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Friday 18th January
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Saturday 19th January
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Captive Tigris Redux

MAP: Malden 2035

MISSION DTG: 12/01/19 1900hrs (GMT)

OPORD: Captive Tigris

WEATHER: Light fog and cloud

FORECAST: Slowly Clearing

START DTG: 28/05/2008 0400 Local 

START LOCATION: Alongside USS Freedom, South of Moray Island, Off the West coast of Malden


1: Mission Overview 

10 days ago, 47th Brigade of the Takistani Army declared it's independence from it's parent nation and seized control of the island of Malden where the unit was garrisoned. The brigade commander, Colonel Aziz, issued a formal public statement claiming that his unit has been completely betrayed by his country as the Takistan/US peace talks regarding the Cold War draw to a conclusion. Aziz went on to state that he and his men would defend their new country with their lives if necessary but hopes that the international community would come to recognise their independence. This is a huge problem for the Takistani administration since the 47th is one of the premier Takistani infantry formations, recently augmented with a flight of Mi-24D helicopters, several T-72 tanks and a platoon of ZSU-23-4 "Shilka" air defence platforms. Perhaps more embarrassing for the Takistanis is the fact that the 47th have recently taken command of the first shipment of the next generation ZSU-35 "Tigris" air defence tanks and a squadron of brand new MiG-29SM fighters.

The UN have responded with diplomatic sanctions and deployed a humanitarian force from the Republic of Chernarus. Aziz was welcoming of the UN personnel and opened his borders with no questions asked stating that "We are not barbarians, we genuinely want a fresh start away from the US backed puppet government that has polluted our beloved Takistan". In keeping with this ethos, Aziz has raised at least 2 companies of militia from the local populace.

3 days ago Aziz broadcast another public statement claiming that the Chernarussians were using their position with the UN to spy on his organisation and demanded that the UN leave the country. This was met with international condemnation with NATO declaring that if Aziz was not open and honest about his coup then they would seek permission for military intervention. Aziz retaliated by attacking the UN compound in Chapoi and taking a number of hostages. The UN have declared this a state of emergency and have given NATO a mandate to liberate the island and free the UN prisoners if Aziz does not back down.

The USS Freedom Carrier Group with elements of the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit have made full speed to Malden and are now within strike range.

The deadline for the release of the prisoners passed 2 hours ago.


2: Specific Mission Parameters 

MARSOC Raider Team 16 will deploy ahead of the main USMC assault to eliminate a concentration of air defences overlooking the main invasion path. If not eliminated this position will decimate the USMC landing force and make air operations almost impossible.

The mission has 3 parameters:

  • Locate and eliminate any and all air defences and artillery positions in the region of La Pessagne either with own weapons or directed airstrike
  • Locate and extract UN prisoners believed to be held within one of the camps around La Pessagne
  • Assist the landings by out flanking the beach defences at Lolisse and directing airstrikes against critical targets

Carrier Air Wing 11 and 22nd MEU ACE will provide logistic, medical and fire support to the operation. By squadron those tasks are:

  • VF-101 "Grim Reapers" - Combat Air Patrol to counter the MiG-29 threat. If required can deploy GBUs to support MARSOC 16 as directed by HQ
  • VMA-231 "Ace of Spades" - SEAD and CAS as directed by 16MARSOC
  • VAQ-141 "Shadowhawks" - Electronic Attack Support to the SEAD effort
  • HMLA-369 "Gunfighters" - Tactical Logistics and Recon Support
  • HMH-466 ""Wolfpack" - Heavy Logistics Support


3: Intelligence 

The island has become a fortress with major troop concentrations on most coastal bluffs. The main airstrip is also the home of a small squadron of Su-25 attack planes and the MiG-29 squadron previously issued to the 47th. We have no intel on whether these are operational or not:


16MARSOC AOR. Note there are 5 camps in total including the Forward Battery, Fire Control Post, Main Battery, Flank Protection and the A2 Echelon. A nearby reserve camp will more than likely respond to any incursion so expect OPFOR reinforcement from the East:


Initial insertion will be by Mk V SOC into the Vigny Ravine. Strike Fighters from VMA-231 will also be operating to destroy OPFOR radar facilities giving us the chance to sneak in undetected. This ingress will bring 16MARSOC into strike distance of the Fire Control Post so this should be hit first to prevent a close range counter attack:


The Fire Control Post consists of a prefabricated military camp with local housing assumed to be used as billeting:


The Forward Battery is a small encampment to the North East of the Fire Control Post. This base is largely purpose built around an old clifftop chapel. Photo recon appears to show the presence of an established ZSU-23 network and a battery of artillery, possibly Grad or Scud systems:


The Main Central Battery appears to be using an old disused coastal defence fortification outside the town of La Pessagne itself. The town is the biggest settlement in the region so we expect the town to be the main OPFOR billet:


The Southern Flank is protected by what appears to be a small Patrol Base located in an old goat farm. Note what appears to be vehicle sized cam netting:


A2 Echelon appears to have an operational HLS with what looks like a QRF Mi-24. We expect this location to contain a decent sized supply cache that would be a decent target of opportunity:


The coastal defences at Lolisse appear to focus around an old abandoned military base from the 1985 Guba Insurrection. If you get a chance, re-locate to this front and help the boys on the beach out. Your primary task must be completed first:



4: Coordination 

Platoon Radio Net: 50.1 

Air Net: 50.2

AAC Net: 50.3

Squad radio net as directed by COC. 


