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    • Training Contrary to @PARKER's impression, which is appreciated, I don't feel that we're in a good place with the way our trainings go down. Looking at the past months, I consider about 75% of them to have missed the mark in more ways than one. I see myself forced to keep reducing the contents because we don't get anything done. Partly, these failures are my responsibility. I don't have sufficient time to plan and come up with detailed scripts, which would improve the experience for everyone significantly. I go through these trainings coming home from 10h workdays so I'm usually pretty out of it. And then there's the always present language barrier. But that's not everything. Particularly over the past I'd say four weeks, there has been such a significant number of late arrivals that it's had a noticeable effect on the sessions: Teams have to be restructured. Procedures have to be explained two, three times per excercise. People show signs of significant confusion with regards to the structural organisation of an infantry squad in these instances. This circumstance has at least partially sabotaged several trainings in recent past. The only way of remedying this is to keep late arrivals out of ongoing excercises until they are completed. If you have other suggestions, please let me know. What little we could get done during the training was good. I was happy to see improvements with regards to knowledge of basic maneuvers, comms and maintaining cohesion in confusing situations. So far so good. But considering how much we have on our plate with regards to training, it's really not enough. I think all of us will be happy to catch a break from motorised operations by this point, so we'll give it a rest and pick it up later. Mission A classic concept executed with high production value. Technical issues aren't really worth mentioning. Shit happens and we fixed it so it's all good. Would like to second Parker here by saying that I believe it's important that we control our frustration in moments like these and keep a straight face, be all professional about it and all that. I particularly enjoyed the pacing and the low amount of action. Personally I think shooting at people is maybe the most boring aspect of the game. The tension when walking across an open field with no cover, not knowing what to expect (which is very realistic btw), this is where it's at for me. I believe that this caused a bit of complacency with all of us, for which we paid dearly encountering contact at the last objective. It being called out as a "friendly area" didn't help. This was a great mission with regards to immersion and psychology. Highly enjoyable, liked every minute of it. Working with AAC on tuesdays is a thin line. On one hand, we have to be able to operate without AAC. On the other, when we want to work with pilots (which I believe we all do), there needs to be stuff to do for them - this usually means there have to be at least some dependencies in place. For instance, this mission could have used insert and extract locations marking the beginning and end of any given route. If you want AAC to conduct light CAS, there need to be adequate targets for this - targets 1-1 potentially can not deal with on their own. Mortars at the last objective could have been placed as an actual enemy team for AAC to hunt down. Stuff like this. Very difficult to manage, but great fun if you can pull it off as an editor. Keep making them Parker! Because they're really very good all things considered. GG all.
    • Afternoon...... Amazed by the turn out last night, good stuff, a few lates but still turned up and that in my book is ok, just be aware that we might in the middle of something when you arrive and you may have to make your own way to us, Trainers cannot be expected to drop everything to magic you to us... Training I enjoyed the training, I had some catching up to do from previous weeks absence but Chroma filled in the gaps for me so all was good, thanks @Chroma. The exercises where handled well, quick paced and got us doing lots of different combinations. I'm glad were sticking with the "this is the way it is" approach, variations should be discussed in down time as in game time is precious. Thanks to @Filth for handling the training as always, stellar job. Op So first of all thanks to everyone who had the patience not to be sarky and wait 10 minutes while the admins sorted out whatever it was that was wrong, massive thanks to @R4IDER for doing his thing and fixing it. For those of you who had sarky comments about it, its not appreciated and not helpful especially after spending one of what is a precious day off at the moment building it for yo'all......just sayin! This was a kinda v2 of what I did in the Vietnam campaign except scaled down and a few more personal touches as well as a few features from the campaign template like everyone being able to use the mine detector. It was meant as a training op from the point of view we had enough room to do formations en-route to objective areas and plenty of little bits to pick up and do, IED's, Mines, weapons caches civvies running at you etc...the result I was generally happy with though there were a couple of problems too, mainly related to sound effects the CfgSounds seem flaky to say the least, really would like to sort this out as there's so much we can do with custom sounds, custom radio messages, music etc.... On a good note though the traffic seemed to work ok, it got people thinking and it was good to see how leaders and team members react in these circumstances especially with mines about. I'm keen to make ops feel as immersive as possible and to push what the server can handle and go all out on props, civvies, sound effects, traffic, interactable objects, all that... I didn't fully think the AAC side through though clearly, thanks to @Raptor for taking it on the chin and being there anyway, kudos. Execution I felt the execution went ok, due to the late arrival of the op and my lack of prep the briefing to all wasn't ideal, info was missed and this is something i need to improve on but squad/team leaders adapted well and I felt soon got the idea, like checking everything rubbish dump for IED's. The ambush in the green zone was messy but it was an extreme situation, up hill objective with heavy foliage, light cover and mortars incoming.....fall back, push up stand your ground? who knows...all in all I think we took some light injuries maybe a tier 4 but eventually pushed up successfully, good fun. Bravo did well, never played with @Devastator before but it was a pleasure, moved well through the compounds at OBJ Purple good team work to, @personalvoid@Luke were on the ball with medical and IED clearing (first time for void and the mine detector). And yes I think it was me that stood on the mine on the road! typical! All in all came off a lot better than I thought and I hope everyone enjoyed it....any feedback would be greatly appreciated...      
    • ARMA 3 Mods Updated! CUP Units, Vehicles & Weapons Updated CUP Terrains Updated JSRS key Added Download size: 691.33MB
    • R4ider has updated it I requested it the other day.
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