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    • Morning, Editing Firstly many thanks to @Jason for getting the op together at such short notice, very much appreciated. This was a new concept and it was a trial by fire, after sleeping on it and listening to others feedback during the debrief I have to agree that I liked the concept and the challenges it posed. While this wasn't ideal at short notice we managed as we always do thanks to experienced players doing what we need them to do (that doesn't include me lol). One or two technical issues for me and the op, firstly team management was an issue even though a single squad is mandatory for this type of op it delayed our start further due to teams needing to get their kit sorted (re-selct), radio fixes, get teams in order as we were all one big team but we got there. For some reason i lost the ability to talk over teamspeak for a short period, no error no disconnect just stopped working mid-game. I tried fixing by restarting a few programs no joy so jumped out of the game and back in then got stuck in a black screen for about 15 minutes, after the 4th respawn and a game restart I managed to get back in unfortunately just as we were extracting. Overall i like the random objectives, i like that they are on the fly and we have to make quicker decisions as leaders about how we want to approach targets and how to deal with the challenges it poses. With anything new we'll struggle at first but if we keep doing these every now and then we'll soon get an idea of how to operate and how to best use the assets we have available. Op So @SoKkada doesn't want to comment on my 50% and I can't blame him, it went terribly tbh. Firstly it was pitch black, the NV's are useless, from an inexperienced SL's perspective as it obscures the mini CTAB so constantly having to stop and check full screen, this caused huge delays in orders and co-ordination an inevitably led to the demise of myself and many team members. You also can't see anything further than 10mtrs in front of you, apart from the muzzle flash of the guy that's about to.........TIER4. Lessons learnt, use flares much more! Tactically it was a tough objective, dark, in a ravine with one side to the sea, clearly they knew which direction to defend and we had mech and motorized units rolling up on us and firing on us from superior firing positions and only a a single rifleman to respond with. However @hoofed and @Chroma saved the day imo, Hoofed made great judgement calls on my lack of AAC co-ordination and laid waste to the enemies in our way and Chroma and team stuck their ground, picked off what they could (prioritizing anti air targets) then somehow managed to get down the slope to complete the objective (we'll ignore the fumble comment). So all in all tough one for me personally but super proud of the guys supporting and getting the job done. Sokkada's op (in the light) co-ordination wise was much better though still had its ropy moments, again though we managed to use the resources of AAC and team experience to slowly push our way towards the objectives and get the task done. Regardless of Tier4 count everybody stuck at it. So overall a good challenge for everyone and glad we managed to get together and played our little hearts out. shouts out to AAC for a stellar job, many thanks to all for putting up with my crappy SL'ing. Parker
    • Last night was always going to be a bit weird given the way the mission had to be made but I think it worked pretty well. I used the combat patrol code simply to speed up the mission creation process. We came into yesterday morning with no mission and no time in which to get one ready so I volunteered to try out the CP stuff. In total the mission took an hour to build and test and that includes searching for the scripts needed to make it all work. I really enjoyed the random generation stuff. Both scenarios were fun and, while not exactly what we're used to, still believable and immersive. I would like to see more of these sessions, especially if we can tear apart the code and further refine the way the system works (more below). I'm not saying these types of mission should replace our normal operations, but as an occasional one off they would provide a welcome change of scenery to help keep our gameplay fresh.   Scenario 1 which I'm naming "Parkers Black Hole": The first scenario was bloody difficult simply due to the random time of day and weather which gave us midnight and cloudy as hell meaning our NV gear was shockingly bad. The initial insertion in this mission illustrated the need for forward recon as the first chopper was taking rifle fire before they landed and the HLS was hot throughout the insertion. Once on deck the infantry were blind due to the terrain and darkness leading to multiple casualties. In Angel we provided what ISTARs and CAS we could and were pretty effective despite the visibility. This mission also threw the first curve ball of the evening, OPFOR air mobile reserves. Dogfighting in a Littlebird is as mental as it sounds and I'm not going to praise @Raptor for the kill, his ego is big enough   As the mission wore on it became increasingly difficult to get CAS on target due to volume of fire we were receiving and the visibility so we decided to launch the Phantoms. The Wipeouts were OP for this scenario but they did allow us to continue delivering strikes. A big point to note here is the SUU-25 illumination dispenser. This was available from mission start and could have prevented multiple T4s in the valley but wasn't mentioned for a long time. Furthermore we had mortars available on base that could have fired illum to assist. We had no time constraint on this first scenario so we could have afforded to explore all of our options before taking off.   Scenario 2 AKA "Where the hell are these guys coming from?" The second scenario was a bit different in that we had a time constraint (20 minutes) and a kill order for an HVT (rather than arrest). Seemed like a proper deniable black op which was cool. Not so cool was the mission start which saw multiple gear issues (which didn't happen in scenario 1) and a rush to deploy which resulted in a mish mash deployment into a boiling hot HLS with Anvil being left at camp completely clueless as to what was expected of them. 20 minutes is still a fairly long time so slow it down a bit guys, less haste more speed. Once established in town, with the HVT dead (no idea who got him or how, didn't even hear a PID radio call) the fighting quickly became a FISH scenario. In the intervening time Angel had been shot down by rifle fire and the town was too hot for the littlebirds so we unleashed Spooky or the Gunfish as someone named it. Spooky was perfectly suited for the scenario and we could orbit pretty close to Pigs line of advance, providing ISTARs and snap CAS when needed. Personal highlight, dogfighting an OPFOR drone with the Gunfishes 20mm mini-guns. This scenario did however illustrate a major failing in the CP code base. The system selects a random location from which to spawn OPFOR reinforcements that react to our actions to make the mission more dynamic. Sounds pretty cool and it was this system that saw the airmobile units on scenario 1 and the drones in scenario 2. In this scenario we hit a snag, the spawn point was placed on our base. When you use the modules you can define areas that are blacklisted to prevent this but the modules don't allow us to start at base. We would need to dig into the code to figure out how to prevent this in the future.   Summary: 2 very different scenarios that benefited from some of the more obscure AAC tools. Remember commanders, the AAC have way more than just planes and choppers at our disposal. If you need something ask, we've probably got a solution of some description. Despite the weird setting and small annoyance of having OPFOR spawn almost right on our spawn point, I had a lot of fun. Different, engaging and I got to play with airborne artillery. Definitely worth the huff the wife will throw at me for leaving her watching the My Little Pony movie for the 90th time this week
    • yea lot of fun bud stil realy hard to do my ent @PARKER dit a 50/50 SQL  i wil only talk aboud  my 50.   yea setting fings up on the fly is not  good for stuff . wy went with a air insurt  ent thet dit not went well, a boud 50% in to the mission wyt tryt to swits to anvil  bud wy had 2x enamy trasport at bace ent the blow up 3 anvil's dont now houw, bud in the end wy made it .    6/10
    • Good Mission(s),

      This was a different spin on ops we usually do but interesting. First mission was a challenge trying to fly with what seemed like my eyes closed but soon got the swing of things and worked out really well! Second mission was... Interesting, anvil didn't become a thing when @Byleth had some technical difficulties which then I swapped to raven which was going well until HE was introduced to my heli, didn't take to kindly to it leaving us stranded for 5 minutes. Things started to slow down a touch after all the vehicles were destroyed and not as many T4's came in but that gave me some time to tinker around with new ideas... We all know what happened on the "attempted" exfil... my bad. Though overall a good 2 missions tonight in my opinion!

      Also my finger slipped and the drone just nosedived into the squad... yehhhhhhh.
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