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  1. Itll be the upload speed of the server most likely. Either that or the server location is far from you.
  2. I actually kinda like the look of this DLC
  3. They still haven't revealed what it is but im assuming its is to do with the east wind thing. Theyve been dropping hints about climate change, climate policies and the US spending billions of dollars on it. (Maybe the US has developed the device?) The aliens thing has been in the game for years and people have made mods out of it. Dayz is dead. The game is too futuristic and outward thinking to be nukes and i dont see what content they could pull from it.
  4. Would like to play some other stuff team based outside of Arma and saw Squad was recently updated and is similar to the things we already do on arma but with a lot more people. Would be cool if we got 4 to 8 people together. For those who dont know squad is made by the guys who developed project reality for Battlefield where you can get servers with up to 80 players. It is similar to how we run in arma with several fireteams with local chat and team radios and the team lead can communicate via another channel to other teams just like TFAR. Since ive played it last Mechanized and armoured vehicles are implemented so if theres only afew of us we could still run as that. Let me know if anyone is interested and maybe next weekend or something we can give it a go
  5. on another note a game reviewer @hoofed introduced me to recently put a review of this game up which ill link here. Its old now and all the issues he had are fixed BUT youll never guess whos in the video at 8:00. Its only @Luke! You can even hear him speak lmao
  6. PCs

    Was thinking about upgrading my pc next month and got a list together. Im open to any thoughts on this if anyone has info about just straight up better components. Im looking to futureproof my pc for a good 5 years. Willing to pay afew quid more also to make it look pretty, call me vain but I like having a nice looking pc sat next to me hence the ram and first Mboard choice. Motherboard: CPU: RAM:
  7. PCs

    @hoofed Ive built the last 3 pcs ive had and im happy with aesthetics rn im not gonna attempt something like a full custom waterloop. For now. just looking at a new CPU really. I forgot m.2s were a thing and seeing as theres a slot on the MB for one i might as well. I already have 4 SSDs and 2 external hdds because i cant fit anymore into the back. My PSU is fine as when i upgraded my GPU it actually uses less power. Its 700W output and i believe my pc is currently only drawing 500W max. Do any of you have any reccomendations for good M.2 drives? My main point was the choice of CPU which is settled im going for the 8th gen i7. As for ram and Mboards ill just have a look on pc part picker and see what im willing to spend. Thanks a lot guys
  8. PCs

    On a side note theses are all amazon links and i will probably shop about to see if i can get cheaper but next day free delivery is just too good and it will all come together.
  9. Nah not really bothered about this one. I assume the way they worded it there will be many more 'community DLC' to come. Seems like theyre doing a Bethesda and trying to monetise mods as dlc to keep the game relevant while they focus dev time on Arma 4
  10. Okay so it looks like a terrible buggy mess
  11. The map looks pretty good. Id like to see how well done the interiors of the vehicles are. I think thats what would make or break it for me.
  12. Masterpiece

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