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  2. Most people quit shortly after importing the height map in to the map editor by not knowing what they are getting in to and how much time you need to dedicate to make map with the the same quality as example Chernarus. Hope you can do something with it
  3. You've already proved you can play nearly blind with the landings you did on Saturday.
  4. Decided to have a crack at making/customising maps. Seems to be pretty straightforward so far... If you know me you'll know I love this kind of stuff! So if anyone out there's got any cool/interesting ideas of what you would like to see (or not see) in a map id like to hear it! wanna test myself at doing something new and who knows it may even end up good. Also if anyone's got experience in this before and has pointers or tips for me giz a shout.
  5. Sounds quite serious. Hope all goes well!
  6. Probably won’t matter now as I have to go into hospital tomorrow afternoon and will probably be nearly blind for 5-6 hours. If I have any vision I’ll show up as the platoon medic for the mission.
  7. Update: Armaholic Page: Direct File Download: Steam Workshop Page: Changelog: V4.1.5 General Maintenance: AW-159: AFM Tweaked F-35: Overhauled Pylon Loading System Updated HUD Weapons: Numerous tweaks to enable F-35 update
  8. Last week
  9. The more the merrier. Don't think we'll need pilots though.
  10. I’ll be available if needed.
  11. Updated. @Lt.Chris I've decided to go with mech training. Save your mission for later, I'm sure we'll be able to make good use of it in April. Cheers!
  12. Arma 3 Laws of War DLC raises $176,667 for charity Half of Bohemia Interactive's net revenue from Laws of War DLC in 2017 donated to ICRC We're excited to announce that half of Bohemia Interactive's 2017 net revenue from direct sales of the Arma 3 Laws of War DLC has been donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The total amount raised is USD 176,667 (one-hundred and seventy-six thousand, six-hundred and sixty-seven US dollars - approximately EUR 143,543 or GBP 126,016). To further celebrate the special occasion, we published a special blog post[], which includes a new trailer for the DLC, plus an infographic with statistics on how people played Laws of War's mini-campaign. "With over two billion gamers worldwide, video games have an incredible potential to convey the importance of international humanitarian law (IHL). The collaboration between Bohemia interactive and the ICRC has been extraordinary and we have learned a lot from each other by exchanging ideas and our respective expertise on how to incorporate IHL into a video game. The success of the Arma 3 Laws of War DLC has shown us that video games are one of the many ways to reach new audiences and call attention to the fact that wars do have limits and rules. We are also very grateful that Bohemia Interactive will donate $176,667 to the ICRC, which shows their commitment to support our work, to help people affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence in over eighty countries." said Helen Durham, Director for International Law and Policy at the ICRC. Bohemia Interactive's CEO, Marek Spanel: "We knew this DLC's theme might seem a bit unusual, but we also felt that it has a rightful place in a game like Arma 3. At the same time, our community normally expects more traditional content you'd see in a military game, such as new weapons, tanks, and helicopters. That has made it even more amazing to see the immense level of player support for the Laws of War DLC, which really shows again how both games and the gaming audience have matured. If you also consider that some of our players are in the military or might pursue a military career in the future, then we're glad this DLC has been able to increase awareness for this important topic. And being able to also make a financial contribution to the ICRC's efforts is a great bonus." For more information about the Laws of War DLC, be sure to take a look at Thanks everyone for your contribution and support!View the full article
  13. If we are playing I wanna play as the nazis Edit: perhaps maybe 2 players on a same faction? could be fun
  14. @Filth allow me to help providing a mission which will compliment a CQB training nicely Mission - Desert Assault on shapur
  15. Highlights - Battle for the Falklands Week 3 - Banshee
  16. I’ll have to adjust im a slow burner
  17. 3-4? Maybe? No real requirement to play a certain speed
  18. Good evening gentleman So i thought i’d make an official post about this as we have a fair few recruits at present and I thought it’d be a good time to offer some assistance and hopefully help a few of you have a smoother introduction to the clan as well as get to know you all. Not mandatory or anything and I can’t promise to be able to answer everything (I’m not that experienced myself) but if you have questions or just feel like attending then come along, suggested subjects include; Squad structure Fireteams/Buddy teams Formations Key Bindings GOL specific functions Radio set up Comms Medical procedures Ace Editing Paradrops CQB AT If you have any questions that you want answered but can’t make it then post them here and the let hive mind of the clan answer it for you! Chrs CPL Parker
