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  1. So would you be interested in helping me with this? @hoofed @Jason Got a 10x10Km height map of Gibraltar imported it (It looked terrible) and been going over all the edges,cliffs,roads,coasts and so on. Got to redo some things as i didn't get the scale right will probably take a long long time but the finished product should probably be a 1:1 scale replica. The screenshot looks a lot less refined than it is atm as the program simplifies the tri's from a distance.
  2. Training was really helpful, actually putting vehicle maneuvers into practice and letting some of the newer guys crew them. Really enjoyed that in fact. The mission went almost the same as last week lol. If we ever decide to do it again could be worth skipping the first town starting out from the fire station or something. Still enjoyed that again too and got a lot of positive feedback both times we played it now, so hopefully ill be able keep that up in future missions.
  3. I actually tried to import a shrunken down heightmap of the entire falklands lol. It worked but wasnt that great.
  4. You underestimate how much time im willing to spend fannying about with map making A collab would be pretty cool for now im messing around with height maps and then editing the terrain manually. The one i posted a picture of was just a quick random generated one which i edited to add some mountains and lakes in. I personally would like to make a small islands map that has light forest and some larger built up areas. Think it would make a nice balance for the kind of missions people seem to make
  5. You've already proved you can play nearly blind with the landings you did on Saturday.
  6. Decided to have a crack at making/customising maps. Seems to be pretty straightforward so far... If you know me you'll know I love this kind of stuff! So if anyone out there's got any cool/interesting ideas of what you would like to see (or not see) in a map id like to hear it! wanna test myself at doing something new and who knows it may even end up good. Also if anyone's got experience in this before and has pointers or tips for me giz a shout.
  7. Well we did only get through 1/3rd of it so your wish mayve already been granted Regarding the training I thought considering there were several guys that haven't even been in a mechanised mission before was fine and gave the rest of us (or me at least) a refresher as we haven't really used any Anvil or Pig elements in a few months. I will say however the start of the training seemed more of a 'how to' for the LR radio that probably everyone didn't need to know and confused a lot of people. Other than that it was good! Thanks for the feedback on my mission as well! Its much appreciated and hopefully sometime well be able to complete it as people seemed to have enjoyed themselves.
  8. I NEED a Nyx
  9. Well I gotta make myself feel at home dont I
  10. Thought Id show my piece
  11. Got 2 missions ready to go but one will require me to do a bit of Zeusing so however people feel on the day. One is a motorised convoy on Bystrica which we will be playing as Opfor Russian army against Independent Chernarus Militia. The objective is to follow a railway line to clear the way for our supply train. Other mission is playing as CSAT who are surprise attacked while out guarding a checkpoint as US forces launch a Aerial & Naval invasion on the SE island in Tanoa. The objective is to recapture several locations while fighting off waves of incoming US forces from the USS Freedom. This is the mission I will need Zeus for.
  12. Cheers, Wouldnt mind trying it again! Had a great team the role took a little getting used to but would definitely like to try TL some more.

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