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  1. Mission was nice indeed with lots of contacts. Crashes on the other hand was fun killer. I dropped 3 times at least with access violation error. Btw, I don't remember who the pilot was but once I was dropped km away from the squad and need to run for like 10 minutes. Is it not allowed to put a marker on the map when pilot lands? So pilot lands and checks the ctab to see the fireteams location and puts a marker on the map. People who has no ctab can then find the rest of squad easier.
  2. that is the only error in the rpt
  3. crashed with 20:33:32 Error in expression <pdateUserMarkerList; if ((_markerData select 5) != cTab_player) then { ["BFT",> 20:33:32 Error position: <select 5) != cTab_player) then { ["BFT",> 20:33:32 Error Zero divisor 20:33:32 File cTab\functions\fn_addUserMarker.sqf [cTab_fnc_addUserMarker], line 71 20:37:47 Client: Object 12:6 (type Type_93) not found. 20:41:16 Warning: Convex component representing Track_L not found 20:41:16 Warning: Convex component representing Track_R not found 20:41:16 Warning: Convex component representing Slide not found 20:41:16 Duplicate HitPoint name 'HitTurret' in 'CUP_O_2S6_RU' 20:41:16 Duplicate HitPoint name 'HitGun' in 'CUP_O_2S6_RU' ======================================================= ------------------------------------------------------- Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 085B8688
  4. check under video above
  5. Hi Guys, I just released together with Aplion the new mod for Arma 3 subs and need some support. Some people has some crashes with the mod and I need such person who can help me with debug as neither me nor Aplion (also the most of the people) has no crashes. PM me if you download the mod and have crash when you drive etc.
  6. I will end up with this to let you guys hear my voice!
  7. Yeah I need a mic... I am using the webcam's mic but looks like it is dying
  8. Btw, I think @SoKkada deserved a Humanitarian Service Medal after today's mission. He patched a wounded enemy soldier to demonstrate good behaviour
  9. Got 7 votes. I will start translating the first mission and I hope I will be ready with it soon
  10. stuck at 5
  11. 4 "Yes" till now so looking forward for the other 2
  12. p.s. I will consider "interest" if yes votes goes beyond 6
  13. Hi Guys, I have a kind of ready campaign which I did in the past (10 mission planned 9 of them are ready). It is based on the events in Syria and Turkey's intervention. I made this campaign for some friends in Turkey and the AI conversations are at the moment Turkish. Key points for the campaign are 1- Turkish special forces are used so only 1 Squad (3 fireteams, 1 SL, 1 S Medic) and 1 sniper team (1 sniper, 1 spotter) are playable which suits the counts by GOL 2- There are no fix air assets in each mission. In some missions there is F-16 air support though. F-16s are not like A10s, which means someone need to provide coordinatesor lase the targets for GBUs. So pilot is coming on top of total headcount in point (1) above. 3- ACE3 advanced medical is used but advanced wounds are disabled as they tend to open too quick and there is only one squad medic 4- As there is no asset for reinserts, there is 7 minutes revive time to let your team to stabilize and fix you otherwise you will respawn and need to walk some distance to return to fight. So your team need to act to revive you otherwise they will suffer missing unit and you will suffer a walk in nature 5- Missions are scripted so Zeus is not required (unless something breaks seriously) 6- MIssion elements are randomized which makes mission re-playable. This means, enemy counts and locations are randomized (mostly..). 7- Sniper and spotter team is available but ACE advanced balistics are used. So need some training for the person who is interested 8- Optics which Turkish Special forces are using available 9- I created a mod pack in steam workshop which is necessary for the campaign. So by simple click to the mods there you can get ready to play. 10- I own a dedicated server by myself (I need it to test my mods etc) which I can use for the campaign, this means no adjustments in GOL Server needs to be done A trailer regarding events in campaign If there is interest I can translate the converstations, brifings etc. of the campaign and make it ready to be played by GOL unit. I put a voting button for interested people.

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