5: Logistics 


  • 16 MARSOC has no organic supply chain. All logistics needs are to be passed through HMLA-369 or HMH-466

VF-101 "Grim Reapers":

  • 4x F-14D Tomcat


  • 4x AV-8b II Harrier Plus

VAQ-141 "Shadowhawks":

  • 2x E/A-18G Growler

HMLA-369 "Gunfighters":

  • 3x UH-1Y Venom

HMH-466 ""Wolfpack":

  • 1x CH-53 Sea Stallion



While the mission uses conventional "Raven" re-insertion, players will respawn in a hangar on the Northern Island. The MHQs will auto activate at mission start allowing players to teleport from the respawn point to the carrier for reinsertion. MHQ-1 is the USS Freedom Aircraft Carrier. MHQ_2 is the USS Liberty Destroyer.

1-1 Alpha and 1-2 Alpha are the designated boat crews with each SOC carrying a whole squad. PLTHQ element is aboard the 1-1 SOC. Given our usual attendance this will put everyone on board one boat. There should be sufficient diversion to allow you to land safely but you should man the weapon stations just in case.




Misson 05.01.2019

Replay of Operation Vertical Approach. Beefed up training mission by @Oksman. OPORD is in here:



Mission 29.12.2018

Once again, nothing specific planned for today.

Thanks to the hard work of several mission makers and tech guys, we should have several operations ready to play though, depending on attendance.

@Oksman @Luke @Chroma



22-12-18 - Christmas mission?

Alright, now it just depends on support to start the servers and all that jizz. But I made 4 missions the past two days, sadly I can't stop myself from creating big operations so most of these also fit the training ground missions. Possibly even Sat Operations depending on how many play them and how fast you do play them. The most fitting for small numbers will be listed on top.


CO@17 Porto Flashpoint

Faction: Russian Spetznas
Time of Day: Moonlit Night
Fog: Little
Focus: CQB with High-Tech Gear.

Task is to infiltrate the island of Porto, eliminate the AAF assets on the Island and stop it from being used as a resupply base for AAF forces. The AAF have deployed BM-21s on the island that harass nearby CSAT-held islands which needs to be destroyed. We cannot destroy it by Air as two ZU-23 AAA batteries are scattered in the town of Porto. These must be destroyed for the Airstrike to be called in. The team on the ground will have to destroy the Anti-Air and Stockpile to complete the mission. Exfil anywhere around the port/harbour/fishing villages.

Destroy AAA
Destroy GRADS
Destroy Stockpile

~40 Infantry on the Island in total.
~3 Heavy Weapon platforms
Civilian Presence: N/A
Risk of QRF: High



CO@12 Nutcracker

Faction: Modern Russian Special Operations
Time of Day: Moonlit Night
Fog: N/A
Focus: Rolling hills, Approach before engagement, CQB

We start off in two static C-130Js above our target. At will, we will jump off the ramps and start heading for the Rally Point. There you will find our usual needs, medical crates, respawn etc. Our mission is to eliminate the Takistani Army MLRS firing onto Russian positions east of the area of operations. The MLRS is guarded by a platoon of Mechanized elements who are targeted for Airstrike once the AAA positions at Objective 1 have been "destroyed". This will allow us to more freely approach the last objective and destroy the enemy MLRS & Weapons Stockpile.

Destroy AAA
Destroy Stockpile
Destroy GRADS

~120 Infantry in the area of operations in total
~5 Heavy Weapon platforms
Civilian Presence: N/A
Risk of QRF: Low


CO@23 Operation Midgard / Malden Resistance

Faction: US Special Forces (M4s, M249s, MAAWS)
Time of Day: Moonlit Night
Fog: N/A
AAC: Yes
Focus: Outpost Assaults, Rolling Hills with Patrols, Hidden Strongpoints and secondary "Hidden" objectives. (Stockpiles)

We start off in the Air Base north-eastern Malden. Our mission, disrupt the Insurgents on the Island. The Insurgents have deployed D-30 Artillery that are hammering the coastal towns west of here. Insert freely along the eastern side of the island and choose your own approach. 

Destroy D-30 Artillery Nests.
Destroy ZU-23 AAA Nests at Supply Base.
Find and Destroy 3-7 Stockpiles of Ammo.

3-7 Reaction forces
1-5 Heavy Weapon platforms
2 D-30 Artillery Nests
1-3 Mechanized Elements
Civilian Presence: N/A
Risk of QRF: Very High


CO@23 Vertical Approach (Unfinished, waiting for new script for Vertical Mobile MHQ)


Faction: Chinese Special Forces
Time of Day: Moonlit Night
Fog: N/A
AAC: Yes
Focus: Town Assault with different randomized directions of QRF.

Start by the makeshift Airfield north of Altis. The focus of this mission was to try a new way to implement reinserts with a VTOL Aircraft without the need of constant landings, trying to develop another type of gameplay for AAC and their missions. We can either land or as planned do a HALO Paradrop into the DZ. Our mission as per the current theme, find and neutralize the MLRS at the objective!

Once the MLRS has been dealt with, approach the Outpost and clear it. Hold your positions in Syrta and extract when able.

Destroy MLRS.
Destroy Outpost.

~90 Infantry (Excludes QRF)
3 Heavy Weapon platforms
5 Infantry Strongpoints
Civilian Presence: N/A
Risk of QRF: Very High



Mission 15/12/18 - Convoy Week Two

Convoy Week Two

-Starting Location moved

-Service Station Fixed

-Vehicle pool expanded

-Slingloading Script Test


This is of £270 over 3 months
This Window ends: 1st Feb 2019
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