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    • Very little to add to the above. Could have done with being a bit harder in terms of contacts at each end of the island. Although we did have to call in AAC to blatter them due to time. A bit more determined resistance on the ships would have been good. They seemed to be looking the wrong way and not that smart. Rapelling on to them would have been fun but the mod wasn’t included/working. I actually really enjoyed the fact that we had to take the airfield before AAC could get to work. Felt good handing the base over to them so they could weave their magic. I like that type of objective orientated gameplay. Dragon was very effective. Enjoyed it. I was worried there wouldn’t be enough for us to do as infantry.  GG
    • We played Operation Naval Assault. Interesting one. Editing: Utes is a place we haven't been to in years. It's interesting terrain with its own challenges. Liked it. The only full on problem were buildings on that map. One person would see one building, the other a completely different one. This makes any type of CQB a very dodgy proposition. Pilots in the beginning seemed like a fifth wheel, but once the air field is captured they have plenty to do. Assaulting destroyers has been done before, but going air assault for that objective was a nice touch. The OPORD was lacking slightly. Also it seems to have been pretty confusing, with a majority of readers (falsely) believing we'd go in as BLUFOR. Without @falseprophet present it was exceedingly difficult to figure out the details. Otherwise the usual proph mission. Out of the ordinary. Interesting scale and objectives. 8/10   Execution: The mission suffered greatly from lacking numbers on the ground. Personally I was forced to lead the squad from a TL position. That's never a good thing. The initial bits were surprisingly challenging. Enemy patrols kept appearing out of nowhere in comfortable engagement ranges. We took a long time to warm up. Surprisingly, our losses during this phase were limited. Another nasty surprise was an active enemy APC on the air field. This took two AT rounds, 13 mortar rounds and a big explosive charge to deal with (heroics courtesy of @SoKkada). Again, luckily we weren't wiped by that. The rest of the island was easily dealt with, now having overwhelming air power at our disposal. The last phase of the op had us assault two destroyers and an air craft carrier. We first struggled to land helicopters on the rear decks of the destroyers. This was pretty chaotic since I only received very limited information from the air. However, with significant losses we managed to deploy on these objectives and clear them successfully. 7/10 for low numbers, otherwise good fun.
    • To be fair at this point, I’d much rather an actual opord than a poll. But nice one. 
    • Couldn't edit the post and implement a poll so made a new topic  I'll delete this topic after operation has started to avoid confusion
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