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  3. All of the above sounds terrific....but we need bums on it were With the current turn out and without being wont matter a jot. steve.
  4. With the advanced medical system we really need to consider the bigger picture and that is the enjoyment of all and not just a few so by that I mean AAC. For them I expect some missions can get pretty boring especially if there is a lack of CAS and the only job they have is to haul our arses back into the field. Having the limited respawn alone is not an option that I'm willing to even consider as it would basically make AAC redundant and it would be extremely selfish of those that play on the ground to expect. I would challenge those who think this would be a good idea to join AAC and play a mission with just the limited respawn to see how fun it is. For the advanced medical system to work I think we need to put an end to the call of duty shit we've currently got going on. Missions need to be smaller and objectives need to approached slowly and we need to stop being afraid of downtime. In regards to team leaders I would like to ask those that are interested in the position of 4ic to send me a PM telling me why you would like to be in this role. This is to avoid any situation where someone is being forced into a role they don't actually want to be in. Applications are open to all but I understand @personalvoid@MACKAULE @Juan Sanchez have expressed an interest already. @GuzzenVonLidl ACRE is something we can consider testing again in the future but for now let's stick to TFR as that would be another change to contend with. For now could you please assist @Jasonwith the integration of the modifications that Jason has made into the framework which will replace the current advanced medical system settings.
  5. This is an excellent mission. Gutted I can't be there.
  6. To any MOD out there: Please remove any old threads regarding sunday missions in the General Thread. A terrorist attack has occured in *town which name I don't remember* with several injured and some dead. We have been tasked to bring medics (AI) to the site and protect them while they tend to the injured. Once they are done we need to transport the injured to a triage center. We will be playing as CSAT on Tanoa. Limited respawns are present, avoid getting killed! Required mods: CBA, TFAR Allowed mods: Clientside stuff (Blastcore, STHud, JSRS etc).
  7. Yesterday
  8. As has been said before. Limited respawn without something to increase casevac rates eliminates 70% of the AAC workload. You would effectively kill the AAC doing this. I wouldn't exactly call that progress. Any vote should only be done after more thorough testing which is again not being done. Just like ALiVE and the last time I saw adv med trialled there has been no concerted effort to tweak and test this to our needs. A simple "don't like it it's shit" after one op can't possibly be sufficient. In its current guise it is too difficult. There are however multiple options to adjust that are not being explored. Dropping the idea on the evidence of 1 op is not progress. Ultimately it's down to the majority as it should be but I think we're going into this half cocked without a full grasp of what adv med could offer. Again, this is not progress.
  9. As long as we keep using TFAR version 0.9 anything with limited respawn and/or spectator mode will suck And yes, Adv medical is the wrong direction
  10. Id rather have limited respawns and no adv medical - personally. Should make a vote
  11. I'm currently on LOA, so it's difficult for me to play any part in this discussion right now. What I will say is that I disagree with some of the points. -You are all well aware that in my mind Advanced Medical is more of a massive, even potentially game breaking problem, rather than a benefit. This should be a last resort in case a majority of the group pushes for it. This isn't the case currently, thankfully, and I don't see that happening any time soon. @Oksman has several interesting suggestions with regards to our medical system that are far less gamebreaking but which I won't repeat here. -Increasing the number of team leaders is really pretty redundant. As far as I was aware before I left, we had an official application for 4IC by @Juan Sanchez and that really is sufficient. Besides that, we have other members like @MACKAULE and @personalvoid taking a strong, dedicated interest in leadership roles. This point is thus an absolute non-issue. We're in a good place in that regard. We don't want to go back to too many chiefs. Agreed on most other points. More editors, more pilots, campaigns, sure. But then I put to you: How are you gonna accomplish that? We had a huge attention and morale boost during the phase when disbanding was a real option. This boost is now fading fast. Things are business as usual again. And it shows: People stop giving a fuck, as evidenced by last week's training session. This is currently the greatest danger the group faces at this point. How are we going to remedy that? I really don't know, but that's what, imho, we should concern ourselves with. @R4IDER lastly I'd like to request you bring these kinds of topics up in a proper council session first instead of a forums post. Have a good one lads, have a great mission tomorrow hopefully with decent attendance, good morale and good conduct. See ya next week!
  12. Last week
  13. I have to agree that having extra ranks available to be obtained would be worth it, lets people know we appreciate what they do Recruit - New members. Private - Passed recruitment. Private First Class - Been around awhile, shown interest in the clan and is active. Lance Corporal - Shown exception input to the clan(Currently what PFC is). Corporal - Veterans / Course runners etc. (Currently what SPC rank). Sergeant - 2ICs. Staff Sergeant - 1ICs.
  14. Agreed, the award system is in need of an update. My suggestion to re-start using is ok but a full and proper overhaul is a better idea in the long term.
  15. I thought the PFC was exactly that? to show that youve been a credit to the clan but not in a leadership rank. @R4IDER @Filth I suggest an award overhaul. Start from scratch (awards, not the ribbons) and carefully pick which awards are worth having. id say about 80% opf the awards we have right now, arent even available to get, so why have them in the first place. Also think we should make new ones as IMO they look dated.