  19. Yep i play it What speed does everyone play on?
  20. I'll play if I can find the time.
  21. Anyone play this? Would be cool to play a large multiplayer game for the first time! Who owns this game?
  22. Training Subjects Mechanised Focus - Standard Manoeuvers Embarking/Disembarking Reaction to Contact (unprepared) Infantry Screens Defensive & Offensive various live fire exercises Preparatory Reading (optional) Mission Replaying Chroma's Op from last week
  23. Hit and miss. Editing: Missions of this campaign continue to display a high quality, as well as readiness to take considerable risks. As @PARKER points out, the darkness was very punishing. A simple task like going from here to there was suddenly extremely difficult. Enemies saw us usually before we saw them. It was extremely hard to estimate distances. The terrain was almost impossible to read and use to our advantage. Complete dependence on flares has also been mentioned already. But personally, I loved that. It is a humbling experience. It is a very nice change of pace, even though I wouldn't want to play like this all the time, obviously. It made the mission stand out among the others we've played so far. It was much closer to history, getting across a feeling of the real deal - this was realism done well. I feel my suspicion about the lack of T2s is being reconfirmed by this mission. Enemy 7.62 causes tonnes of insta death. Additionally, under the special circumstances of utter darkness, I'm fairly certain that many of us bled to death because our buddies were unable to find us. Execution: See above. Near impossible. All things darkness considered, I'm amazed how well we kept it together. This sums it up nicely. Says a lot about us, a lot about the commitment of every individual player. I think @R4IDER displayed excellent leaderhip in this scenario. I have no complaints. Personally, I didn't do quite as well as a TL and as the squad's 2IC. Several of the larger scale clusterfucks can ultimately be traced back to decisions I made. For instance, Alpha's town approach failed because I shifted our point of entry between sectors purple and red. Thus, Alpha ended up in a crossfire and was quickly chewed up. Other teams attempting to reinforce that same position didn't fare better because of the ground I had previously chosen to commit my team to. In this case, the TLs awarenes was indeed not more valuable than the SqL's. Darkness is my excuse. Because, apart from that, I had a lot of fun with Alpha @Pilgrim @Lt.Chris @madmatt and @unionjak - all of them behaved admirably in the face of extreme challenge, even in my absence. Cooperation with other teams happened on many occasions, which is always nice to see. Loss of leadership however slowed us down considerably almost at every step we took. Death of TLs, that includes myself, is the reason for the low completion rate of this mission from my point of view. Seconding commendations to @hoofed and his balls. @Raptor's Banshee delivered all the CAS we needed. Without support from AAC, the infantry couldn't have gotten a thing done. This was punishingly hard. But a very intense experience that had me at the edge of my seat for three hours. Thanks all! 8/10
  24. Very challenging! Surprised I only T4’d once. There were many and plenty opportunity for us to to get spanked In various ways. The forest approach in to the town for Alpha was incredibly tense. It seemed a good idea at the time, but the mounting challenges proved too much. As I said last week, @madmatt love your enthusiasm, but In those situations, such as at the cottage after withdrawal, as PFC and in this case team 2iC I really need thinking space to figure out best action? I’ve been doing it quite a long time and have quite a good survival record so In those situations just give me a little more brain time to figure things out. Good job though otherwise. Shows commitment and energy. Watching AAC in action was both exhilarating and tragic. Heartbreaking seeing assets being blown out the sky. Brilliant seeing the ground strikes going in. GG
  25. lots of fun dit not see a lot i was most of the time dead. bud Charly dit a good job i fink wen i was a way. 7/10
  26. attendence seems low tonight and ive been called in, i believe tonights OP will be cancelled unless i can get back in time.
  27. Had some issues soon after we began with my keyboard dying. It caused all USB devices to reset repeatedly then it would be fine for a while. Unfortunately I didn’t know what was causing it until later when I lost all control and crashed. I guessed what the problem could be and swapped the keyboard out of a spare. This was happening in the worst possible conditions too with no NVGs and close to zero visibility except for a few dimly lit rocks and a few lights way off in the distance. With that said, as the pilot everything that happens to the airframe is your responsibility (regardless of cause) and you just have to fix the problems as best you can and get back to supporting infantry. Thank you to everyone who waited patiently for me to pick them up at the spawn point. As promised here’s a clip of the low visibility landing in Giant where infantry guided me down so that I could drop off the resupply box. For some reason Premiere Pro is exporting with the black level raised making what little you can see more visible. It was darker on the night.
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