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      ARMA 3 Sync Update   07/14/2018

      ARMA 3 Mods Updated! This update restructures our mod package, previously the mods would get added to either GOLIslandsA3 or GOLAddonsA3 and this resulted in a fairly large mod folder. Before downloading this update it is recommended that you delete your current mods first because A3S doesn't always clean up the old mods. To do this you simply need to head to the location that you downloaded the mods to for example: \Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 and delete all of the folders that start with @ The benefits of the new structure include: Being able to see what mods we are/aren't running To give you the option of disabling addons that you don't want to run To have the option of adding mods that some may like to run for example: Blastcore To have the option of downloading the mods outside of the GOL Repository for example: Steam workshop or directly from armaholic To have the option of creating campaign specific mod pack presets so users can select the mod set preset and only the mods required for the campaign will be loaded - this will mean better performance. This can be set on the server side so that the preset is made available to everyone for everyone to select.

      An example of this is that we are playing as the Russians against middle-east rebels. Only the mods required for this would need to be loaded and this can be determined by a mod preset - are present there is only one mod preset which is called "ARMA 3 GOL Mod Pack". Another preset can be added called "Battle for the Falklands" for example and then only the mods for this campaign will be loaded. Obviously by only loading the mods for this campaign would mean better load times and performance.

      Keep in mind that as a mission maker that if you save your mission while all of the mods are running then some mods will added themselves as required mods in the mission.sqm meaning that if you try to load the mission again later it will fail because it believes that the required mod is missing. When making the missions only do so with the required mods - if you do mess up then there is the option of opening the mission.sqm in notepad or some other editor and removing the mods from the required mods selection. The download size can be reduced if you choose to manually move the mod files but if you don't have much experience with the mods then please just delete the existing mods and download the mods fresh. Any problems then post a message in the technical support thread and myself and others who can will be happy to help   Download size:  35.44GB


