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      ARMA 3 Sync Update   07/14/2018

      ARMA 3 Mods Updated! This update restructures our mod package, previously the mods would get added to either GOLIslandsA3 or GOLAddonsA3 and this resulted in a fairly large mod folder. Before downloading this update it is recommended that you delete your current mods first because A3S doesn't always clean up the old mods. To do this you simply need to head to the location that you downloaded the mods to for example: \Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 and delete all of the folders that start with @ The benefits of the new structure include: Being able to see what mods we are/aren't running To give you the option of disabling addons that you don't want to run To have the option of adding mods that some may like to run for example: Blastcore To have the option of downloading the mods outside of the GOL Repository for example: Steam workshop or directly from armaholic To have the option of creating campaign specific mod pack presets so users can select the mod set preset and only the mods required for the campaign will be loaded - this will mean better performance. This can be set on the server side so that the preset is made available to everyone for everyone to select.

      An example of this is that we are playing as the Russians against middle-east rebels. Only the mods required for this would need to be loaded and this can be determined by a mod preset - are present there is only one mod preset which is called "ARMA 3 GOL Mod Pack". Another preset can be added called "Battle for the Falklands" for example and then only the mods for this campaign will be loaded. Obviously by only loading the mods for this campaign would mean better load times and performance.

      Keep in mind that as a mission maker that if you save your mission while all of the mods are running then some mods will added themselves as required mods in the mission.sqm meaning that if you try to load the mission again later it will fail because it believes that the required mod is missing. When making the missions only do so with the required mods - if you do mess up then there is the option of opening the mission.sqm in notepad or some other editor and removing the mods from the required mods selection. The download size can be reduced if you choose to manually move the mod files but if you don't have much experience with the mods then please just delete the existing mods and download the mods fresh. Any problems then post a message in the technical support thread and myself and others who can will be happy to help   Download size:  35.44GB


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  1. Chroma liked a post in a topic by PARKER in Training OPORD 18/04/19   
    No need to apologise dude we really appreciate the effort regardless
  2. Chroma liked a post in a topic by falseprophet in Training OPORD 18/04/19   
    i am sorry for the screwed up mission. i deleted it. pretty frustrating evening once again trough said incident.
  3. Chroma liked a post in a topic by alamal1 in GOLSYNC   
    Currently there is no feedback other than a progress bar when checking / downloading mods أحدث السيارات
  4. Chroma liked a post in a topic by Pilgrim in Training OPORD 04/04/19   
    NLAW (Next generation Light Anti-tank Weapon) is the latest shoulder-launched, Overfly Top Attack, anti-tank missile system that makes it the true tank killer for light forces that operate dismounted in all environments including built up areas.
    Selectable Overfly Top Attack (OTA) against armoured targets and Direct Attack (DA) against non armoured targets such as other vehicles and vessels or enemy troops inside buildings.
    PLOS (Predicted Line Of Sight) guidance and OTA delivers easy handling, accuracy and high kill probability”
    No Lock on?
    Why would you name something by what it isn’t?
  5. PARKER liked a post in a topic by Chroma in Training OPORD 04/04/19   
    @Filth "I dont see a minaret tower"

