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  2. I guess squad is a casual ground operations game. The performance is significantly better than arma with an additional 20-30 frames. As Parker said it is quite battlefieldy with the medical and ammunition acting like bf4. And yes it is pvp which might not appeal to most but for the few who dont give a toss and like a bit more challenge, it would be a great experience. Just be prepared for some bullshit from time to time due to randoms wanting to do their own thing. If we play how we play in a couple teams then by all means go for it. It would be a good change from arma for those who are looking for a change of scenery. Plus it could be an opportunity to interest some of the public in tagging along with us. I can't say much as I have never played the game but witnessed some excellent footage of some who play in a realistic setting. Just wanted to throw something into the pool. I would be up for grabbing it on sale and joining in. For the GM DLC it gives a new map and new units which is really good and could be used for a few missions. But for someone joining the clan brand new, are they gonna fork out £16 odd just to play a game with people they've just met? There may be some people who've got the DLC but for those who've played the game for only a short amount of time arent gonna have DLCs. The thing with the DLC is as filth says it will divide the commuinty not just on opinion but people who dont have it wont be able to join in operations. Its a great DLC that I would grab on sale but just remember about those who dont want to spend £16 on something we might use only a few times. Again just throwing my ideas into the pool. (yes i know this is off topic but put it in here since you guys were talking about it)
  3. Ok first up some definitions: Datalink: Jets DLC brought in the datalink system. It links the targeting systems for ALL connected vehicles per side. It resembles RL link16 systems. Units do not need to be synced in order to use datalink, it is automatic. SEAD: Suppression of Enemy Air Defence. The tactic of using aircraft to destroy anti-air threats AAA: Anti-Aircraft Artillery. Largely unguided and thus not connected to the datalink. Short range SPAAA: Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Artillery. Mostly fitted with radar and thus connected to the datalink SAM: Surface to Air Missile. Not to be confused with a radar, this is a missile launcher. Takes it's guidance and target from the datalink MANPADS: Man Portable Air Defence System. Simple shoulder launched, IR guided missiles SHORAD: Short Ranged Air Defence. Usually a visually guided AAA system, SPAAA or MANPADS. Designed for close ranged protection. Especially effective against helicopters The Integrated Air Defence System (IADS) An IADS is a collection of units designed to operate together to defend an area from air units. The main unit in an IADS is a SAM system of some description. The complete SAM system comprises launch units and radars. The more launchers there are the faster the system will fire and the more ammo it will have. The more radars the system has the bigger the radius it can cover and the more targets it can effectively track. This makes the SAM and its radars a prime target. To protect the SAM then SHORAD assets are placed in locations they can protect the SAM. These are usually elevated positions such as hill tops or buildings. While capable of engaging any air threat, their primary role is to stop SEAD flights from attacking the SAM. Datalink comes into play now then by broadcasting EVERY TARGET THAT EVERY ASSET CAN SEE TO EVERY OTHER ASSET ON THE DATALINK!! This means that if an SPAAA or jet at the far edge of the SAM engagement area can see you, so can EVERY OTHER OPFOR VEHICLE. This includes the SAM. The SAM then will launch on you by tracking the target relayed to it. This is where most editors fall down. They spam place SAMs thinking to make things more difficult and they end up making things impossible. A better way is to place a variety of assets over a wider area. This means the limited number of SAMs has greater coverage despite their numbers. It also gives the AAC a chance to systematically dismantle the IADS by taking out the sensors to limit the SAMs potential before coming in for the kill.
  4. So your saying place a AAA, and choose whatever datalink options in the radar or? No sync required? Anyone know what the crack is? Would these be something AAC could handle? Any issues etc?
  5. If enough people are interested and playing regularly i’ll give it a go though to me it just feels a bit battlefieldy...much prefer ARMA
  6. it was unsung originally, vanilla now has the same functionality via datalink
  7. in the unit thare is samfing callt ( data link ) it need to by selekit an the units you want to work with the radar
  8. I seem to remember @Jason showing me how to set up a AAA system which required the launchers to be linked to separate radar equipment. (During Tet campaign) is this an unsung thing or Vanilla? If this is still a thing a short vid or explanation on how to do that would also be useful.
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  10. Oh shit ! I can only just remember that hahaha was ages ago
  11. welcome to videogames. every other game does the same. it was just a nice gift they offered, yet it dont see any reason why the should just gift you their product away.. no other dev would do so. you're right its getting off topic, yet many people here want to play it..
  12. Quite simply because it splits the community. It splits us into those who want it, buy it, and those who don't. This is brought about by the lack of the so called platform update which came with all other DLCs before this one. Let's leave it at that, this thread is getting quite off topic. Squad: cool. Interesting. Will get it but won't have time to get into it properly.
  13. is it shitty? what is shitty about it? its a company selling stuff. thats about it. the question is just: is the product worth the money to be honest, you get more content then with other most other dlcs - even a non shit btr.. the balance within the dlc is outstanding. we play two or three times a week arma.. i just dont get why you guys totaly oppose it.
  14. I've been watching a lot of Squad stuff recently. It keeps getting more and more interesting with all sorts of content and mechanics being added. It's definitely intriguing and I will certainly get it at some point. However, what little free time I have is already taken up completely by my GOL duties, and I don't see that changing much. Squad, just like Arma, is probably best if you play it fully organised with groups running events. And that's not gonna happen for me as long as GOL exists. Another thing that deserves pointing out is that, since Squad is purely PvP, the levels of autism and fuckaroundary are much higher than in our context here. Not sure that's something I will enjoy very much. As far as I'm concerned, there is no reason to support BI's shitty new DLC policy.
  15. you maker it look so eacy
  16. i play squad, rising storm 2 vietnam and a bit insurgency and post scriptum. let me know, when you like to play But instead of squad, buy the global mobilisation arma dlc! we limit ourselves for no reason at all not using it. i dont see the point, advertising a different game, when people are not even willing to get all arma dlcs..
  17. on another note a game reviewer @hoofed introduced me to recently put a review of this game up which ill link here. Its old now and all the issues he had are fixed BUT youll never guess whos in the video at 8:00. Its only @Luke! You can even hear him speak lmao
  18. Would like to play some other stuff team based outside of Arma and saw Squad was recently updated and is similar to the things we already do on arma but with a lot more people. Would be cool if we got 4 to 8 people together. For those who dont know squad is made by the guys who developed project reality for Battlefield where you can get servers with up to 80 players. It is similar to how we run in arma with several fireteams with local chat and team radios and the team lead can communicate via another channel to other teams just like TFAR. Since ive played it last Mechanized and armoured vehicles are implemented so if theres only afew of us we could still run as that. Let me know if anyone is interested and maybe next weekend or something we can give it a go
  19. Great idea, will watch this later, but yeah this is sorely needed as all the editors atm are infantry.
  20. Perfect. Filth is putting together a mission making training session I believe, and this would be invaluable watching. Nice one fella.
  21. I’m working on a video to help editors better understand how to place air defense systems so that it’s a little more difficult for me (or anyone with a similar jet skill set) to kill everything in the opening minutes. But before that I thought it would be a good idea to record a rough “Banshee Ridealong” video for any editors who do not fly jets but want to have a better idea of what a Banshee pilot does. Although I don’t state it in the video, what makes a Banshee jet so lethal is its speed and maneuverability when combined with a pilot who knows how to put them to good use. The mission I'm playing was thrown together in less than 5 minutes. I didn’t spend much time placing the units but this was enough to repel my approaches into the airspace several times. It wasn’t enough to stop me but I was slowed down significantly compared to a normal Saturday op. I do have some ideas on how to make AI air defense much more effective, beyond just better placement, but that’ll have to wait until I learn to do some basic scripting. Hopefully the video is informative and if you have any questions feel free to ask. The video on placing units will come in the next week. FAO: @Filth @PARKER @SoKkada @Chroma
  22. PCs

