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    • Really enjoyed last night. @PARKERs training mission is really good and makes the close quarters training quite fun. Everyone in the team was pretty proficient at working together, still need some work on more open spaces with the whole squad. @Joe Malley did a fine job with us during this and let the teams operate semi indipendantly.   After a false start on the mission  we did something intresting, a mission all about retreating. The pressure from constant fire and being flanked during the whole journey made squad formations fall apart a bit and it was difficult to try and hold anywhere. We had very limited air support and at one point took all our casualties within about 2 minutes. both teams did well of securing an LZ after which several more people had to leave due to 'shrapnel in their eyes' apparently. Either way we set out on a route around the town and pushed to the final obj. Id like some feedback about my performance as sql. Im still not proficient when it comes to AAC but if theres any bad habbits and such id like to know   7.5/10
    • Training With a few tweaks and fixes @PARKER CQB map should be a mainstay. I’d say we need maybe three compounds like Orange. So we can rotate them. A lot of work I know but invaluable on so many levels mate. After a month of that we would start to see definite improvements. Maybe only using the smaller non Live Fire elements for recruit demonstration purposes? Not as much use for regulars. The other objectives are great for specific training sessions. Even possibly specific mission training exercises. The teams worked well together. Individually we all need to get our heads in it from the start though. It felt a little gun-ho and teetering on juuuust a little out of control at points. Personal discipline is paramount. Every crossing and movement should be deliberate and considered. This alone will lower casualty rates. We all have individual responsibility to make sure those around us know what we’re going to do and why. Mission Second time round this threw up some interesting moments. It was certainly more phrenetic than last time. With the same result  Love the mission style and great credit to @falseprophet for always thinking outside the box.  It was great to be able to put @Chroma. in charge and have @Joe Malley lead bravo. This shows we are progressing in getting junior nco’s up to speed and leading. Having a wide and experienced leadership core makes us perform a whole lot better. It was a tricky situation, being harassed from all sides and by HE and small arms. It made for a slightly confused mission but one which I think Chroma grew into. Especially with a papa smurf leading a team and maybe giving a TAD too much tactical advice on occasion.  As correct as it was. We learn from mistakes quicker than we learn from mirroring game style? It’s so easily done though.  I don’t think I’ve talked as little as I did in months. Just shut up and did as I was told. Refreshing for me and a relief to you all no doubt.  Maybe comms need to be  little clearer @Chroma, with intent and purpose relayed more, but that’s a growing skill we all work on together. Apart from that I’d echo what Parker said about keeping in Role Play. The more RP, the more fun and tension builds. Simple as. It really works. We all slip sometimes. Just be aware of it. GG everyone concerned. Nice to be in the ranks and have a different POV.  
    • FROM: High Command
      TO: Arma 3 Users
      UNIT: Main Branch
      ACTIVITY: Hotfix #2 1.90 (Special Character Compatibility)
      SIZE: ~36.1 MB / ~17.8 MB

      More in the full changelog and SPOTREP[dev.arma3.com]
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    • ok zo do wy hef samfing else do do wy need a replay  i cant make a mission in this sort of a time 
    • i'm deeply sorry but the terroristhunt mission doesnt work. the gear doesnt work. i give up on creating any further missions because i've just wasted so many hours for nothing at all. the preset we are using is just too limiting for stuff i'd like to do. i understand the idea behind a common ruleset, yet this forces everything within a narrow path.. i am sorry.
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