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  1. It may narrow my vision but right now it doesnt and i cant see anything while playing exile i use ARCO (2x-4x) scope+red dot and spot ai pretty quick And about following teamlead i cant do it now eather witchout scopes so dont see why taht would help or not And i try to really lisen to my callsign my number or name bur between all cominucation even taht is reallt hard to hear i am trying though I got that hud but if i dont have direct line of sight the dots are gone not knowing where people gone to deff in hot situations i end up looking around to find some one and get shot would love to learn some tricks to help this
  2. @ThecMaster i tryed that but my issue is i dont see enemy thill i am dead case we have no scopes so i pick somethiong thats not only usefull when you need to kill your enemys i use the rangefinder ALOT to adleast find something to actualy see something and stick to my buddy yeah if i can find him with is kind of biggest problem i always lose track of my teamleader/buddy adn people alwasy blame me for wandering off while i just have no idea where the ran off to adn topic about orders ? i cant understand half of you guys dude to accent adn so i have no idea who is talking to who means that when some one yells ad me i have no idea its to me i dont reconice any voices other than sokkadas one XD making thos point you point out REALLY hard for me
  3. I liked training my mind may not have learned much adleast i learned that everything is depending on terain toke some screenshots of the formations on the boards I also liked teh mission @unionjak you did awesome you got some training to do but i really enjoyed serving under you deff better than last time looking forward to the next <3
  4. I see porteble mortar in AAC assets ;D
  5. @Filth to be honest i been in the heli for 80% of my time dont have much feedback all can tell i enjoyed the flyboys rekless flying

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