  6. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by Chroma in Training OPORD 04/04/19   
    NLAW stands for 'No Lockon  ya Ass Wipe' @Pilgrim
  7. Chroma liked a post in a topic by Filth in Training OPORD 04/04/19   
    New knowledge acquired. Good. Personally not a fan of the guided launchers. But the Titan obviously has its place in our arsenal, a powerful weapon for specialised circumstances.
    Difficult to get the basics across to @Naphtalin with so much chatter, but we did succeed in the end.
    Thanks for setting this up at such short notice @Pilgrim
    Can't be overstated how well made this op is. The balance just hits a sweet spot for me. At the same time, it opens up a boat load of tactical options to the player. @PARKER please keep making mechanised ops. They're so much better than mine.
    In terms of execution, everything went a little too smooth to be true most of the time. Everyone pulled their weight, punching above it at times. A lot of fun to see us working so closely together at all times. NCOs seem to have gotten to a point where we're proficient enough to cooperate without planning and comms. Combine that with a solid grunt base that knows what they're doing, hey presto - mechanised goodness.
    @SoKkada is noticeably progressing as a squad leader. Awareness is improving, so are your comms. Good information being relayed constantly. An interestingly laid back approach to leadership, relying on the NCOs experience and autonomy.
    On the other hand, you have to take care not to be too passive as a leader. Take stock of your resources. Make sure to put them to good use.
    This is most important with regards to the use of vehicles. The motto of the Royal Tank Regiment is "dread naught" - fear nothing. In this operation that's the way to go. the armour of the vehicles can get your infantry into position quickly and safely. The Namer/Nemmera shrug off mortar fire, SPGs and ten minutes of auto cannon suppresion. While infantry is in CQB your mechanised assets can rearm, establish staging points and FOBs, provide long range recon, arrange resupply, do demolition/EOD, medical .. list goes on. Use your IFVs/APCs courageously within their limitations.
    Vehicle crew is such a privilege for me. Even though this was my second week of Pig lead, still can't get enough of this. I hope we did good. Had fun.
    10/10 made my shitty day. Cheers!
    VD was at 4000m. Turn it up to 6000m, ah, there it is. Minaret spotted at 1600m.
  8. PARKER liked a post in a topic by Chroma in Training OPORD 04/04/19   
    @Filth "I dont see a minaret tower"

  9. PARKER liked a post in a topic by Chroma in Training OPORD 04/04/19   
    @Filth "I dont see a minaret tower"

  10. Chroma liked a post in a topic by Blu. in OPORD: Public Zeus Playground 02/04/19   
    Playing zeus was quite interesting. I joined early and jumped into ts with @Skeliton and @Chroma there I could start setting up the mission. As the infantry saw I had produced 3 objectives and 1 optional objective. During making the op and spawning in the prowlers I copy and pasted them and they exploded killing me in the process. After this I was not able to access zeus so I was forced to restart the mission and build the op really quickly all over again. @falseprophet not sure if that was fixed with the update you just put up when zeus is killed?

    When the operation started I felt the insertion was effective (apart from the AT shot to one of the prowlers which downed 4 infantry) the infantry quickly pushed up as I spawned in reinforcements from truck to intercept them, although they also ploughed through them aswell . This was quite similar with the second objective which was completed fairly quickly. A quick resupply was organised with a sling loaded ammo crate dropped behind the infantry.

    Fast forward to the third objective where I slapped in some CAS calls for them on an enemy APC which wasn't taken out so swiftly. Re-inserts were then done with the FOB on the beach of the 2nd objective where they would use a boat to land on the opposite side of the bay to the third objective. As the infantry commandeered a damaged truck which was repaired soon enough, I started to lose ideas. I threw a few fortifications around the HQ but the infantry was already inside the compound where I created 2 extra objectives of an ammo cache and another enemy officer.

    After the compound was clear a quick extraction was done by helicopter where we then proceeded to do a debrief with the other guys.

    @PARKER to answer your question on sides, while zeusing I had the Achilles mod installed which is mostly client side. There is a module where I can change a player's side throughout the operation. (Used this when someone who was unconscious was stuck with the civilian role which I changed to BLUFOR quick enough) Not sure if that answered your question but that is something zeuses are capable with using Achilles!   Also I would settle for calling zeus 'High Command' or just 'High' for short.  

    Not too bad when it came to the last objective though I was trying to put some stuff down which was a tad bit. Overall workload wasn't too big.

    Big thanks to @Skeliton for taking in the new guys and guiding them from insert! 

