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  1. When i have put my gaming rig together i will reload dcs, as i have several planes already....cant wait
  2. Please feel free...show us your old skills
  3. May need a "special" request from any old nco`s as we have at least 2 present nco grades LOA at least ?
  4. A bit of a duff start, total carnage and mayhem all rolled into one....but thats how ww2 stuff goes and it was bearable and we could only get better. Fortunately i had a great team in Alpha namely @SoKkada, @Chroma, @Skeliton and @Luke (did have chris to start but we had a change or two). Not once did i have to get shouty shouty and your ability to read my mind was unnerving....which goes to show just how much initiative you all have. I am not going to worry about the death rate....simply because we have a better plan for the next round. That plan is simple, which is for alpha and bravo to stay with visual distance(when possible) and work closely together. @Pilgrim and i (in the latter half of the game) tried it and it worked out nicely....when comms are limited and squad leader has no ctab(which is realistic in this type of battle) it pays to try to double the firepower with other teams. Whoever is squad leader next Saturday please can you bare this in mind....its a thing both pilgrim and i are trialling for the best we hope. The battle itself was very hard and showed just how much we rely on technology in our "normal2 games......we need to practice without all the gadgets as frankly we are a bit vulnerable in this type of scenario. Got to say that in the last part of this battle it was brilliant with a huge variety of for everyone to enjoy(tanks, cqb etc) and we started to gel and help each other....which is how it should be. We also need the skill set of our air core whether that be flying, tank or ground based....as without them....we are screwed Unionjak(steve)
  5. Yet again saved by raider....due to yet another mods balls up. How many of these can we take before we look at how many mods we are using (50-80 gigs ffs) ? Anyhow back to the mission..... In all i really enjoyed it with good lads from charlie all doing their thing to a good level. Did have to do a bit of fine tuning at the beginning but that was the end of most if not all of discipline issues. @Wazowski was point man on most assaults for which he excelled and to be honest kept charlie from total wipe outs at least twice so well done...we want more of that sort of thing. @Luke sorry if you felt a bit left out, i take full responsibility for that...to be fair i dont need to ask you twice to do simple stuff and you have bags of initiative anyhow I did suffer from losing players to tech errors and very rarely an actual t`4 so things went from good to bad and right back again frequently. @Pilgrim and i tried(and succeeded) in keeping close proximity and direct comms(especially at the start when 1 actual was out of range as was alpha) which i pre warned charlie members about. We would happily work side by side with pilgrim taking the lead and charlie keeping flanks clear and clean....no one got killed so i hope we can repeat this until we are so good that merger right through each other to get into position is a natural thing..... The mission had emmersion in all the right area`s and at times i was actually glad of a rest from constant gunfire from the enemy...but then i am rather old. All in all a rather excellent mission that i think is the the best so far. Thanks all. steve(uj)
  6. Thanks @Jason, But whats the "normal" amount ?
  7. Anyone know the actual size of arma 3 with all mods etc please ?
  8. Massive big up to @R4IDER for such an epic, never to be forgotten campaign......nice one. Enjoyed this last one especially and the team were, quite frankly amazing. It was probably the most dynamic team in history....going from 4, to 5 and down to just me, several times and all through the game. And it didnt detract one little bit to how we all performed. @Skeliton @Devastator @Wazowski your skills and discipline are beyond reproach and an absolute pleasure to watch you guys hunt down the enemy...because thats what you did lol. Our death rate was impressive and that was down to proper use of cover and keeping secters up...all of the time. Comms was busy, but not from my point of view which is nice. Thanks to @Filth for giving me some Gol love every now and then just to keep my spirits up....thanks mate. Interaction with other leaders was curiously useful....so i may have a chance yet Air was superb both in killing close in enemy and reinsert(obviously i didnt get to use that....much ) Feeling very proud to be in this clan and grateful for all the effort that goes into by all the usual guys steve(uj)
  9. Training was good but delayed due to teamspeak addons etc. Other than that it went well and we could train with utmost cohesion and gave each other hints and tips which again i like. The mission itself was superb and i want to give it another go please as i think it deserves at least that and maybe with a few tweaks we could give it plenty of game time. I can only echo @Pilgrim thoughts on the selfish twats who think, for whatever reason that they can completely ignore legit instructions and/or give leaders AND other members abuse or just plane do their own thing during missions. This is not the first time or indeed the second but happens on numerous occasions during training and missions. Unless we get this nonsense under control, i for one will be spending a lot less time on training and even less on the missions if my time is going to be wasted by what i can only describe as spoilt brats running wild on our server........ unionjak
