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  1. As long as we keep using TFAR version 0.9 anything with limited respawn and/or spectator mode will suck And yes, Adv medical is the wrong direction
  2. Finally I can vote
  3. I truly do not care, any day works for me however I can only attend when I work morning shifts (even weeks) and then I can only attend about 1 hour before bed time
  4. @NeKoArroW Its a great video, only sad thing is you removed all in game sounds, I believe having everything would have it more awesome
  5. You include Thec but not Arrow?
  6. How did I get removed?
  7. Nope, busy with other things
  8. @Filth I think Jason is talking to you
  9. Latest devbuild have added following Added: Malden 2035 terrain Added: Community-made billboards Added: New liveries for several structures
  10. Version * Added option for delete unit on copy * Added status bar for units/objects currently placed in the editor * Added Action to 3den mnu to get relative location of obj 2 from obj 1 * Added replacement function for BIS_fnc_isDebugConsoleAllowed * Changed location of admin events from pre to postInit * Fixed debugconsole not working in MP @R4IDER
  11. Version Added: New error message when exporting while debug mode is enabled Added: Ingame 3den tutoral Added: Two ingame tutorials with hints Added: Keybindings to all copy commands and some others Added: Support for next version of framework copy commands Added: Copying waypoints now supports "conditions" and "onActivation" Added: Events for adding and removing players as admin mid-mission Added: Admins can now create and remove their own personal curator Changed: Fixed blacklist on staticweapons pickup did not work Changed: Paradroping should no longer place the player inside of the plane and kill him Changed: GL Smoke should now bounce even less Changed: Smoke effect is now heavier, meaning it wont magicly float up Changed: Copy functions in next framework version uses a more compact copy Changed: New commands for units when they are copied includes "init", "addToDynSimGrid", "dynamicSimulation" meaning we can use BI's caching system Changed: Reworked CreateWaypoints command Changed: Reworked garrisonNearest command Changed: Reworked hide object system Removed: Old functions "fnc_copy","fnc_copyOld","fnc_generateWaypoints","fnc_toggleObjects","fnc_UseCorrectVersion"
  12. Its easier if you use a local server
  13. Some people say it does, some say it doesn't work in mp, you simply going to have to try It might just be easier to get the POV footage and then in the editor recreate it, and then you can use slow motion effects
  14. With BI spectator you can lock on to targets and watch them in thirdperson Locking on to bullets will be more or less useless because you will have max 3 sec before it hits its target, remember you can not slow down time in mp only sp
  15. Is there something this can achieve that the BI spectator can not?

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