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  1. i haf still time for it this monthe .
  2. i dont mind with day it is
  3. its only sound for my
  4. hi ware is it movie i wanne see it ???!!!!
  5. done it + the new update as well .
  6. the update is for my only 3 ,45 GB nice hefing a download speed of 15 MBS on arma snyc
  7. the links dont work for my as well error 404 ent the other gows to microsoft page
  8. it was nice bud realy hard for a biginer as my . bud got 1 kill bud a nice learning exspirens !!!!
  9. hey beny ware dit you get your signeuter from i like it ??

    1. Beny


      Thanks, @PARKER makes these for all members of 1-2. You just need to wait for your recruitment to be finished, then you can ask him to make you one :)

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We enjoy playing ArmA3 in a tactical and professional way and ensuring at the same time a high level of fun is kept within the game. We use tactics and procedures from various armies and modify them to suit our own needs. This allows us to operate in the ArmA 3 platform effectively.

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