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  1. I must concur wholly with Gavrilov and suggest we wait until Bohemia's flight model is released; AGM constitutes an encouraging step forward but has yet to offer the mechanical complexity of ACE, particularly in sphere of ordinance delivery. The mod has yet to address the appalling hellfires, the lack of laser guided munitions of any stripe, the non functional auto-cannons of all aircraft and, of course, the abhorrent flight mechanics of Arma 3. Although infantry combat may have been improved, the experience of those in the air has failed to improve in tandem, allowing me to say with little doubt that the enjoyment of air corps is today no better than that of the day of release. A utilitarian argument would conclude that as Air Corps forms a small portion of the clan, our protest should be ignored should the rest hold an opposing view; the principle of greatest happiness. I would however contend that given the sensitivity of the role and indeed the dedication required to maintain its excellence, a move to Arma 3 would at this time would be most unadvisable. Air Corps shall struggle to maintain the enthusiasm it presently enjoys if it is subject solely to Arma 3 and denied the healing balm that is Arma 2. Air Corps cannot operate to the present standard of professionalism within Arma 3 and this shall frustrate greatly all present and future pilots. I would find any suggestion that AIr Corps would remain an attractive position if this move were undertaken to be quite laughable, and given Air Corps present low man power pool, this move would only compound a grave issue of man power. I would thus warn against a move at this time to Arma 3 and instead suggest we wait until Bohemia's proposed flight model is instituted. The health and vibrancy of Air Corps may be compromised if patience is not exercised and we fail to wait for Bohemia's improvements to aerial combat to be incorporated.
  2. I would be happy to lend my service.
  3. Splendid
  4. I also wish for RHS to be included, I don't wish to say this mod should take precedence over all others, but for something as small as the AN-72 to add variation into our operations, it seems silly not to just place it in the pack. The fact that we are an Airborne unit and have not the equipment to conduct para-drops is laughable in many ways. There are maps upon which it works, and will work well. Believe it or not, we've successfully inserted via para-drop in padagorsk, which is suffused in woodland. The accidents normally occur when the parachute whose course you can manipulate is employed. I am a proponent of the bog standard, T-10; it is pulled automatically upon your departure from the aircraft, and it takes you straight down; all you could do is forget to equip a parachute. If this were trained, if only once, the frequency of fatalities would be reduced significantly.
  5. I concur with Oksman; as well as lending variation to our missions, it is quite simply a glorious experience. Casting yourself from the Aircraft, seeing the line of comrades, and rushing to regroup afterwards; perhaps whilst under fire! Although it may seem somewhat silly with our present manpower pool, when we expand, which as evidenced by the resent influx in numbers is a distinct possibility, such a means of transport as advocated by Kilroy (chopper) may no longer be viable, requiring many shuttles back and forth between base. Your remarks regarding the practicalities of a para-drop are unfair, being both ignorant to the fact that we have not once trained in the use of such a mode of insertion and that helicopter disembarkation may also require the apportioning of numbers (both Chipmonk and I found ourselves atop the blades of a hind in the last operation, due to the rush to disembark.) The example you furnished us with was quite simply arbitrary, being derived from a mission in clafgan; a map I'm sure I need not inform you is in NO WAY conducive to static line parachute jumps. I was quite surprised that we were asked to conduct one actually. I believe both the experience and the unique game play it invites more than attest for need for a dedicated heavy lifter.
  6. I much prefer to aesthetic of the IL-76, however I'm willing to make the concession to obtain a dedicated heavy lifter.
  7. I am a staunch advocate of the MI-24s introduction as the primary airframe of the Air Corps; not only is it an iconic airframe, the sight of which imbues me with desire surge forth whilst it unleashes ruinous rocket bursts high above, but it is also a versatile airframe. Not only can if supply a squad with effective CAS, it can also act as a dedicated transport vehicle. It is this versatility which affords it its unique advantage over the MI-8 and of course the KA-52, which is unable to act in a transporting capacity. This ability to transport a full eight man squad also gives rise to the opportunity to implement new modes of organization, and give clearer definition to what each aircraft must do, and who its primary responsibility is. As regards fixed wing airframes, I believe the SU-25 is the clear, stand out victor. Although old, it is an aircraft more than capable of anything we could ask of it; being fitted with some 80 rockets, 250 rounds of 30ML, 4-FAB 250s or 4KH ground to air missiles, it can deliver effective CAS with the use of only one pilot, as contrasted with the SU-34, requiring two pilots to be successfully employed. Thus it is a splendid selection, given the present manpower limitations we are subject to. In response to your statement regarding our present inability to facilitate parachute insertions, I inform you of the 'Wings of Russia' mod, which, among many improvements brought forth by RSKL, brings the IL-76, the VDV's airframe of chose for parachute insertions. I've already been confronted with the 'slippery staircase' argument, by whose thinking the allowance of this one mod shall precipitate an outcry from all, demanding more and more mods be assimilated into the GOL mod pack. We must consider the practical applications of each mod, rather than rejecting them solely on the basis of the 'Slippery Slope' Doctrine championed by Chris. We are an Airborne unit, Airborne units conduct para-drops, we are without a means of facilitating this activity; this mod rectifies this. It is that simple, and consequently this mod adds GREATLY to the experience. It is not a silly appendage, or a minor, trite aspect of game play with which we concern ourselves here, but a core facet of the Airborne experience. I implore you, consider it.
  8. This isn't an appropriate medium through which to discuss the possible composition of an Air Corps, so I shan't attempt to rebuke that suggestion. I agree with you in some regards Oksman, but reducing the conversation to a problem of manpower abstracts from the true issues at hand.
