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  1. sound like fun, bud i wonder wen the mission is done wil it just stay on withj no mission or will it selket a new mission ?
  2. trianing i was more bizzy with seting uo my stuf agian thx to @hoofed mission was fun still bumpt aboud the losses wy had ent at the end, bud just leke @Filth told my keeping the car low ent moving around same stuff is a good idee. 6 / 10
  3. Be aware that while the MH-60 and UH-60 are very similar they do have some differences most notably in the weapons available on the DAP variants DAP ? is thet the fing ware you seleat the weapens for the hali ?
  4. the mission is on altis USMC agian't PMC Drug lords / AAF slave's this is a intel mission i hope it wil not by to hard. Acc wil hef 2x M60 with hellfire agian + 1 big 1 B.T.W i want a list for USMC or USA hali's to use for my campaign.
  5. @hoofed @Blu. @Byleth if you want to or hef time to jion wil by nice i got a bit of acc for you. recon of enamy next mission''s unit's ent a bit more. BTW, @Filth if i need to zeus i reader by SQL or grunt then i hef more time for it .
  6. same i hef not a lot to talk a boud 3x my game shut down with the FPS bug wen a hali or aa starts shooting or samifning. B.T.W. @Wazowski plz stop moving so mast arond . ent moving in frond of friendly team mat's, i hef got shot bij thet this mission, AI wour shooting at you ent you ran a way from it in to friend's in front of my ent the i was cheasing the bullit's ent just try to stik to you buddy . ent w8 for order's to move . for the rest i fink my team dit well onder the los of controle du to my hefing to mast problem's 4/10 for my this time
  7. fun fun fun .. liket bing a grund agian . its make's fings a littel more relax . 7/ 10
  8. yea the mission was frinking asume lots of fun . team wijse wy had 1 player go agian rambo on us the rest of the team was is full form. entt was stread on piont . i tryt to tell him to keep it in form , en tolt him to not shoot . bud the lissening part . is still a ongowing issuw. 7 / 10
  9. TL or SL
  10. hey yea i download the new from grithud ent still no Neko suplly in thare .
  11. @hoofed Ive not really talked about it too much but to all the editors, in the new frame work in the scripts folder, there is a script you can put in to your mission and it will give the squad leaders the option to call in resupply with an actual chopper of your choosing so when aac's not a round we can still have some sort of back up with out having to ruin immersion. Github here i now this i was the only i thet uset it in my mission's . bud most SL & TL dont now houw to use it .
  12. its not a real 2en gen its a boost 1 gen
  13. Mission yea had lots of fun . my team dit well onder the preceur of rokkit's flying over en bullits from pig. @Wartomsniper dit well hy was stikking most of the time with his buddy, ent makt same good call's on contaks i am srry thet i dit not do a lot with it i was gating a bit over welmt with comm's ent 3 team membber's calling in contect's P,s i now thet you ar a bizzy man but try to keep the telling storry's a liitel bit less i hope to see same sort of trianing on wen to call in contact's ent in with fesion to do it wen its bizzy. @Wazowski you dit as well same realy nice stuff bud try not to run to fart a head of you team leader, @Joe Malley hy was realy good same time a liitel in panic from cookoff thet hy was finking HE 40 were coming in remember cookoff reance is prity far. ok my self i now i needit to take comm's over wen @Filth was down bud i forgot it, i was so deep in game wen i took over i dit not now wat to do with pig or Acc i never had to eny fing with them is the from so srry for not making eny good use of it @unionjak i now houw it is starting as TL with comm's ent all thate wats gowing on you dit well , bud wen i was trying to gif you orders i needit to call in 2x time's same time 3x by for i got a anser out of you, bud wen you got the onder you dit not waste eny time went went treat for it, i lovet it 8/10
  14. yea lots of fun ent SQL is realy hard ent i fuckt up lots of time's hope to learn a lot dowing it more. ent hope you all hed fun, ent thx for not killing my for sending you all in to hall 7/ 10

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