    And also thanks to @Chroma for leading Alpha and playing the aggressive team! (At least I think so)

    Really enjoyed this and hope to see other zeuses view on future operations! 
  11. Chroma liked a post in a topic by PARKER in OPORD: Public Zeus Playground 02/04/19   
    A resounding success with a few things to sort out still.
    Hats off to @Blu. for taking the Zeus gauntlet and doing a good job at it. Zeus acted as game master / FAC a cross function that seemed to work well, we managed to replicate inserts/extracts, re-supply and fire support. Blu also put together some nice objectives with fortified positions on the fly as well as manage the requests of the squad and help new players joining. I'd be interested to hear how Blu felt the workload was for him.
    @Chroma kindly took SL/Alpha and did a top job, he kept the op flowing in a more relaxed fashion than normal while new players were being helped and we got used to public playing. As Chroma was squad leading @Skeliton took Bravo and all new players entering the game, this system worked really well as it allowed the op to move forward and be enjoyable while accommodating new players, nice one Skelly, excellent work.
    I haven't got a full grasp of the work carried out by False to put this public zeus op together so it's hard to gauge how well it worked this evening, @Blu. will hopefully feedback on any issues experienced Zeusing. From a infantry point of view I noted the following points;
    MHQ's appeared to be a bit of a problem, the issue I guess is when editor placed MHQ's get destroyed, maybe a collection could be stored somewhere off the beaten track so a zeuser can easily replace one if required. Equipment selection while not an issue was somewhat unorthodox to what we normally use, not necessarily a bad thing as it allowed us to punch above our weight, by choosing scoped rifles, large calibers and high damage targeted AT weapons. As mentioned on the evening, as long as we continue to have the buddy teams roles as we normally do I don't see an issue. Communication was really good, we had a few people handling comms with new guys via in game chat and everyone else in TS/TFAR. It would be good to ensure everyone know the keybindings required to talk in game and what information to pass onto new people, i.e. our teamspeak address: teamspeak.gol-clan.co.uk and our website and that we use task force radio but they can use in game chat if they don't mind not hearing everyone. False did point out that there are signs at HQ, I would suggest setting up a custom composition so that all our public games start in the same custom GOL HQ area each time built with all the GOL bells and whistles. Default game options are still present, i.e. notifications about spotting the enemy. All players need GPS? This evenings game was well worth it and couldn't have gone better bar having more of the GOL regulars present and having an AAC callsign available to really show off the bling. We had 2 public players attend and play along side us using in game chat. 1 turned up in TS after and has now applied (WOW) a second took our details. We extracted, and did a quick debrief with the new guys and spent a minute or two just explaining a bit about ourselves and when we normally play and thanked them for joining us.
    If we can refine a few things about the nights structure and iron out a few settings/functionality bits and bobs this will be good fun.
    Well done @falseprophet and all, there's fight in the GOL yet!
  12. Jason liked a post in a topic by Chroma in OPORD: Public Zeus Playground 02/04/19   
    You all realise daylight savings happened in the uk a couple of days ago right...
  13. Chroma liked a post in a topic by Filth in Training OPORD 28/03/19   
    Bloody good fun. And I didn't have to lift a finger for it. So thanks for that, first off.
    Training was nothing out of the ordinary by this point. But I believe it was still valuable. Many good points were made. @Skeliton had an opportunity to lead a team in controlled environments. Thanks for organisation and OPORD @Pilgrim!
    Mission was top grade stuff from @falseprophet once again. Very suitable for a mechanised playstyle. Could have used a few more vehicle and heavy targets overall, but that's a minor point. Linear objectives with varied terrain and small CQB bits in between had a good pace to it, offered lots of tactical freedom.
    Skel got another chance to shine and @Chroma kept his cool in his first mechanised mission ever.
    Well played everyone.
  14. PARKER liked a post in a topic by Chroma in Public Coop Session 27/03/19   
    Antistasi was very broken and it got to a point where the enemy would send in a never ending wave assault that was impossible to defend against. I think Liberation would be a better alternative, and is much simpler without compromising on any of the features.
  15. PARKER liked a post in a topic by Chroma in Public Coop Session 27/03/19   
    Antistasi was very broken and it got to a point where the enemy would send in a never ending wave assault that was impossible to defend against. I think Liberation would be a better alternative, and is much simpler without compromising on any of the features.
  16. PARKER liked a post in a topic by Chroma in Public Coop Session 27/03/19   
    Antistasi was very broken and it got to a point where the enemy would send in a never ending wave assault that was impossible to defend against. I think Liberation would be a better alternative, and is much simpler without compromising on any of the features.
  17. PARKER liked a post in a topic by Chroma in Public Coop Session 27/03/19   
    I can come but might be a little after 7pm
  18. Chroma liked a post in a topic by Filth in Training OPORD 21/03/19   