  9. I made reference to squad based training, such as that conducted by Aron a week or so ago; I mean something as simple as disembarking is still a farce. I understand that of course with more members the system could be improved, but that could be said of the Air Corps. A fully functional Air Corps would require four individuals to operate two Hinds, and a fifth for CAS/EVAC. It is not without the issue of manpower either.
  10. In an effort to reinvigorate a debate whose importance has be belied by the lack of argumentation, I'll offer my views on the present circumstance. I thoroughly enjoyed the fist mission we partook in as a mechanized outfit, it was fast paced, engaging and there was much dakka to be had(WAAAAGH!). However, my initial favourable impression grew ever more rusted as Operation Red Hand progressed. Before I continue, in no way do I wish this to assume the form of a mission critique, but I cannot articulate my point without mentioning this. The choice to base a mechanized campaign in a liner map such as Takistan was, at best, ill advised; it did not allow free play to a key advantage of mechanized outfits, mobility, and could only degenerate into incessant town assaults, which has evidently become the foundation upon which the reactionary movement has been built. I argue that this campaign has informed the view of many, and has given them a skewed vision of what this mode of organization can achieve. It is therefore my view that we have not as of yet given this a fair shake, and I urge Chris, along with those in the council, to not yet give way to the forces of reaction, and stick it out for at least one more campaign based on another map. In addition, as has been expressed by figures such as Pregel, we've not undergone any training in this doctrine, which I'm sure you would agree is quite distinct from the days of the Air Corps . Commanders cannot extemporize complex formations or procedures under fire, there is a reason why such actions are set in stone before the lead is unleashed in anger. This, along with the map, has led to the often mindless assaults carried out upon towns, which see us dropped in the midst of a settlement without any prior briefing. It's clear that this has been regarded by the leadership as a 'second best,' otherwise we would have embarked forthwith upon a new course of training. We changed to the Mechanized division without any consultation with the clan, and without, seemingly, any semblance of understanding of how it would work. Aside from the clear test that was 'Operation Focused' to see if it was viable, no other inquires were made. At the very most they were not exhaustive enough; why else would Oksman have us testing out formations in a Tuesday Operation of his? This seeming apathy among the upper echelons has certainly not helped the image nor the execution of the Mechanized format. It is largely for this reason that there are so many flaws with the system, as presently constituted. I'm more than aware that immediate action was required to quell what had become an irresponsible and inept Air Corps without giving rise to factionalism within the clan, but more clan wide consultation would have certainly helped. To conclude then, despite the recent missions Oksman has made which display a far more regimented and controllable Air Corps , and my dream to realize the vision of jumping from an IL-76 while the PRSM-915 of our BMD-1 breaths fire beneath us; I take the side of 'waiting' as opposed to proclaiming my support for either mode of organization. I also have dreams for the present system; surging forth with a BMP-1 racing beside me, its PKMT unleashing ruinous bursts of gunfire as its Konkurs despatches an approaching Bradley.
  11. Agreed Pregel. At least one mandatory training is required with additional, optional trainings like those conducted on Tuesday in the erstwhile 29th Panzer Grenadiers. The aforementioned propelled the Rifle Squad to unparalleled heights of glory. Its the perfect exemplification of why regular training sessions are advantageous and worth the time invested. This is the primary reason for my held belief that regular monthly training sessions should be implemented, but as I see this as something of an impossibility given many peoples stance on the motion, I'll settle for the middle ground proposed above.
  12. I'm not sure if there has been a misunderstanding; what was originaly suggested, and what I support, is a one off, mandatory training for all members, much like the original training we all underwent during the transition from Iron Front to Arma 2. It would not be a regular affair. Surley all members must be drilled, at least once, in key tactics, formations, practices and procedures so that we may maintain discipline and squad cohesion. Although I form part of the lobby demanding mandatory regular trainings, once every month perhaps, I understand that this is quite contrary to the desires of others. In response to Tengu, what I believe you are referring to was not mandatory and could not even be considered a training. Many players were gathered together to test a number of new squad formations and manoeuvres with the BMP-2. None of what was discussed has been disclosed to the clan at large and nothing was set in stone.
  13. I concur wholeheartedly with this suggestion; I believe a mandatory training session must be undergone by all members, so that we may instil unit cohesion and a sense of purpose within our missions. If we cast our minds back, it quickly becomes evident that the last mandatory training session that was held featured tactics built around four man fire teams. The skills acquired then are quite divergent from that which we must employ to ensure squad cohesion and versatility within our current structure. Often, the infantry finds itself deposited in a hostile town, with no prior instruction, compelled to disembark, before coming under a torrent of gun fire. At once discipline falters. Such an environment is conducive to the frivolity that has prevailed within recent missions. I am not a saint in this department, I understand, however I believe active, clan wide steps need to be taken in order to remedy this. Although all may not be in favour of sacrificing a Saturday operation to partake in a training session - which for some is laborious and regarded as a trite formality - I argue it is an important way of ensuring the integrity of future operations, and well worth that sacrifice. I endorse this suggestion Pregel.
  14. BMP-2 Glory
  15. I hereby express my heartfelt desire to enter unto the esteemed and blessed ranks of the GOL Council.

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