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  1. i was looking for ideas for improvment. the password will change anyways as soon as we use the server. acex is installed on the server, but i can disable it.
  2. server.cfg // // More information at: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg // // GLOBAL SETTINGS hostname = "-{GOL}- Public [CBA_A3, ACE3, ACEX, TFR]"; // The name of the server that shall be displayed in the public server list password = ""; // Password for joining, eg connecting to the server passwordAdmin = "hallowelt1234"; // Password to become server admin. When you're in Arma MP and connected to the server, type '#login xyz' serverCommandPassword = "hallowelt1234"; //reportingIP = "arma3pc.master.gamespy.com";logFile = "server_console.log"; // Tells ArmA-server where the logfile should go and what it should be called // WELCOME MESSAGE ("message of the day") // It can be several lines, separated by comma // Empty messages "" will not be displayed at all but are only for increasing the interval motd[] = { "Guerrillas of Liberation", "gol-clan.co.uk", "ArmA Realism Unit", "", "don't play rambo. play with your team!", "", "", "", "Guerrillas of Liberation", "gol-clan.co.uk", "ArmA Realism Unit" }; motdInterval = 10; // Time interval (in seconds) between each message // JOINING RULES maxPlayers = 32; // Maximum amount of players. Civilians and watchers, beholder, bystanders and so on also count as player. kickDuplicate = 1; // Each ArmA version has its own ID. If kickDuplicate is set to 1, a player will be kicked when he joins a server where another player with the same ID is playing. verifySignatures = 1; // Verifies the players files by checking them with the .bisign signatures. Works properly from 1.08 on equalModRequired = 0; // Outdated. If set to 1, player has to use exactly the same -mod= startup parameter as the server. // VOTING voteMissionPlayers = 1; // Tells the server how many people must connect so that it displays the mission selection screen. voteThreshold = 0.33; // 33% or more players need to vote for something, for example an admin or a new map, to become effective // INGAME SETTINGS disableVoN = 0; // If set to 1, Voice over Net will not be available vonCodecQuality = 5; // Quality from 1 to 10 persistent = 1; // If 1, missions still run on even after the last player disconnected. regularcheck=""; // MISSIONS CYCLE class Missions { class ARMA3 { template = MP_COOP_m01.Stratis; difficulty = "Custom"; }; }; forcedDifficulty = "Custom"; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- arma3.ArmA3Profile difficulty="Custom"; class DifficultyPresets { class CustomDifficulty { class Options { groupIndicators=2; friendlyTags=1; enemyTags=0; detectedMines=0; commands=1; waypoints=0; weaponInfo=1; stanceIndicator=1; reducedDamage=0; staminaBar=0; weaponCrosshair=0; visionAid=0; thirdPersonView=1; cameraShake=1; scoreTable=0; deathMessages=1; vonID=1; mapContent=0; autoReport=0; multipleSaves=0; }; aiLevelPreset=2; }; class CustomAILevel { skillAI=1; precisionAI=0; }; }; singleVoice=0; maxSamplesPlayed=96; sceneComplexity=400000; shadowZDistance=100; viewDistance=1000; preferredObjectViewDistance=800; terrainGrid=25; volumeCD=10; volumeFX=10; volumeSpeech=10; volumeVoN=10; vonRecThreshold=0.029999999;
  3. sounds like a good plan. i'm just not sure about liberation as the main mission. i've had it running for a good while in vanilla and in an ace version. I saw barely any public players joining. So i would rather say a good cycle of custom missions and/or even escape stratis, as both had most public players joining. cba and ace is installed by the majority of players, therefore not a huge difference to vanilla except "user", "administrator" and all other complete new users wont join. the experince is indeed way better if some of us could moderate the game, otherwise you wont get any teamplay whatsoever. I guess we just need to try it. I'm up for the project. First of all those who want to be moderater should get a nitrado.net account, so they can change the settings, upload missions, restart the server or simply ban people. if you want to give it a try, just connect. the admin password is: hallowelt1234
  4. i'm happy to try everything out and sharing the server with you guys
  5. you guys just need to register yourself at nitrado.net and tell me your username, so i can add you to the admin interface, where you get all the necessary options.
  6. i can provide access to the ftp / admin interface. the host is nitrado with server location germany.
  7. i am have not set a mission cycle thus far. it will just run liberation trough if selected, otherwise just random stuff. i can post / change the config if you want
  8. The server is set to persistent = 1, so a game could run permenant. i've had liberation running for a while and a couple of my missions. My friends got their own server, so mine is empty most of the time. if you have a good idea, i'm up for that. I can also rename it or edit the motd to draw some attention. i'm open for any idea
  9. Just for your information: i got a little 32 player public arma3 server running 24/7. it has ace, acex, tfr installed aswell as some custom missions IP: Admin password on request (not sure if this part of the forum is public).
  10. thanks for the great evening guys. was a lot of fun!

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