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  1. Hi Neko, I find is really good for these timezone issues
  2. i think i am simply not fit to lead a team while speaking english in a fast paced scenario. I tried several times but I found myself more tense at the end of the game. Although I am flattered by the patience of the team while I had the honour to lead, as my performance fluctuates a lot and when it does i am even more tense thinkig about the debrief, i believe i might do better as IC rather than designated leader, i am happy to leave this task to @MACKAULE or the experienced @Juan Sanchez which i believe already led three crowns when i joined gol. thanks for your patience so far though!
  3. I loved this mission. yes it had its own issues, like the paradrop, but necessary evil that are heavily outweighted by the quality of almost everything else. I loved the realistic concepts of reinforcements displacement that at the same time is lowering the numbers of enemies populating forward objectives, enemies were really hard to put to sleep and their movements were very believable. high cohesion between teams and great cooperative tactics really shined. @NeKoArroW i sent the gf in Italy this week, see you next sunday?
  4. Instead of making it big, i think is better going small but recurring. Feed the bird several times and he will always be fit, give him loads of food and he won't fly anymore
  5. i can't do sunday also if you want to take a weekend off means you will loose two events...
  6. Sunday? The entire weekend would be at the computer, that would not only require a change of plans, but of partner as well
  7. Joined!
  8. Ok I will try to be there
  9. Good. I found a nice software to compress the video, let me know if i have to upload somewhere, is one file cured already nice little tool. NVIDIA CUDA enabled
  10. hey @PARKER, still need this? I can arrange some space on my disks for tonight match
  11. Gratz!! And tell your parents! You are going to need them when you want to play again keeping th Boglet at bay! cheers!
  12. Hi R4ider I think we have yet to be added to the Three Crowns Squadxml: -{GOL}-personalvoid -{GOL}-Archer Archer has been promoted this week, would you please confirm if we were already there? Thanks!
  13. I can confirm, as always, during the weekend
  14. Hi, Interested too in the overall experience. I suppose you only get pan but don't get the zoom feature you might get with trackIR. Is that what you got?

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