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  1. I was the commander of PIG1 in this mission along with @UnknownEngineer as my driver and @Wazowski as the gunner, both of them did extremely well, UnkownEngineer has a very good knowledge of the tanks we were driving and fighting, this came in handy when he would tell me what kinds rounds we could take and what we should shoot at different types of vehicles. Wazowski was an excellent gunner, a little bit on an itchy trigger finger, we almost shot Pig2 on a few occasions. But other than that the mission was insanely fun and driving both the tank and tank destroyer was a real challenge and although I have had some practise with the IFVs these vehicles were a new challenge. I hope we can do more armoured missions in the future. Lastly sorry if in this feedback I have left anything out or formatted something wrong, I don’t have internet right now so I am typing this on mobile.
  2. This mission was the first time I have been in a leadership role, and my lack of experience definitely showed during the mission. However, despite this, myself, @madmatt and @Evilcommand had loads of fun driving the armoured vehicles around and trying to support the infantry. The mission itself was fairly hard and we did, in the end, lose both of the vehicles in the mission. Luckily the last one blew up just before we finished so we weren't without armoured support for very long. I think the highlight of the mission for my team was during the hectic firefights that occurred towards the end of the mission once we had entered the town. The training was also very enjoyable and gave some well-needed training for the mechanized combat. Overall, even though the mission was a replay my team still had tons of fun, and I hope to get another chance to lead sometime again.

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