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  1. I guess squad is a casual ground operations game. The performance is significantly better than arma with an additional 20-30 frames. As Parker said it is quite battlefieldy with the medical and ammunition acting like bf4. And yes it is pvp which might not appeal to most but for the few who dont give a toss and like a bit more challenge, it would be a great experience. Just be prepared for some bullshit from time to time due to randoms wanting to do their own thing. If we play how we play in a couple teams then by all means go for it. It would be a good change from arma for those who are looking for a change of scenery. Plus it could be an opportunity to interest some of the public in tagging along with us. I can't say much as I have never played the game but witnessed some excellent footage of some who play in a realistic setting. Just wanted to throw something into the pool. I would be up for grabbing it on sale and joining in. For the GM DLC it gives a new map and new units which is really good and could be used for a few missions. But for someone joining the clan brand new, are they gonna fork out £16 odd just to play a game with people they've just met? There may be some people who've got the DLC but for those who've played the game for only a short amount of time arent gonna have DLCs. The thing with the DLC is as filth says it will divide the commuinty not just on opinion but people who dont have it wont be able to join in operations. Its a great DLC that I would grab on sale but just remember about those who dont want to spend £16 on something we might use only a few times. Again just throwing my ideas into the pool. (yes i know this is off topic but put it in here since you guys were talking about it)
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    Would reccomend getting a z370 instead of z270 as 200 series is not compatable with anything above an i7, In case you wanted to upgrade in future
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We enjoy playing ArmA3 in a tactical and professional way and ensuring at the same time a high level of fun is kept within the game. We use tactics and procedures from various armies and modify them to suit our own needs. This allows us to operate in the ArmA 3 platform effectively.

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