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  1. I really enjoyed this mission, at least when i wasnt actually dead...but to be fair i got killed because i had to take risks. I will say right from the off that self-doubt is making me very nervous about leading as i dont want to ruin anyone's immersion or game time...and real life work is making me tired adding to negativity that is trying to build up as team leader. However, i must say that i really enjoy the "crack" of leading and hopefully i will have more head space as i have finished a lot of contracting work of my own. Mission wise, i had a brilliant team in bravo namely @NeKoArroW, @Blu., @Devastator who turned my incoherent mutterings into tangible requests to a high degree of success. The penny dropped as to why guys like this dont need to be micro managed...even though i still tried. To say that @NeKoArroW showed massive patience is an understatement...so thanks. I feel we should have used @Lt.Chris more to, basically call our air guys to drop ordnance close in...would have helped lower t4`s With a bit of pure brute force and close air support we could have, and hopefully will win this mission... Thanks again, and thanks as usual to the air guys for your good humour and professionalism...you rawk : ) steve(uj)
  2. This was a great mission and i enjoyed it rather a lot.... I felt like we were the special forces that were sent in...to death or gory(sorry glory) parts of the mission Was intensive, harsh, brutal and emmersive all at the same time. Had an absolute blast with the team members: @Filth, @Pilgrim, @Skeliton and last and by no means last @Chippy. When the team is this good, no words are required to be honest. Watching air do their thing was fantastic, and as usual reinserts (not that i needed that service @Pilgrim) and resupply was efficient, so thanks again guys. Comms seemed ok from my point of view (maybe my banter near the end was a bit to much...sorry about that) Lets get to stanley.... Thanks for the promotion....i deserve it UJ (steve)
  3. Shadup @Oksman...i agree with parker...i miss you and @Baron(amongst others) as well.
  4. Going bowling with friends, so will be either very late or loa. Enjoy your game guys and i hope i can get home early as possible
  5. Good training, and as always its required to go back to basics to make sure we all sing from the same sheet. I actually had the printed version of @Lt.Chris GOL manual at the ready...and obviously was not asked any questions...@filthy must have known First time as team leader and i must say it was a blast...well not in kill anything way as i dont recall seeing much, waaaaay to busy doing stuff. The 3 more experienced members of the team, @chroma @luke and @Wazowski were a godsend...and stopped me making a complete balls of, well nearly everything lol. So thanks guys thats how we do things in GOL. @Evilcommand you are getting there and you do need to push yourself into the immersion zone further if you trully want to enjoy how GOL does things. I did see you kill off a few enemys and i was well impressed with you "sniping" the sniper on the balcony...it shows balls to go head to head with them fuckers...as they are good shots As for the sitting down incident...draw a line under it...in some respects i have to share some of the blame for trying to keep your head down, and in doing so bored the shit out of you in the building we were holed up in. Hence forth i wont repeat this mistake of mine, and will have you up on the front line as our point man. Many thanks all, had a real blast...and i am billing you @Filth for some heart surgery as mine is now broken It was also good to be "side by side" of @Pilgrim...legend, enough said.
  6. Great training night, and scary mission...although i think we did pretty well this time..... Leadership for me is always hard, but as i am brilliant (and my team sucks) i enjoyed it (thats a joke ok, so dont get offended...snowflakes) really didnt have to do much as they knew what to do...annoyingly more so than me.....will do more of that if it comes my way, and actually like the fact that @Pilgrim is right up for it....Fnaar Fnaar Anywho, nice one @Filth for the training...good mission @Chroma and well led @Lt.Chris throughout the mission...more chris please. Hope your ok @hoofed and always good to see you ingame uj(steve)
  7. Changed mine from loa to yes.....snow stops drinking...well at least in the pub ~;)
  8. Training was of a very high standard, and very well thought out...it certainly put me on the hop when asked to be commander...so thanks @hoofed for guiding me through. I have one major gripe..not sure if its mod/template etc related but here goes...if i press "H" then i get the zeus thing come up and not ctab(when applicable). What is this zeus thing, why does it come up during missions/training and thus completely ruin any immersion that i have....please for the love of god, stop this this thing. Mission was very good, but unfortunately due to some silly mistakes(most not mine) i got killed. This is a pattern for me at the moment, i help out the new recruits(when it should be done by team leaders) and in doing so get killed. To the mission creator...it is a brilliant mission, but i didnt have a good night...so boo hoo me. I really want to give this one another go, so will this be possible ???? Many thanks to @Filth...you work your nuts of for us, and please keep going as its giving most of us direction...and education uj
  9. Going out, getting pissed, eating large...and then sleeping, as you do Have a good mission guys and stay safe uj
  10. Great campaign, great teamwork and very immersive from the beginning. Good to see @Filth at his absolute best, getting the best from all of us on the team. Talking of team, we had 2 well versed alpha members @Pilgrim and @Chroma who played their socks off and @Wartomsniper getting stuck into his role as AR ...which he did very nicely indeed. Its at times like these that i find myself overwhelmed (almost) trying to describe how much i enjoyed the mission.....It was beyond anything i have played before especially with high regard to immersion. We as a squad were, for want of a better word(or words) run into the ground by constant engagement from almost every angle...and it was fantastic. I am not even going to attempt some kind of summary thing, as that would be insulting. Just a big up to @R4IDER and all our admins/leaders/players for making GOL what it is. UJ (steve)
  11. Have a good mission guys....kill em all LOA cancelled, made it back in time
  12. Wow, what a mission..... From the off the excitement peaked and fell as it looked like the server was borked..but thankfully admins got a mission up and running. I had an opportunity to see what its like at the leaders end of things from the perspective of squad medic....And i highly recommend it, to every one. Its nothing like "just patching injured player up" its a whole lot more. Its about taking a bit of strain from squad leader by taking the initiative and doing what you can to help everyone. If you are thinking of promotion, try to have a go in this role...it will make you, or not Thanks for putting faith in me @Filth hope i did ok. Mission was fantastic, definitely a classic and one to be remembered. Everyone put loads of effort in and i think that showed in the massive team work that i had the pleasure to see...nice one @Pilgrim for keeping your team together in very hostile moments.. Big up to the air guys, as usual a tremendous job at keeping us alive....the danger close stuff was jaw dropping cinematic stuff...and thanks(sorry about the blood incident, i really didn't know i couldn't use it) Yet another perfect night, thanks all steve(uj)
  13. Now your whinging...about whinging lol Good luck @Oksman , moving house is a real ass hole but make sure your new place has good internet steve(uj)
  14. Loved it right from the off, during and even the briefing gave me a hard on...... Cinematic start with missiles fired from the ships at the advancing enemy air...all in full hd, above our very heads....what a delight. We had @Filth as our team leader so everything was ship shape and by the numbers...we had to work hard and listen up as some times(understandably) comms was alight with info/requests/contact reports etc. Got to say that campaign wise, this was a never to be forgotten start mission, and i was actually shaking at the end...Adrenalin coursing through my (old) veins So thanks to everyone...especially for keeping to immersion over voice comms etc and for squad/team leaders for excellent leadership. Nice one @R4IDER...an absolute blumin belter....please keep them coming uj(steve)
  15. All good @Lt.Chris you could have had it tonight(tuesday)

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