    Spending the day at my desk so may as well start with feedback.
    Not much to add. Standardising. Building proficiency and confidence with grunts and team leaders alike.
    The value of this training mission file can not be overstated. Allows us to train with no preparation time whatsoever - cheers @PARKER
    First off, this is a crying shame. Your missions are always a welcome breath of fresh air and obviously an inspiration to all mission makers in GOL.
    You aren't the first mission maker to be put off by the framework and this game's terrible way of handling things. I've always said that making missions is like pulling teeth. It's maybe my least favourite part of doing all this. But sadly it's necessary to keep this group afloat.
    Escape/evade/defence missions are maybe the most difficult ones to make in my opinion. Players' freedom of choice requires you to either account for everything they may decide to do, or give them very strict instructions. This mission required the latter, going along the MSR. That's a point you can easily argue with all the friendly AI support set up along it.
    The only point that is in serious need of improvement from my perspective is the air gameplay in this op. To be more precise, I don't believe the selection of CAS air craft was appreciated very much.
    Anyway. Immersive, frantic, overall a lot of fun.
    In terms of execution I felt that @Chroma's leadership was excellent. Probably an interesting scenario to be thrown into as a fairly new SqL. A job very well done both in ground and air terms.
    Personally I felt that we were very slow. Every minute we spent fighting harmless enemy infantry along the way it became more likely to be caught up in the enemy armoured attack. But I think that in doing so, you played into the mission maker's hands, making this mission turn out exactly as Proph imagined.
    9/10 A highly enjoyable session. Thanks all for playing.
  19. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by Chroma in Training OPORD 21/03/19   
    Really enjoyed last night. @PARKERs training mission is really good and makes the close quarters training quite fun. Everyone in the team was pretty proficient at working together, still need some work on more open spaces with the whole squad. @Joe Malley did a fine job with us during this and let the teams operate semi indipendantly.
    After a false start on the mission  we did something intresting, a mission all about retreating. The pressure from constant fire and being flanked during the whole journey made squad formations fall apart a bit and it was difficult to try and hold anywhere. We had very limited air support and at one point took all our casualties within about 2 minutes. both teams did well of securing an LZ after which several more people had to leave due to 'shrapnel in their eyes' apparently.
    Either way we set out on a route around the town and pushed to the final obj. Id like some feedback about my performance as sql. Im still not proficient when it comes to AAC but if theres any bad habbits and such id like to know  
  20. Chroma liked a post in a topic by Filth in Mission 16/03/19 - PlaceHolder   
    I've brought up all your concerns in council. We'll have a session on the coming weekend adressing your points.
    I still think it's important to not be too radical about this. If you consider the recent removal of CUP vehicles alone, that's had a massive impact on how we make missions. It's not simply about quality and quantity, it's also about some of the capabilities modded assets bring to the table. I'm surprised to hear so many arguments against mods from the AAC. On countless occasions mission makers have heard that vanilla air frames are "useless" or "shit", to give only a few quotes.
    I'd second opinions that our flexible modset isn't being used as intended. Was working on a guide but that's massively stalled due to a lack of free time on my part. But even when that guide is published (and it will, promise) that's not going to solve the issue. Mission makers and server admins will have to put in extra work, learn about new things and apply them to get the most out of it.
    Our modset contains many essentials that are often overlooked. I've made this point many times: It's my impression that the importance of gameplay and content modifications is vastly underestimated. On the other hand I'd agree that we could certainly slim down a lot.
    As it stands, players, mission makers and server admins go by the rule of "best run everything we have". We need to research the specific reasons for this mindset and counter them, as far as I'm concerned.
    One last point that is overlooked in the discussion, and please don't take offence @Chroma, is that this mission is not the best performing that was ever made.
  21. Chroma liked a post in a topic by PARKER in Training OPORD 14/03/19   
  22. Chroma liked a post in a topic by Filth in Training OPORD 14/03/19   
    Training Subjects
    CQB Drills - Individual and Team Level
    -Crossing Danger Zones
    -Sector Theory
    -Breaching (Rooms, Buildings, Compounds)
    Mission Info
    Operation Black Gold Remux by Parker
    MAP: Zargabad
    DATE: 13/03/19 20:00
    Terrain: Mountains, Plains, Croplands, Urban
    Weather: Clear
    Forecast: Clear
    Starting Time: 0400 hours
    Starting Position: FOB Gibraltor
    Recommended View Distance: 4000m +
    A mix of well equipped Takistany regular army and extremist rebel troops from Zargabad have taken over the city and all of its major infrastructure including the city centre, airport, military facilities and most importantly the oil field to the NW of the city. Allied forces have deemed it critical to retake the oil and airfield to ensure future successful actions in the larger area and to meet operation requirements.

