assumed - AAA threat confirmed
E) Friendly Forces - None


Platoon Tasks:

1. Ambush the maintenance convoy (Check A)
2. Use the civilian vehicle to reach Rally Point Yankee
3. Destroy all forces at the Objective Alpha (Check B )


1. Reach Rally Point X-Ray
2. Sneak along the low-ground and set charges to helicopters & planes (5 Targets) at Objective Bravo (Check C)
3. Avoid contact at all cost during Phase 2


1. Approach final objective
2. (Secondary) Distract enemy mechanized forces at final objective by destroying ammunition dump.
3. Find and rescue 5 hostages at Objective Charlie (Check D) 
4. Bring the British Pilot to the exfiltration point south of area of operations.


A: The Convoy will arrive around the ambush site 4-5 minutes after our teams have reached the site. The repair truck needs to be dismantled and completely destroyed for the objective to be completed.

B. The Outpost is garrisoned by a tank crew, however the tank itself is damaged. If the maintenance convoy reaches the outpost, an enemy tank will be present at the objective. Increasing the difficulty of the objective.

C. The enemy forces on the airfield are set up in sentry positions and patrols, gather intel about patrols and find a way to sneak up to the targets without detection. The airfield is occupied by mechanized and armored units, detection will mean failure. Do not take the approach for granted, ensure overwatch is maintained to help avoid patrols.


D. The hostages are located in one of the buildings inside the marked area. Find the building and breach the building, use the flashbangs available in your kits. There are more hostages other than our HVT, rescue them but do not extract them. Civilian vehicles will be present in the town, use your wit to find a way to exfil out of the town before you are overrun by enemy reinforcements.

Logistics and Assets:
1x Civilian Landrover

Signed Specialist Oksman

If they convoy is broken and won't move. Then input this into global execute in debug:
truck1 setFuel 1; truck2 setFuel 1;