    Aye. I was kidding about the custom loop. ;-) As for M.2 the only ones I’ve tested are 2x 1TB Samsung 970 EVO, like the ones Parker linked. Samsung make adequate stuff.
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  24. PCs note the larger sizes have better read/write speeds
  25. PCs

    @hoofed Ive built the last 3 pcs ive had and im happy with aesthetics rn im not gonna attempt something like a full custom waterloop. For now. just looking at a new CPU really. I forgot m.2s were a thing and seeing as theres a slot on the MB for one i might as well. I already have 4 SSDs and 2 external hdds because i cant fit anymore into the back. My PSU is fine as when i upgraded my GPU it actually uses less power. Its 700W output and i believe my pc is currently only drawing 500W max. Do any of you have any reccomendations for good M.2 drives? My main point was the choice of CPU which is settled im going for the 8th gen i7. As for ram and Mboards ill just have a look on pc part picker and see what im willing to spend. Thanks a lot guys
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    BTW, @Chroma, I’m guessing this is what you’re going for…
  27. PCs

    In the months I’ve been using M.2 drives I have experienced zero perceptible improvement in either the OS, gaming, or productivity (mostly working with large projects in Adobe CC apps). For someone who just wants to play games it makes no sense, other than e-peen bragging rights. You can save £20-30 per drive and spend that money on something else… or save it.
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    Nice advice above from @hoofed especially about checking your PSU is up to the task for whatever you choose. Ryzen is the way to go for an upgrade, bang for buck is way better than Intel and that's what I'd go for if i was building right now and I've always been a Intel fanboy......ALWAYS!. IF you were to go down the AMD route, then I'd have to disagree with the below which is based on Intel chips only supporting a max of 16 PCIE lanes, add a PCIE3.0x16 GFX card and an x4PCIE lane M.2 to an 8700k/9700k Intel setup and the CPU will force the GFX to run at x8 instead of x16. (x8x4x4=16) However the CPU hoofed has suggested above the 2700x supports 20 PCIEx3.0 lanes, x16 dedicated to the GFX and x4 for M.2 allowing the GFX to run at its full potential with an M.2 (x16x4=20). Unless however @hoofed is aware of some other issue related to the Ryzen CPU and using its max pcie lanes? The benefits of M.2's are, approx 3000MB/s on the M.2 (not in all circumstances but where its important) compared to 500MB/s on the SSD max read/write speeds, smaller and no cabling however more expensive. I'd agree an SSD is perfectly suitable for gaming on, however put your OS on a M.2 and separate your steam game installs onto a SSD and you will see the benefits on OS performance. Also regarding the RAM hoofeds suggesting, the corsair vengeance, absolutely agree, from experience i always buy slim memory as long as I'm happy with the specs purely for ease of install also the corsair vengeance stuff has some of the fastest memory latency wise, i.e. how fast the RAM responds on request, look for "CL" in the RAM specs.
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