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  1. All good @Lt.Chris you could have had it tonight(tuesday)
  2. As tuesdays are now vacant....would a mission testing evening be a viable alternative for mission makers to test out their creations on volunteers ? Just a thought......
  3. Give me a shout as and when please mate...will be happy to help
  4. Ahhhhh @Beny
  5. All of the above sounds terrific....but we need bums on seats...as it were With the current turn out and without being pessimistic...it wont matter a jot. steve.
  6. Great night and well done to us all for amazing team work. Excellent mission @NeKoArroW Was good to see all you guys and i must say...you know your arma 3 stuff...nuff said If anyone fancies an opportunity to fill up their arma3 playing over the weekend, then look no further than a neko mission. You can take my word for it when i say its got everything for everybody(except @Goralight and we know what he wants;)) and will rock your world. Mods are easy as you have them already and just requires you to untick a few a3sync boxes...and if i can do it, anyone can Peace and love, steve(uj).
  7. eg UJ, does not have more say than someone who didnt Since when did i have any say lol. Its a good idea, and where any money goes spare or otherwise is frankly, non of my business......but i would hope a smattering of heroin, pot and shit tons of alcohol with a fairly large selection of whores from every nation.....and a good camera to video it all. Just saying.....
  8. Held up in traffic so late start Saturday mission. Talk later
  9. What @Jason said
  10. Anyone got Argo to run yet, wont play ball with me ?#
  11. @Goralight I dont think your being negative, just realistic mate. However it is best to see what we can do to get other clans to interact before we push the big red button of doom and effectively leave GOL or merge which is the same thing. There are other considerations that could break us up...not withstanding that GOL is free to play. Some people may not able to pay the monthly fee, and then this idea of us all staying in one blob is completely gone. We need to have patience to see what our admins, ie @raider etc can drum up. On our list of things was a strong leader(which we have in @Beny anyhow) and now we have two with @Oksman coming back. (why dont my @ things work admin) Dont let your obvious homosexualality get the beter of you mate TeeHee. P.S. Love your hair today, darling.xxxx
  12. Well said @PARKER, we do need to treat our recruits a lot better than we do already...patience with game play and mods spring to mind. But also we need to calm down a bit and remember that things can, and will get fixed. Simply getting another clan to turn up on a regular basis is a blumin good start, but merging is an altogether bigger prospect...that is still doable.
  13. Glad your coming back Oxman....about bloody time....and dont expect me to believe you have a life as that wont wash
  14. I think one of the reasons(and it is one) we lose new recruits is that they dont like the "commitment " required to play in a clan. To you and i turning up for one training and one one actual campaign/mission is easy....but a younger person(especially if they dont really know arma3) who has many games and many distractions it is obviously proving a no go for them. I sometimes think that its easier to get rid of the LOA system in favour of just a simple vote if your turning up. This would apply only to new recruits to get them used to us and any really long term no-shows get kicked off. This is only one thing...and there are many, yet unresolved issues. steve.
  15. Keep your chair on mate, keep your sit together

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