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  1. SoKkada liked a post in a topic by Filth in Saturday Operation 18/05/19   
    We played Operation Naval Assault. Interesting one.
    Utes is a place we haven't been to in years. It's interesting terrain with its own challenges. Liked it. The only full on problem were buildings on that map. One person would see one building, the other a completely different one. This makes any type of CQB a very dodgy proposition.
    Pilots in the beginning seemed like a fifth wheel, but once the air field is captured they have plenty to do.
    Assaulting destroyers has been done before, but going air assault for that objective was a nice touch.
    The OPORD was lacking slightly. Also it seems to have been pretty confusing, with a majority of readers (falsely) believing we'd go in as BLUFOR. Without @falseprophet present it was exceedingly difficult to figure out the details.
    Otherwise the usual proph mission. Out of the ordinary. Interesting scale and objectives. 8/10
    The mission suffered greatly from lacking numbers on the ground. Personally I was forced to lead the squad from a TL position. That's never a good thing.
    The initial bits were surprisingly challenging. Enemy patrols kept appearing out of nowhere in comfortable engagement ranges. We took a long time to warm up. Surprisingly, our losses during this phase were limited. Another nasty surprise was an active enemy APC on the air field. This took two AT rounds, 13 mortar rounds and a big explosive charge to deal with (heroics courtesy of @SoKkada). Again, luckily we weren't wiped by that.
    The rest of the island was easily dealt with, now having overwhelming air power at our disposal.
    The last phase of the op had us assault two destroyers and an air craft carrier. We first struggled to land helicopters on the rear decks of the destroyers. This was pretty chaotic since I only received very limited information from the air. However, with significant losses we managed to deploy on these objectives and clear them successfully.
    7/10 for low numbers, otherwise good fun.
  2. hoofed liked a post in a topic by SoKkada in Random Screenshots & Videos from Arma 3   
    you maker it look so eacy
  3. SoKkada liked a post in a topic by PARKER in Training 09/05/2019   
    Training went well, covered uROE which was interesting and leans on peoples awareness skills, something we all forget sometimes as the fun kicks in but something we should always be mindful of, interesting stuff and new to me though it seems glaringly obvious when papa Filth tells it.
    CQB refresher was good, a quick refresh on breaching and the objectives, then onto some live fire training in one of the hostage compounds "OBJ" blue (the "OBJ" over emphasized OBJviously......ehhh...ehhhhhh ). 
    The compound clearing was fun and I was surprised at how much time we got out of it with a little zeusing. Bravo did well, we breached the right side quickly,  T2 taking the initial contacts and clearing the way for T1 to reach our objective building. knowing each teams target massively raised our sector awareness initially and highlighted how important it is to know where the other teams are. This is where I was out of practice, concentrating to much on what my team was doing and not what the other team was doing due to that my awareness failed, we started to struggle a little, then a blue on blue, a perfect example.
    Once we moved out of our overwatch position things started to get a little messy. In such a close quarter compound each movement needs to be communicated and decisive. The problems I saw was over extension of point team, a lack of concentration around comms and sectors left open for glory kills. I don't mind speed but not at the cost of safety.
    All in all a very good exercise, thanks for stepping in at short notice @Filth. Can't believe Pilg used the old "ow i seriously injured myself and i'm at A&E excuse"
    Operation dick punch, I mean "low blow" was pretty cool tbh, @SoKkada has a talent for atmospherics, and this op moved it up a notch without sacrificing performance, awesome! As far as I could tell there were actual firefights going on around the AO that were nothing to do with us and purely added immersion.......mmmmm immersion give me more! That coupled with some creative objectives and scenery along the way as well as darkness and fog it was a stunner, very nice!
    As soon as I saw we had slightly blurry ironsights in NV i thought the actually worked ok. When not looking down the barrel we had 20:20 NV so we could get about with ease and not lose each other in the blur but adding a tad of blur down the ironsights made it so we couldn't (and rightly so) make 500m accurate shots in the dark, this forced us to get close and personal with the enemy and that was a lot of fun, Filth kept the teams nice and close and we benefited from that.
    @Skeliton As Bravo team lead did well, the long winding road of TL is a tough path, it is not easy, comms, awareness, team management, tactics, abbreviations, names, casualties, technical issues, fatigue, headaches.......blaaaaaaaaa....brain melt. But Skeli kept on fighting, his luck wasn't in with a fair few of deaths (quite common in TL'ing) did he rage quit nope, did he give up leading nope, did he lose his sh1t nope, exactly why he's a good team leader choice, please keep at it dude.
    AAC needs a shout last night, with 3 AAC in attendance the air was full, from what I could see Filth was using them as much as possible and clearly it made our objective successes possible. Some great stuff especially in the dark as Hoofed pointed out, not easy stuff....exactly what AAC needs, a challenge.
    Really cool op, would happily play again.
  4. SoKkada liked a post in a topic by Pilgrim in Training 09/05/2019   
    Training Subject
    A placeholder session will be Parkers CQB Map, but this time focusing on what we learned last week about casualties and corners. It will be all about positions and procedures. Slow it right down and see if we can reduce casualties. We will introduce roaming live fire contacts.

    Operation Low Blow ( By sokkada)

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