  16. Don't let this put you off guys. Check this out: Reserve Pilot is very much alive and well so if you don't fancy a full transfer but would like to pitch in let us know and we will cater your training to your current level of experience. Any extra hands are welcome and who knows you might even like it. Further to this, we should look at getting back to awards. It might sound petty but they give a sense of achievement. I know they technically never went away but they're simply not being used: The last campaign ribbon issued was for Tet and that started a year ago! Qualifications with appropriate awards for the JTAC Course, Mortar Course and players reaching Reserve Pilot status as well as trained AAC Pilots being given their wings. Other courses exist also, these are just the ones I'm involved with. Some sort of commendation system especially for the Privates. At present they can go to PFC and maybe SPC but after that rank means leadership. People like UnknownEngineer, UJ and Pilgrim, for example, have been here like FOREVER and should have something to show for it. I would also like to suggest a combined arms training session at least once per campaign like we used to do. The infantry and AAC do not spend enough time training together. It need not be the old crazy ass 3 hour trainings but a shorter mission between campaigns with an hour or so training before hand (a bit like current infantry training) would be a huge benefit to all. It could even be combined with the upcoming campaign as a sort of mission specific training where we test the equipment and try to trap as many bugs as possible to help the campaign itself run more smoothly.
  17. Live Broadcast: In anticipation of gamescom next week, Bohemia Interactive is hosting a special pre-event live stream later today. Here, various developers will offer a sneak peek at what visitors will be able to play at Europe's largest gaming trade fair. The main focus will be on Ylands and DayZ - but, even though it will not playable at Bohemia Interactive's gamescom booth, our Creative Director Jay Crowe will also make an appearance on the stream to introduce the upcoming Arma 3 Laws of War DLC. Be sure to tune in TODAY at 18:00 CEST (16:00 UTC/GMT/Zulu) on See you there! View the full article
  18. Well @Juan Sanchez is interested in this and has the capability (was previously B TL in 1-2 many moons ago) so he, personally, should be the first person for this.
  19. I want to increase the number of team leaders. This is what I mean, so there will always be people available to run the mission.
  20. What you mean? Is me and Filth not static right now? Or do you mean to have a static backup of people? for example, juan to always be backup number 1 (4IC) etc..
  21. What I would like to do is set out some goals for GOL to try and accomplish over the next few weeks / months. To begin playing campaigns again starting with the four week campaign made by four different mission makers ideally I would like to introduce at least two new mission makers here rather than the missions being made by the usual suspects. Introduce the advanced medical system / limited respawn into every main mission. Increase the number of contributors to the mission making rota both on Tuesday and Saturday. To increase the number of pilots - if you're interesting in joining AAC let me, Jason or Raptor know. increase the number of people who are able to carry out leadership duties. Right now we have fill in team leaders but I am looking to make this a fixed position - @Juan Sanchez @personalvoid @MACKAULE These are the goals that I have set out for the group if there are any that you think should be added then post below but I think we all need to know what we are aiming to do and work together to achieve them. Out of interest I decided to take a look at the number of missions that we have created. The numbers here are based on forum topics that have been created for missions and I know that there are lots of times when missions don't get their own topics so its not a completely accurate figure but it gives you an idea of what the numbers look like. Ideally I would like to start adding some more names to this list. Name Missions Oksman 112 GuzzenVonLidl 67 R4IDER 60 Jason 45 Baron 43 Lt.Chris 35 Filth 27 Goralight 22 Chipmonk 18 Pirate 17 Beny 16 Moogle 15 PARKER 13 Arron 8 Bakakun 6 hoofed 3 joona 2 NeKoArroW 2 Tazoo 2 Akena 1 Luke 1 McDeuce 1 SoKkada 1 Juan Sanchez 1 irishguard 1 Chippy 1 DevilGhost 1
  22. finite state machine, it's the same thing that drives the flight training. in laymans terms its a self contained script that tracks your waypoints and progress. a script to do the same thing could be hundreds or thousands of lines long while an FSM is handled by the game engine in a slightly different way. All the BIS firing drills, time trials and bootcamp ranges are controlled by FSMs rather than scripts
  23. FSM?
  24. Been a while but I've eventually got around to updating more of the training round: I've added a context sensitive vehicle training area that provides an FSM based driver training course and a vehicle range. There is also now an FSM based marksman range that will form the basis of other ranges including (hopefully) a moving target range. As before if there are any requests let me know. You can track my progress and known issues here: If you are interested in helping then let me know and I'll figure out how to get your work merged (still not used GITHUB for multiple contributors). On a different note, the mission size is starting to get a bit crazy so what are peoples thoughts on packing this as an addon instead? It means the training ground will already reside on everyones systems which should (I think) help with loading times.
  25. To any MOD out there: Please remove any old threads regarding sunday missions in the General Thread. As I am lacking motivation and imagination we'll be replaying an old OP, not sure which yet. Limited respawns are present, avoid getting killed! Required mods: CBA, TFAR Allowed mods: Clientside stuff (Blastcore, STHud, JSRS etc).
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  27. Not seen anything on that but all this LOAC stuff is making me think the whole "trident" hearts and minds thing might be getting a big up. Look after the civvies or they may turn on you sort of thing.
  28. Clusterbomb? You mean lag-bomb? Lol haha hope they optimize it well, also this increases my hunger for going back to Afghanistan and do some more patrol missions when mine defusal and ordinance removal is actually a thing. Perhaps they will also create some sort of ambient civilian stuff? Moving around towns and shit
  29. We're not averse to using drones they just resemble their Eve cousins. Small, destructive, disobedient and guaranteed to go mental when you need them most A bit like kids really
  30. Didn't think that AAC used drones, guessed that attitude has changed then. i have to give you cluster bombs though, i do like loads of explosives
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