  10. This was a hard battle and for once i kept my head down.... Lots of stalling moments when the enemy overwhelmed our position with low rate, but very accurate fire. The rate of casualties started to rise and i think this reflected in the eventual caution we started taking. Loved being with @Pilgrim and we did indeed get our act together(the team, not pilgrim and i ) things were going really well with some outstanding long range shots...brilliant night. As already stated going through the town with no enemy was atmospheric and immersion was perfect. Battling through hard unrelenting enemy with ground assets getting blown up right in front of our eyes was delicious arma 3 and more precisely classic GOL clan stuff...all those involved should be proud, and for my small part i am. Had to take over from @SoKkada (bravo) due to technical issues....and it must be said they behaved admirably and would often set up sectors etc. unprompted and automagically....which i was glad about, as i was a tad pissed to be honest. By all accounts air was superb for medical help, air cover...and blowing the shit out of ground targets that were about to unleash death on us...so big thanks to you guys. Well done @R4IDER this was a classic, loved every minute
  11. when i get back i am going to make time for this...ooooh yeah
  12. Loved the splitting up the teams into smaller, more manageable units for training...although as @Filth says it can bring in unwanted bad habits. It does however bring in some wanted good habits, like the ability to let all of the team take point for cqb and enable me to look at how individuals lead teams. Everyone tried as hard as possible to do well, without feeling embarrassed as they probably would in front of a large group. Didnt really have time to do everything as i prefer to get it right by repeating but this mode of training has massive potential...as long as same-standards are achieved throughout. mission was fantastic as not only did @GuzzenVonLidl make a very much appreciated return but i landed with a pretty mature team...and to make matters even more perfect for the first time i learned to stop micro managing everything. When the normal confusion had died down, it became clear that alpha bravo and charlie would be staying at a reasonably close distance and this worked....although we did have a friendly fire incident between us...this happens and with more experience this will simmer down, so i wont beat myself up to much. A fair amount of times i asked the team to move across barren land with no cover whatsoever...this was explained clearly and what would probably happen. Not one single cry of descent and we actually "found" cover as we went(blown up vehicles etc.) Love your "assault" style @PARKER on tis mission...so more please. Watching the helicopter get an AT round in the face was brutal..and required. Thanks for the direction in mission @Filth cheers all and thanks once again to @hoofed for looking out for us and in mission help/advice etc. uj(steve)
  13. I really enjoyed this mission, at least when i wasnt actually dead...but to be fair i got killed because i had to take risks. I will say right from the off that self-doubt is making me very nervous about leading as i dont want to ruin anyone's immersion or game time...and real life work is making me tired adding to negativity that is trying to build up as team leader. However, i must say that i really enjoy the "crack" of leading and hopefully i will have more head space as i have finished a lot of contracting work of my own. Mission wise, i had a brilliant team in bravo namely @NeKoArroW, @Blu., @Devastator who turned my incoherent mutterings into tangible requests to a high degree of success. The penny dropped as to why guys like this dont need to be micro managed...even though i still tried. To say that @NeKoArroW showed massive patience is an understatement...so thanks. I feel we should have used @Lt.Chris more to, basically call our air guys to drop ordnance close in...would have helped lower t4`s With a bit of pure brute force and close air support we could have, and hopefully will win this mission... Thanks again, and thanks as usual to the air guys for your good humour and professionalism...you rawk : ) steve(uj)
  14. This was a great mission and i enjoyed it rather a lot.... I felt like we were the special forces that were sent in...to death or gory(sorry glory) parts of the mission Was intensive, harsh, brutal and emmersive all at the same time. Had an absolute blast with the team members: @Filth, @Pilgrim, @Skeliton and last and by no means last @Chippy. When the team is this good, no words are required to be honest. Watching air do their thing was fantastic, and as usual reinserts (not that i needed that service @Pilgrim) and resupply was efficient, so thanks again guys. Comms seemed ok from my point of view (maybe my banter near the end was a bit to much...sorry about that) Lets get to stanley.... Thanks for the promotion....i deserve it UJ (steve)
  15. Shadup @Oksman...i agree with parker...i miss you and @Baron(amongst others) as well.

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