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  2. This training mission @Evilcommand didn't talk or giggle. None to zero of that. He has come a long way since the first time I played with him and was really annoyed after mission was done. But you have a good point @hoofed Be quiet and filter out everything that doesn't matter. And some good tips. Lower ingame sounds. I have a tip to. Adjust your radio so you can hear it enough to get your callsign. If you don't hear the order the first time just ask for it again. And I always set my radio to one ear. If I'm in buddy team 2 (AG or AR) I have it in my left ear. If I'm in Buddy team 1 (GR or AR) I have it in my right. That because Buddyteam 1 is on the right side of TL most time. and Buddyteam 2 is on the left most time. Much easier to filter out when TL talks locally even if you have chatter in radio.
  3. Training Subjects TBA Mission [Placeholder] The Second Patrol on Altis by myself
  4. If you can’t hear what’s being said then be quiet until you can. If other people are making noise tell them to be quiet. Turn your effects audio way down (that bar should be the width of your thumb or smaller). Chatting and banter are things you do after you can do your job and when it doesn’t interfere with the team. If you are in the middle of saying something and your TL starts talking you stop talking mid-sentence. As an infantryman you have 1 radio channel to monitor and 1 person whose voice matters: your fireteam leader. Everything else is noise. Filter it out. You should not be dependent on the HUD for your situational awareness. If you are talking all of the time and giggling you won’t be scanning your sector, listening to comms and watching to see what your fireteam are doing. These are problems with simple solutions and they are all within your control.
  5. Updated the initial post to reflect my recent testing with an Xbox controller. You absolutely can use an Xbox controller to fly in DCS. If you have a controller lying around, as most of us do, then there should be nothing stopping you from trying. And with that I’ll leave you with this message:
  6. Last week
  7. It may narrow my vision but right now it doesnt and i cant see anything while playing exile i use ARCO (2x-4x) scope+red dot and spot ai pretty quick And about following teamlead i cant do it now eather witchout scopes so dont see why taht would help or not And i try to really lisen to my callsign my number or name bur between all cominucation even taht is reallt hard to hear i am trying though I got that hud but if i dont have direct line of sight the dots are gone not knowing where people gone to deff in hot situations i end up looking around to find some one and get shot would love to learn some tricks to help this
  8. Solid mission. A mix of static with a few patrols kept everyone on their toes. @unionjak @Lt.Chris @Chippy @Skeliton My team were great. A tad TOO much pushing ahead at times (the forest), but morale was good, orders were executed immediately, game faces were definitely on, and banter, although sometimes excessive, was good natured. Lots of contacts for the team to get their teeth both in to, and knocked out by. We performed well and grew in confidence as the mission progressed. I hope you had a good time Bravo. Two FU’s on my part, but not something I would really ever repeat again. Leaving behind a fireteam is not something I tend to do on a daily basis. And the misunderstanding sweeping the forest the wrong way round was embarrassing, although I think we would have been hit badly whichever way we went round. I thought Bravo and Alpha worked reasonably well together In the absence of 1-Actual and there were some genuinely tense moments with some ballsy reactions. AAC should be renamed AAAC. Brave souls. GG
  9. Can't say much. Had to leave the game because of technical difficulties. Mission: Was a fairly standard affair, very limited tactical and operational freedom due to the objectives having to be taken in order. Nonetheless, we were free to use terrain as we saw fit. Worth mentioning is that that the AI seemed on top of their game. Very accurate and active. Execution: Same thing applies, can't say too much. Green mountain, I would have liked us to control the terrain more before we went into the objective. Our redeployment by air was followed by mass casualties, I believe because the HLS and approach weren't chosen well: We were very exposed for the entire line of the following objective to shoot at us. After that, texture glitches and FPS drops became so bad that I could no longer play. 3/10 bad day.
  10. fun fun fun .. liket bing a grund agian . its make's fings a littel more relax . 7/ 10
  11. Great Operation, Also a reminder of your score! NEIN points... congrats
  12. Awesome mission! A lot of crazy stuff going around, nice amount of contacts at objectives and amazing RP. Bravo was a one army squad. Pew pew. GG WP
  13. You are doing good. Don't get me wrong. I fell you about issues toy have. I had the same. It was hard for me to. You will get all of it. What I said was to help you get going. For me the AG are the hardest becaus you NEED to know in and out how to spot for your AR. And at the same time you need to have an eye on all of your teammates so they don't die. AR especially and AT are most times when we fight from a distance supposed to be guided to targets by AG and also TL. About having awareness. Use STHud. If you don't have that I'll help you get it going. Edit: I see that you are trying. Again. You are doing good.
