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  1. I know how to fix problems like this.
  2. Refuse to play until I manage to get my hands on some sort of Track IR, I can't be using the top switch for that shit. Had to deal with that all my years playing pilot in Arma, I hate it! Also I need an Asians Guide to DCS
  3. Found the mission! Lol, waaaaay back. 2015 O_O
  4. Did it in the middle of Debrief, bad timing for respecting debrief, good timing for humour! At least my humour Also this was one of my Vietnam-styled hot LZ "we were soldiers" kind of mission! EDIT: LOL i'm talking bullshit, this is even older! I lied the ground looks way too orange
  5. Good 'ol GOL Mission Feedback discussions! Good fun! GG
  6. It works both ways, we had that in 1-1, but I boasted about the kills as a squad not individually. Took some effort to restrain people like @Goralight and @Pirate. Who always got all the kills! Still managed to do just fine in terms of tactics and following orders, good times. But that was back when Pilgrim used to shoot me for fun, things change
  7. Lol forgot about that one, also you sound asian Pilgrim, what's wrong?
  8. Is that even possible? I mean there's way to see score but if we just didn't share the scores and didn't share that secret way then we'd be good right?
  9. It's all subjective to what you feel is sensitive. Nothing is sensitive for me, that's why I say "it's my way". As I explained, never intended for him to be offended by it, as is it. It's just banter. I say what I want, when I want, that's just who I am, but now that I know he takes offense, things are simple. I just won't do it around him. It's simple, you want something stopped, you want to say something. Do it, I'll respect people who tell me that they don't wanna hear the banter. if I don't hear it, I'll do it until your ears bleed. I respect honesty, everyone as individuals needs to learn how to speak up, if you can't do that you'll be stuck in the same shitty loop in whatever life you've got. It's impossible, fucking impossible to know when I can push things for fun and when I cannot when nobody says a word about it, that's what this is for. Discussion, one on one, feedback.. learning who is sensitive who is not. Just a sidenote, I don't like pushovers, why? Because I'm not like that, I have a different instinct to follow, but that doesn't mean I'll judge a person based on that instinct. To not manage confrontation, in my opinion, is weak, but I respect and understand that all people have different personality traits, some can handle conflict naturally, some can't. That's just life, which I have learned so much about the past 3 months! @Wartomsniper So apologize for any offence, none of the things I say is personal. I'm an outwards facing person, I make myself heard and I'll joke about anything and everything because there's no boundries with me. Editing: Simple, works. Wanted more counter-attacks, perhaps some sentries around the objectives themselves? In the treelines or around the tents etc. Would have liked to see some Heavy-weapons or possibly parked vehicles in Pusta to reinforce the town a bit, making it more difficult. Execution: Slow, deliberate, just how an unknown forest mission should be. Pilgrim did good, he died too much, think he may have done this out of spite. Had enough of the banter, took a bullet to the face and delayed his own return @Skeliton Managed the banter, first time playing with me and found out quickly that I just mess around with people, even at the age of 16, he tells me I can go fuck myself for using him as a human shield. Love it! I want more Skeliton action!
  10. That's nice, seems he forced Uncle Kim to bend over, bet it was all him when it comes to Kim crossing the border and kissing some ass! Hurray. Edit: Shit his name is also Kim
  11. Chris + Dyslexia + Dates + Common sense = 21/04-18
  12. Remember when doing firedrills not to over complicate matters, A smooth transition is more important than a complex perfect procedure, it will quickly break apart when one of the team members are incapacitated. Slow is smooth, smooth is quick, but you sure as shit don't wanna take your time crossing dangerzones
  13. Who's going to argue when you got A-10s supporting tanks ? Think this is mostly just fun if you have infantry mixed in
  14. I'm missed? What the fuck is wrong with you. Hate me like everybody else, like a normal person! <3 @PARKER Operation Steel Beast, I think I made that one. It was a total failure though in terms of "survival" lost like 15 vehicles in that, and never even saw the enemy. It was shoot first or die, sadly that cancelled out all feels for tank battles.. at least playing as the Ruskies On Tanks: Problem has always been survivability based on two main factors, firstly visibility and second.. no armor values, just health. I believe that's the case at least, either that or the armor can either be penetrated or not, if it does it applies damage, if not it does nothing. Tank DLC will probably increase survivability, hopefully some working "ERA" armor will be added. Most likely modders will adjust the damage and penetration values of weapons, but I imagine the AT weapons from Vanilla will buttfuck everything. I think the most important factor is that the AI is overpowered at spotting vehicles, they pop up like a christmas tree for the AI so even if we're out of range / visibility, they can most likely hit us with weapons. I hope it changes.. nevertheless, scripts and mods will surely add "health" to allow a more forgiving gameplay. The boring part is what happens in the videos above with the Barbarossa shit, is that you die instantly, no explosion, just the respawn timer and that's it. No hit or feedback from getting hit, just a small .. "Game over respawn in.. ".

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