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      ARMA 3 Sync Update   07/14/2018

      ARMA 3 Mods Updated! This update restructures our mod package, previously the mods would get added to either GOLIslandsA3 or GOLAddonsA3 and this resulted in a fairly large mod folder. Before downloading this update it is recommended that you delete your current mods first because A3S doesn't always clean up the old mods. To do this you simply need to head to the location that you downloaded the mods to for example: \Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 and delete all of the folders that start with @ The benefits of the new structure include: Being able to see what mods we are/aren't running To give you the option of disabling addons that you don't want to run To have the option of adding mods that some may like to run for example: Blastcore To have the option of downloading the mods outside of the GOL Repository for example: Steam workshop or directly from armaholic To have the option of creating campaign specific mod pack presets so users can select the mod set preset and only the mods required for the campaign will be loaded - this will mean better performance. This can be set on the server side so that the preset is made available to everyone for everyone to select.

      An example of this is that we are playing as the Russians against middle-east rebels. Only the mods required for this would need to be loaded and this can be determined by a mod preset - are present there is only one mod preset which is called "ARMA 3 GOL Mod Pack". Another preset can be added called "Battle for the Falklands" for example and then only the mods for this campaign will be loaded. Obviously by only loading the mods for this campaign would mean better load times and performance.

      Keep in mind that as a mission maker that if you save your mission while all of the mods are running then some mods will added themselves as required mods in the mission.sqm meaning that if you try to load the mission again later it will fail because it believes that the required mod is missing. When making the missions only do so with the required mods - if you do mess up then there is the option of opening the mission.sqm in notepad or some other editor and removing the mods from the required mods selection. The download size can be reduced if you choose to manually move the mod files but if you don't have much experience with the mods then please just delete the existing mods and download the mods fresh. Any problems then post a message in the technical support thread and myself and others who can will be happy to help   Download size:  35.44GB


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  1. Nope its an ACE issue that is kicking you back to lobby/editor I told @R4IDER earlier today to update cba, it needs to be fix but don't think he's seen it yet
  2. @Chroma your welcome. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k31uqzoxysnpjjh/GOL - Help.7z?dl=0 Note that I have actually not tested them in the editor but should work as long as you did not put down any ww2 stuck in the missions
  3. Fog along with the lightning was a terrible combination, having it either night time or cloudy would have been better option, I personally would have loved dark clouds. Small shit for AAC like big ammo boxes did not fitting to the aerial vehicles, small ammo boxes where no were to be found so it was difficult to resupply the squad in the beginning meaning we ended up using the mhq. Also way to few counter attacks for the narrow terrain, would have loved small vehicles bypassing us at some point Might write more soon
  4. Its official: AI is no longer able to see or shoot through fallen trees
  5. @falseprophet 1 Not sure what the point of your last post is 2 Maybe its not the best to publicly display the admin password, this is in the public section 3 Hostname say we do, but we dont use ACEX
  6. ARMA 3 ~ 32GB @GOLAddonsA3 - 15GB @cup_terrains - 12.9GB @ACE, @CBA and @TFAR all together about 0.5GB @JSRS ~ 1.2GB That is if your using it I have not downloaded the latest update, so this is excluding ww2 mods but I am expecting it to be somewhere around 20GB All together its somewhere around ~80GB Including WW2
  7. ctab has always thrown that error when someone places a map marker and is not the cause of CTD
  8. Dont blame me, @Lt.Chris fucked up my gol manual
  9. Most people quit shortly after importing the height map in to the map editor by not knowing what they are getting in to and how much time you need to dedicate to make map with the the same quality as example Chernarus. Hope you can do something with it
  10. @Chroma pm me if you want feedback, dropped connection in debrief
  11. Terrible might be to strong of a word, however it got your attention, I do not have any expectations when I go in to a training session. Going over keys for vehicle usage is fine, but as soon as people need to start rebinding keys it starts to become a issue, If this needs to be done it needs to be before moving on the the next part. Example is we got in to the vehicles and we were supposed to familiarise controls by random individual vehicle exercises, I was assigned as driver, with a commander who was unsure of what we were doing, meaning we ended up driving along a yellow line, a gunner that was inactive because of rebinding keys, when we were finally ready the exercise was over. this is a very specific case but sadly also not the first time something like this has happened. Point is moving on to the next part is risky without every one is on the same page. Since this was basic of vehicle crew handling the part after should have been displayed with demonstration of hiding behind the wall, with the crew talking and manoeuvring for best positions etc. The intent of the last part may not have been to kill things but it should have been treated the same as the "AG/AR" stuff, (Spot, Manurer, Engage) we were looking towards the west, where some teams had better location then others meaning some teams could destroy the targets before others could even see them, yes this is partly up to the vehicle commander also. a better world location might have been better for this along with having one direction for each team
  12. Version Remove roles MAT,AMAT,MMG and AMMG from dropdown list in 3den unit attributes Added help messages on mission export notifing lazy editors to change somethings or if something importent is missing Removes radio messages on editor loaded AI Enhancment configs now apply to LMG varients of following weapons MX,SPAR,LIM,MK200,Navid Performance module editors can now blacklist groups from being auto deleted, it now checks for getVariable "GW_Performance_AutoDelete", if its not defined or true it will auto delete it
  13. Training was terrible, it was all very basic yet we didn't do all we should have been able to do, because people had to look at their key bindings half the time. The manoeuver part was left fully up to the commander meaning each team has very varied experience, I believe there should have been some theory about how to command, drive and gun the vehicles before we move out considering this was "basic", this would have taken up major part of the time but would have been worth it. This is not the first time also we do some "target practice" however once again I feel like other teams gets more targets then others meaning not everyone get a "equal" training, might be worth getting more people to zeus next time, this is also often the case when we do example AR/AG trainings
  14. What does people think of the new nametags system, compared to the ace version?

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