  14. And of course STHud....
  15. Magnified optics narrow your field of view. You get tunnel vision. When looking at a wide field of view, the eye is naturally drawn to movement. That is why, when not using magnified optics or the rangefinder, you will be able to see the enemy before you are dead. With a narrow field of view and tunnel vision, it becomes much more difficult to stay aware of what your team is doing. Another point against magnified optics. When I joined the group I didn't understand a word people were saying. What will make your life easier is listening for key words. TLs will talk to you using your name or the designation of the buddy team you belong to. If you hear your name or your buddy team being called that means you have to react. Meaning: you can't just not react. If you didn't understand what people want from you and need to ask, that's no problem. The important thing is that you pay attention when people adress you, whether you fully understand or not. See above. For anyone who isn't a native speaker of english this is naturally a challenge, language wise. Don't let yourself be intimidated. It's a valuable learning experience for you as a person. Try to play with as many different members as you can. Thanks for explaining your difficulties as an inexperienced member. People don't usually tell us what issues they're having. Don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it.
  16. @ThecMaster i tryed that but my issue is i dont see enemy thill i am dead case we have no scopes so i pick somethiong thats not only usefull when you need to kill your enemys i use the rangefinder ALOT to adleast find something to actualy see something and stick to my buddy yeah if i can find him with is kind of biggest problem i always lose track of my teamleader/buddy adn people alwasy blame me for wandering off while i just have no idea where the ran off to adn topic about orders ? i cant understand half of you guys dude to accent adn so i have no idea who is talking to who means that when some one yells ad me i have no idea its to me i dont reconice any voices other than sokkadas one XD making thos point you point out REALLY hard for me
  17. I'm just going over the replay now looking for stuff to snip out into a movie of some sorts and trying out that tac view thing. For me I managed to lift in every aircraft last night and promptly fly them into AAA while trying to locate the convoy lol. Trying to find that last bloody packet of vehicles was way more difficult than I was expecting. I think I'll put an AFAC in next time that can guide the A-10s in so they can mark for the Su-25s. Now to try this tacview thing to see exactly where I screwed up..... For next time I'm toying with the idea of using Combined Arms with the AWAC radio system built into SRS and working as C2. That should remove the "AI is mental" problem. Self critique on the editing: there were not enough air contacts to keep the Eagles busy all mission ground target locating was way too difficult. will add other means of locating targets such as JTAC/SF/AFAC. will probably have to use the A-10s with the DCS JTAC system since the scripted JTACs are largely static biggest noob editor mistake though was leaving in the map markers........DOH! I'll look into why the JTAC forces were visible also. not sure why they were visible to us but not to the enemy but go figure Looking forward to the next one. With my next school holiday enforced LOA looming I'll be starting to build it so any requests feel free to nag me.
  18. Launch trailer:
  19. Well, I wasn’t completely useless flying CAP: 1x Mirage and 5x Ka-50. But I was way below my performance expectations having flown some CAP missions offline. One Mirage slipped past me at the beginning and it’s embarrassing to watch in Tacview. After the initial BRA call AWAC wouldn’t respond to my requests. In the end I just cheated and looked at the map screen to locate him. Raptor took a shot with an AIM-9 from his A-10 but it fell short. In the end one of the AI AA finished the job. I think the problem of me being invisible to everyone else was because I changed the livery at the start. I won't be doing that again. Fun mission but I’ve got a lot to learn in the F-15C. Next time I'll probably try SEAD in the Su-25T.
  20. OPERATION ORDER MAP: Chenarus DATE: 19/5/18 Operation Name: Harvest Red Terrain: Villages, forests, hills Weather: Clear Skies Forecast: Clear Starting Time: 1900 Starting Position: South Airfield =============================================================================== Situation: It is now time we advance further north to liberate more ground from the chadaki forces, we sent team razor in the night before we gather information about civilians and HVTs but lost contact with them. The USMC most now mobilize to take care of this as soon as possible. ============================================================================== Briefing: We have a number of towns and key landmarks which need to be secured for our greater advance to the north, this job is going to be harder however since we have become aware of civilians being held inside some of these locations so caution in the use of heavy weapons is required. We also need to track down team razor which we have lost contact with and must be located. We have marked the last known location of team razor so we should go there. =============================================================================== Infantry Task Force: Task 1: Secure all chadaki objectives Task 2: Avoid civilian deaths Task 3: Locate team razor USMC AAC: Task 1: Support platoon as requested Task 2; Extract civilians ===============================================================================
  21. I have a suggestion for training CQB on squad level. Build a town with 3 or 4 strait rows of houses. Practise squad CQB in that controlled environment. Then apply that to a town like the one we used yesterday. I feel we need to start squad CQB in easier environment. To all newer members. You all need to get practise in our way to do things. Thay becaus what we do is working but when someone in the team don't do it right we get casualties and the progress stops for a few minutes to several minutes. And we play for progress and success. Every casualty is a fail. Training: really good. It didn't go so well but good becaus we need to practise that and it was shown. 5/10 more practise needed. Mission: Nice mission even if I really don't like mechinised missions at all. I have been bored every time except this one. But for this I will disregard my personal feelings for mechinised missions. Mission was as I said really good. I liked every time infantry was in action. really well done. I think our progress was really good and can't complain about that. @R4IDER made good decisions and got alpha in action most of the time. @Evilcommand you are doing really well most of the time. You need to be a bit more alert on orders and you need to stick to your teambuddy more. And you need to know who is in charge of your buddyteam. I advice you also to take AT or AR to start with until you know more about what AG are suppose to do. But overall good job yesterday. 7/10 to you. 8/10 mission overall. Well done @Filth
  22. I will keep running the CQB sessions then and we can keep training until we have it nailed. I am very much a learn by doing kind of guy.
