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  1. Version * Updated Copy Group with waypoints, It now supports Transport Unload waypoints * Updated Vegetation file path * Auto configure ACE, Now works similarly to standard framework auto configure, In other words this should no longer needed * Added Custom copy gear, Enhances VA with assisting editors to easily get classnames in a sorted list without the misc stuff Pressing the button will make you copy the loadout, (Not married to the name of it, suggestions?) NATO Heavy Gunner outputs as shown below It automagically does linebrakes and the commented lines Selecting and copying multiple units in the editor also works // Weapon / [Attach] / [Compatible Mags (Read from configs)] [ ["MMG_02_sand_RCO_LP_F",["","acc_pointer_IR","optic_Hamr","bipod_01_F_snd"],["130Rnd_338_Mag"]], // Primary ["",["","","",""],[]], // Secondary ["hgun_P07_F",["","","",""],["16Rnd_9x21_Mag","16Rnd_9x21_red_Mag","16Rnd_9x21_green_Mag","16Rnd_9x21_yellow_Mag","30Rnd_9x21_Mag","30Rnd_9x21_Red_Mag","30Rnd_9x21_Yellow_Mag","30Rnd_9x21_Green_Mag"]], // Handgun ["","H_HelmetB","U_B_CombatUniform_mcam","V_PlateCarrier1_rgr",""], // Cloths ["FirstAidKit","16Rnd_9x21_Mag","16Rnd_9x21_Mag","SmokeShell","SmokeShellGreen","Chemlight_green","Chemlight_green"], // Items Uniform ["130Rnd_338_Mag","130Rnd_338_Mag"], // Items Vest [] // Items Backpack ];
  2. Its a really stupid idea to bring this idea forward now since the new framework has a complete new way of handling difficulty for ai and tweaking it
  3. @R4IDER You have still not updated so its a bit hard to test it
  4. All settings will be default meaning you have to change gear, spawn side etc...
  5. Fixed: ACE Settings didn't save to mission.sqm Apparently the last edit didn't go in to the previous update but has now been rectified Do not be surprised but the missions filesize will be mush because of this. Tested with ace settings available in framework version 0.5, it adds about ~7000 lines to mission.sqm
  6. ALL EDITORS update pre existing mission by resting to synchronize all ace settings Note: doing this you will have to reconfigure all of my modules
  7. forgot to add one thing Menu: Added heal all players, found in (admin menu > Actions > Module > Heal all players)
  8. Version 3den: Added ability to right click on objects and select "Log > Log Vectors" to copy objects Vectors (Direction Forward and Up) 3den: Added Multiple Enviormental objects found in base game, but not avilable in the editor this includes Trees, bushes and more. Tanoa and Malden objects are also included 3den: Added Collections for Enviormental objects, found in "Custom Copositions > Environment" 3den: Deleted set Behaviour, CombatMode, Formation, SpeedMode from group init 3den: Removed Legacy functions 3den: Reworked new CopyStatic to have better consistency between editor and ingame 3den: HideObjectModule supports X,Y and Z (BI's only supports X and Z), found in "GW Tools > Actions > Hide Terrain Objects" AI Enchancement: Increased max engage range for AI weapons Katiba and Zafir Common: Added longer delay to sync spawned units with curators Common: Added multiple new functions Main: Added new events for getting admin privileges Menu: Added ability to externaly add custom actions to "client menu" Menu: Added heal all players, found in (admin menu > Actions > Module > Heal all players) Performance: Added eventhandler to delete bodies of disconnected players while SafeStart is enabled Performance: Added longer delays between cleanup types Performance: Removed delay to remove unit items, accidentally had 5 sec extra for no reason
  9. Version * Added New 3DEN Menu * Added many new 3DEN functions * Added ACE Settings Module * Added Cartridge Module (Disabled by Default) * Added Performance Module * Added many new functions to Common Module * Added New Variables for GOL Menu * Added New Textures for Vanilla Vehicles * Added Random Pictures for loading screens * Added More options for each copy units and objects settings (including: Dynamic Simulation,Vehicle Textures, Pylon Loadout, Radar Settings and more) * Made Smokes from GL's Deflect even less * Changed vehicle visuals, Planes and helicopters are always visible in players viewdistance, no longer depending on objectViewDistance * Hardcoded AI Skills Settings to be more responsive * Fixed 65x39 Bullet Cartridges being removed by BI
  10. derp
  11. @Luke Title
  12. For about a year now I have made small updates here and there with things I have felt was needed for both my addon and framwork With the idea to make it as simple as possible so that new editors only need limited to none scripting knowledge So far I have not gotten any feedback, Only Issues (which is great) but not enough Tonight's discussion are for anyone making missions or such and how we can simplify mission making and come up with new ideas.
  13. As long as we keep using TFAR version 0.9 anything with limited respawn and/or spectator mode will suck And yes, Adv medical is the wrong direction

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