    Enemy forces consist of splinter takistany army regulars led by the infamous Colonel Aziz (recently sighted in the area) and a handful of extremist rebel tribes. Due to the recent takeover of the city troops stationed at the major facilities appear to have joined him rather than risk death and therefore the colonel has acquired multiple air assets as well as an array of anti air defenses and a mechanized battalion. While we can only guess exactly what has fallen into their hands the message here is expect them to be well equipped and well trained.
    Operation Plughole

    The surrounding areas of the newly set up FOB Gibraltar are considered enemy territory and highly dangerous, we will be the first into the field in this area so expect high resistance and a high possibility of IED's. Alpha team shall set out towards the village of Shahbaz clearing the path as they go and ensure the village itself is clear of enemy ordinance.

    Once the village of Shahbaz has been cleared we are to patrol and investigate any nearby resistance then continue to the known enemy strong hold to the North, we are to recon/evaluate the enemy strength and capture the facility if possible. Note venturing further North is not recommended.

    Operation Black Gold
    Our main objective is to re-take control of the oil and airfield. Allied command believes if we can regain control on the Western / North Western sectors including the above mentioned facilities regular army will be easily persuaded to withdraw and rebel support will fade away, the vets on the ground aren't so sure but those are the orders. A small group of special forces have been put together and plans drawn up as follows;
    Recon has identified a possible assault point located North of the city with weak defenses and could possibly allow our troops to sneak in unnoticed under the cover of dark and cause high value damage.
    Note: Native farmers in the area are to be protected, hearts and minds people hearts and minds.
    Insert - LZ Zulu
    OBJ1 - Assault and clear the oilfield, destroy or use any assets found.

    OBJ2 - Assault a known enemy barracks North of the Zargabad airfield
    OBJ3 - Assault and clear Zargabad Airbase

    There are a number of known enemy facilities in the area as well as anti air and mechanized troops, it is AAC's job to provide deep strike ordinance, CAS and infantry resupply if required. A number of Mi8's and air assets have also been confirmed as patrolling the area.
    Special Info
    Gibraltor Airfield and LZ Zulu can be fast travelled to from FOB Gibraltor if required (if no pilots) Titan AT launcher now standard, limited additional ammo available. Red circles identify known enemy Anti Air zones Assets found in the AO may be useful! I know you don't need reminding of this gentleman but this is a code black operation, remove your tags and any personal items and suffice to say if you are captured allied forces will deny all knowledge of your existence - lets get this done Good Luck!
    4 x Polaris DAGOR (1 x MHQ, 1 x MSS) (Black Gold)
    1 x Nemmera (MSS Bluebell) (Plughole)
    1 x Namer IFV (Pig) (Plughole)
    20 x cable ties
    4 x Extra Titan AT Rockets
    10 x Demo Charges
    2 x A10C
    2 x CH47 Chinook
    2 x AH-6M
    4 x MH-6
    4 x UH-60
    4 x AH-64D
    2 x Portable Mortars (Dragon) (available at airfield)