  23. I absolutely agree CQB is a problem. I was more pointing out another problem which seemed from my POV to be an issue.
  24. C'mon you fuckers.. join the insanity that is DCS!
  25. Training: This session was, as I said, a very sobering experience. And contrary to @Pilgrim I think it is a problem specifically linked to CQB. Our procedures go out the window, regardless of the terrain we chose. The decision making process slows right down, and not in a good way. This issue affects all of us leadership personnel. We must work on CQB more. Immediately, and most importantly, on a squad level. Secondly, as a continuous effort, on an individual and team level. 5/10 Got to get gud. All of us have to do our homework on the subject. Mission: This was built as a challenge for myself: The number of vehicles, and therefor elements, that had to be controlled throughout and the extremely open terrain made this a difficult scenario to control. And we didn't even get to the difficult bits. We completed about 50% of the objectives the mission has in its current state. Personally, I experienced loss of control pretty often. But that is natural in such a scenario. I would have wished for some more initiative, such as @R4IDER provided on several occasions. Ideally, we want a fluent decision making process in which the SQL can trust everyone to make the right calls at the right time. For instance: -Suspicious objects on our route of advance, one that we intend to use as a supply line, need to be approached slowly, in a dismounted fashion, under the security of other elements. Even if your intention is to go around said objects. @SoKkada -VL must keep their assets secure by using defensive measures. Namely pulling back when under fire, deploying smoke for concealment, letting infantry advance ahead of them, performing a Full Dismount when severe damage has been sustained. @Wazowski -Missions like this one will demand that we use two seperate radio channels. One for infantry communication, and one for convoy communication. At most times, both channels will be active at the same time. Every VL/TL therefor is required to be active and responsive on both nets. Equally, vehicle drivers should know their way around long range radios (training to follow) or have a TL relaying for them. That's my nagging done. Everybody was very patient with me, did their jobs as I asked and kept a straight face. In the end, I love this shit. And I love the fact that we have a squad going that can do such things. Very impressed by how, with little to no cover, we can use mobility and firepower to our advantage. Very impressed by how we can pull of such complicated organisational structures and still get our jobs done. If there's no objections I'll update the mission for one of the coming weeks. 8/10 Thanks all for your dedication and patience.
  26. Training was...interesting. I messed up a few times on the approach. Once we were established things became easier, as the parameters for combat narrowed somewhat. Which makes me wonder whether it’s not so MUCH CQB skills we are lacking most in, but the transition between open fighting and CQB? The actual approach into the town is where we seemed to face most problems. And that was repeated in the mission when transitioning between the open and the factory. Once we are set in urban environments we don’t seem to fair quite so badly. Alpha certainly did pretty well apart from a few instances of taking windows for granted. Some really interesting points made by @Filth regarding CQB and perhaps a fresh approach needing to be looked at. If I understood that correctly. It set me to thinking that maybe, MAYBE we could look at radical new ways of approaching it. Such as transitioning to more closely operating teams once in CQB. Maybe two teams working as one. Maybe all teams only working through a single entry point, one at a time. Slowing things right down so two teams are covering one teams entry point and flanks. Maybe one NCO taking control of two teams during certain phases, depending on who’s first on then scene for instance. I’m just throwing ideas around to think about, without necessarily thinking of the detail. Whether it would be unwieldy. Whether loss of control would occur more often. Or perhaps having two teams working directly as one MAY be useful in certain situations. MAYBE we have a different protocol for transitioning to CQB. A clearly defined moment where the approach and intentl palpably changes. CQB is usually a LOT slower in RL. We try and “flow” with quite some pace. It often psychologically becomes an imperative to speed up as your team lags behind being methodical, as another rushes ahead. This sometimes leads to mistakes and a sense of imperative that doesn’t need to exist. @Wazowski I really don’t want to seem like I’m picking on you every week, as yer a really top lad. But you must resist your urge to go steaming In and second guess your team leader. It creates a “sense” of loss of control and doesn’t help in decision making. Please please suppress your urge to be a hero. You’re a real hero if you keep your FTL calm and not have him reign you in. There were a couple of breaches I saw you perform which were far too cavalier and didn’t really show interest in what your team members were doing behind you. Radio messages from the Squad leader to the team leader are just that. You shouldn’t act on a squad leader message to the fireteam leader, but rather when your fireteam leader has assessed the order and passed it down to the team. Bare that in mind. That goes for everyone. Mission REALLY good. Love patrols. Loved the IED moment, being ambushed whilst trying to disarm it was fun. It was interesting not leading and seeing things back from the fireteam perspective. Must play again. Most worthy of a Saturday op. A much calmer and more engaging, mature approach all round. No Aneurisms. <sigh> The fun has returned. gg
  27. Last bump for this guys. I'll be starting the servers up at around 1845 so we can get in game for 1900. There are plenty of slots still available for anyone wanting to get involved including Combined Arms slots for those that want to play on the ground as vehicle crews or play as ground commander which is a bit like an RTS.
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