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    • yea not mot to add i fink the same fing  lot of fun i still need to do this more agian so i dont get to mats rust on my stuff . 
    • Training: The training session was at first symptomatic for a basic problem that I'm having. The sessions go well. Everyone knows procedure and sticks to it. Teamplay is strong. Sectors are covered. Casualties are very low.
      The missions don't go well. Procedures go out the window right away. A sense of individual glory overtakes teamplay. Sectors are often dropped. Casualties are high. By now, I'm at a loss for how to counter this contradiction. It's worth pointing out though that on our second run, the team I was in did not at all perform well. There was a lot of confusion about basic procedures, such as danger zone crossings and @SoKkada's way of pointing out directions. Specifically, his way of calling out left and right was heavily criticised by his team leaders. I do not share this criticism. It's thus difficult to blame our difficulties entirely on Sokkada, even though I would have wished for more active leadership and resource management on his part. There seem to be team configurations that do not work well. We should take note of these rosters and maybe get people playing together more often who struggle to find an effective MO. Mission: @Joe Malley's GOL mission making debut was a success in my opinion. An unusal underlying concept was well executed with good quality. Players were allowed much flexibility in executing the operation. Enemy forces were composed well, with equal variety of targets and threats. The operation was on the easy side of things. I would recommend increasing the AI difficulty settings instead of simply increasing enemy numbers, this usually makes for more interesting gameplay. I had the opportunity of leading a highly effective team consisting of @Pilgrim, @Tearace and @GuzzenVonLidl. Heads were firmly in the game. These guys worked exceedingly well under pressure, dropping their targets with frightening effectiveness. @SoKkada is displaying good progress as a squad leader. He keeps with the squad and leads from the front. He puts to use standard procedures applicable to given situations. Comms are frequent and to the point. This setting was an excellent opportunity for a less experienced squad leader to experiment with motorised manoeuvers, urban combat and logistics. The latter point needs some improvement in my opinion. For instance, I don't believe that our resources were managed well in keeping our vehicles with us. The necessity to bring up our vehicles forced us to overextend on numerous occasions, sometimes putting our logistics guys and reinserts in harms way. Overall though this was a very enjoyable session from my perspective. 9/10
    • Operation Ransack: Situation: Russian and Nato forces have been battling on the Island of Altis for some time now, three days ago Nato forces launched an offensive and broke through the Russian lines. Russsian forces have been retreating ever since Russian high command has realized that the island is lost, and have begun evacuating men and material. The last remnants of the Russian forces are contained in a  small pocket on the northeast side of the island. Almost all of the heavy armour and air assets have already been evacuated and the small amounts that remain no longer have the fuel, ammo or crew to operate. Nato forces are slowly closing in on their last position. Mission: We are a small group of guerilla fighters that have recognized that this is a very opportune moment to increase our position on the island, our job is to strike at the weakened Russian forces and steal as much of the remaining equipment as we can. We need to fast and get to the equipment before the Russians can airlift it off the island, or before nato breakthrough. You will be starting at FOB junkyard and can take the following objectives in any order you want. here is a list of what we could gain by attacking them: Russian FOB: Ammo and vehicle supplies Russian Radar Post: Intelligence on nato forces in the area Russian Garrison: Small arms and other infantry equipment Russian Airfield: Air assets
    • Sorry dude I work every other weekend 
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