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  1. An access violation error ? what like the game failed to access a protected memory address. ? Tried starting as admin?.
  2. Yeah this will help thank you, also i need alot of things to be bound, so i dont have to take my hands off so much, can an xbox controller be used to like set the nose trim ect
  3. For me it felt like the mission had a slow start but once we made it to the dock and so on i enjoyed it a lot more, not seen much of Malden but this campaign has definitely helped me with that! Thanks for the campaign nice work :Thumbsup:
  4. Oh yes its all coming back now good times All the hueys on that one street nice xD
  5. Oh right fair enough didn't realise it was an animation should have thought hahaha, what map was that now? Vietnam cuz it has HU-1 in the background ?
  6. Was going through some old images and came across this Was this a bug or ... ? xD @Filth @Oksman @millsy4606 @Theokrat
  7. dcs world

    Ah yeah i see now thank you, just went on today for a few hour got the hang of a few more things, but there is still more haha.
  8. dcs world

    I would love it if one of u guys @hoofed @Jason @Raptor would come on b4 the 18th to just to make sure ive got everything right, There are still things i need to learn like how to rearm, but yeah would love to give it a go and have a proper mission hearing all the planed routs and stuff would be cool, not to mention blowing stuff up;) .
  9. Im looking for anyone interested in doing a mission in DCS world. Im limited to the Su-25T so the mission would involve having, - Escort pilots to get the Su-25T to the target zone. - Su-25T or other similar planes will do the bombing on the target. Or something similar to that, so yeah just looking to make a post so we can set a time and date as i know a lot of you are busy. Watching about operation bolo got me inspired haha.
  10. Watching the landing
  11. Liked the training with the visual pictures its better then having it on the map in some ways and the mission was hard but good.
  12. Yeah its a neko script adapted to work with ACE . If they can use ACE, they can find it
  13. Ive not really talked about it too much but to all the editors, in the new frame work in the scripts folder, there is a script you can put in to your mission and it will give the squad leaders the option to call in resupply with an actual chopper of your choosing so when aac's not a round we can still have some sort of back up with out having to ruin immersion. Github here
  14. Got a new case today, 5 fans in total, featuring water cooling.
  15. till sunday.

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