    @R4IDER @Filth @Pilgrim @SoKkada @Chroma @Joe Malley @GuzzenVonLidl @PARKER @Luke @unionjak @Wartomsniper @Skeliton @Wazowski @falseprophet@slayer @Oksman @UnknownEngineer@Chippy @NeKoArroW @ThecMaster @Liquid @Juan Sanchez @MacGregor @Devastator  
  23. Chroma liked a post in a topic by Filth in Mission 09/03/19   
    @falseprophet we ended up playing operation Kavala.
    This mission was more than a bit out of the ordinary for us, mainly because it was fairly complex. Second, but not least, the mission maker wasn't present to brief us on his intentions. That's not his fault though.
    That is to say that I'm not entirely sure if I followed the instructions given in the OPORD correctly. Specifically, I was doubtful about our transition from Step 1 to Step 2.
    Overall I had a very good impression of this mission. Objectives were vague in a very interesting way. Not all enemy fighting positions had been marked beforehand, but could easily be found. Carefully placed objects gave these objectives a narrative of their own. Most noteworthy of these was that CSAT torture room we discovered, inconspicuously tucked in a seemingly random residential building. I highly appreciate this sort of stuff, really does make missions more interesting.
    Another positive point was the behaviour of enemy forces. The situation seemed very calm to begin with. The pacing picked up in a very cinematic way: A quiet approach. Some skirmishes. Then, finally, we found ourselves balls deep in a town, suddenly being rushed by what seemed like a company of counter attacking enemy forces. Unable to stand and fight, a handful of survivors had to run for their lives back to our starting positions. Where finally the whole squad including reinforcements was blown up on an HLS.
    Pure Arma gold. Loved it.
    @hoofed our pilots seemed to have a couple of points to improve about air frame selection and strength of enemy air defenses. Please post below.
    I was plagued by technical difficulties and even though I never got killed, spent a lot of time in reinsert choppers because I had to relog.
    When I was present, I was blessed by the presence of an excellent team of Corporals @Pilgrim and @Chroma. These two cooperated nicely throughout the whole mission, making a lot of progress even when I was not present.
    On an individual level I could observe that many people didn't take the enemy seriously, and paid with their lives. I fell into the same trap at least once, on that HLS mentioned above. Not sure what you did there Proph, but these AI were a very nicely challenging opponent. And this is something we should work on as a squad, since currently many mission makers are interested in increasing AI difficulty: Taking the enemy a little more seriously.
    We ended the mission having (sort of) completed two out of the three steps specified in the OPORD. Not bad for a large scale scenario like that. But due to our ridiculous number of casualties, morale dropped off noticeably towards the end.
    A few technical difficulties in the air didn't keep our support away from us. Enemy air defences were gradually dealt with, allowing for some rare but much needed CAS on a variety of targets. Our logistics and transport flights weren't quite so successful. But I'd still like to sincerely commend @Byleth on putting himself out there as a pilot for the first time in a major mission, I believe. Obviously mistakes were made but in essence, all tasking was completed. Some much needed confidence building and on the job training. Thanks a lot for your persistence and dedication.
    8/10 a very interesting session.
  24. Chroma liked a post in a topic by hoofed in Arma 3 - Media (Videos)   
    That recording tool you use @PARKER… can it be locked to just one player… i.e. me? If so I might look into buying another GPU out of pure narcissism.

  25. Chroma liked a post in a topic by PARKER in Arma 3 - Media (Videos)   

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