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  2. Made a arma 3 preset for the addons required since some of them are not compatible with the GOL versions, so this is made up of the workshop addons except there's no going through it looking for each individual one. If you don't want to use this that's alright but for the ones among us who don't know steam workshop this will help. How to install it: Arma 3 Preset GOL_Public_Preset.html 1. Download the html document located above. 2. Open the Arma 3 Launcher on steam (Not Arma3Sync) 3. Click on the Preset box in the top right. 4. Click on the import button at the bottom of the window. 5. Locate where ever you have saved the file and open it. 6. This should save any addons needed and select the ones required. 7. You are then free to join the server. Additionally On the left of the window go to the SERVERS tab. Find the public GOL server "[GOL]Public ArmA Server...", click on it and select more details. You will then find a list of your installed addons that are compatible with the server and any that are not supported will appear at the bottom. After picking your selected addons, click on the yellow button and you will automatically join the server with the selected addons directly. Hope this is of use to some of you. -Blu.
  3. One of my favourite drummers.
  4. I wrote my previous post rather hastily in the morning. The script itself isn't intended for this kind of execution but supports it. It's old but should work, let me know if you have any issues. It has an automatic mode with settings and stuff that might be interesting for future use, there are quite a few settings in there and I also have a video trying to explain some of this shi- on my youtube.
  5. They're too fast
  6. If you'd paste a link to like with the script and the trigger code we can probably figure out why it loops infinitely. I could also recommend my mortar script. Trigger Condition: Alive MortarName && isServer; Trigger On Act: [MortarName, side, "Firing Mode", "round type", ["position", inaccuracy]] execVM "Scripts\NEKY_Mortars\NEKY_Mortars.sqf"; Trigger set to repeatable Trigger Countdown (whatever delay you want between barrages)
  7. @GuzzenVonLidl the way this script works even after the initial trigger or target marker is deleted it saves the script info somehow and continues. Well just have to try and not get hit lol. Its quite a large area so shells are pretty spread out and its not every second a round hits. We should only be moving armoured vehicles through so itll be fine
  8. Put it into the init of vehicle this disableTIEquipment true; if no scripts you mean something like waypoints, there is the "firemission" waypoint but never used so cant tell if reliable They both should work, it all depends on how you set it all up
  9. @GuzzenVonLidl Thank you very much it works a treat! Had no idea thats how the game handles that module @Blu. how did you disable the thermals in a tank pls? One last thing... Does anyone know a good way to have mortar fire randomly over an area without using a script? I have a script that does this in the mission right now that works but theres no way of shutting it off with a trigger. (ie: The effect i want is an area of no mans land is being shelled to shit and will continue to do so forever unless AAC hunts and kills a bunch of guys sat on mortars afew KM away.) Ive tried using the deletevehicle command on the trigger and object that the script uses with the !alive command on the mortar team but it still continues to be shelled, and the Ordinance module thats in the base game only fires 1 round and ive found no way of repeating or randomising its target
  10. @NeKoArroW The module spawns in a agent and attaches him to the module, applies random vector and then just shoots up in the sky with random interval
  11. But a module is not a unit, why does it affect modules?
  12. @NeKoArroW When spawning in units with the FW, I only spawn them in with one classname / side Then let the auto gear take over and replace to make it whatever is set for that side, however editors can change how its handled, First of all you can blacklist any individual unit to make it keep default gear, then with the settings menu you can change the behavior of it, following options are avaliable ["Disabled","All Units","Only Copied Units","Ignore Editor Placed"] Previous versions of GOL templates and such, even back in arma 2, we always used to change the classnames for whatever faction we needed at the same time we had to maintain the gear for players, however with this system we are just reusing the loadouts already defined for players
  13. I've never got the module for Tracers to work so I have no idea how the F that works. Why would the FW-Gear module affect modules at all @GuzzenVonLidl? Is it related to modules that spawn units?
  14. @Chroma It is the gear overwrite that is causeing the issue, either change the autoAssign so it ignores editor units that should to the trick or you could go in to and add on line 29 if (isAgent (teamMember _unit)) exitWith {false}; Sadly this is one of the uniqe occations where there is no good fix for auto loadout, as there is no way to blacklist that module to for the loadout Do note that the tracer module is also dependent on distance to playableUnits
  15. I'll see what I can do
  16. Using the tracers module when making a mission. Worked great. Then i added the framework stuff and they dont work anymore. Do you know if theres something that stops modules from working @NeKoArroW? Otherwise ill need help in getting the mission working without the framework at all. If so could @Blu. help me out with that? Basically the tracers module allows tracers to be fired at a specific object (eg a bunker) from the modules location. As soon as i start the mission with the framework files in the mission folder they will fire the tracers for about 1/10 of a second before they stop completely.
  17. In the first 50 seconds you have… Jaws Say Anything Die Hard Blade Runner Wayne’s World First Blood Predator Breakfast Club Raiders of the Lost Ark Risky Business Fuck doing the rest of them. P.S. I’m a Gen-Y. Just. :-D
  18. Friday tune for all us Gen-X How many movies can you be bothered to spot.
  19. If the Steam Workshop is to be believed: 530MB.
  20. has anyone downloaded it? how big is it? if isnt massive, i would suggest to download it. we could use the static assets aswell as the factions for OPFOR (AI) in missions with this.
  21. @Des No, you can’t use the terrain. You can drop assets for people with the DLC to use or for the AI to use. This just means that people without the DLC can join a server that is using the assets but not the map. Same situation as Apex: if you don’t own it you can’t play on Tanoa but you can see assets from Apex being used. It involves an extra step from the official DLC in that you have to subscribe to a mod on the Workshop to get this working.
  22. We can use the terrain and other bits right
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