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  1. 3-4? Maybe? No real requirement to play a certain speed
  2. Anyone play this? Would be cool to play a large multiplayer game for the first time! Who owns this game?
  3. I've always been this guy, but I lack the motivation and mood to do it like I did back then. Yesterday I said to myself, I'mma show who the fuck I am. Happy it was noticed, looking forward to the next attempt
  4. Lol. Fun to lead, rusty as fuck. Clusterfuck comms by me, confused everyone with my leading. @SoKkada hates me, @Lt.Chris hates me, but it's okay. I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea. Points that I gathered that I need to work on: Chat Spam Bot - Talk less with more thought out sentences, effective radio communications. Use the fucking radio procedures Less mixing of the team - Obviously. I got lost on who was who. Confused everyone but mostly myself. Less Micromanage in CQB - I will always micromanage, that's my instinct. I will consider giving more broader orders when in CQB. Those were my weaknesses this mission. If you know me, you're ready for what I'm going to say. In my opinion this was a really well executed mission, small bumps on the way, some other options I could have considered but still really good. I know I had a clear intent on our approach and execution, and I tried to apply it. That's where I failed, communications on how to execute was way too clouded and micromanaged. Again to reiterate when I lead like this, I'm not trying to be an ass. Leading like I do, I gets results. People might not like it all the time to take such direct orders, but it sure as shit gets the job done! I'm not houding at the team leaders with orders and communications to be annoying, or to be a dick. It's just how I lead, I take command and I don't let things slide loosely. I'll try better next year. Sidenote: I said the leadership mindset that I have, is to talk, not shoot. This mission I managed to lead the Squad to victory, we killed at least 5 times our numbers and as a leader I didn't fire a single round that whole game. I kill with my radio, not my rifle! You carried the game, and I barely did shit. Just the way I like it! Lets ignore the fact that we had like 30 casualties let's not even discuss this! Sorry @SoKkada
  5. Right so work is kicking off, got some mexicans that suck at their job and I have to work extra. I also bought an apartment so I have to move in April which will probably take a while and will probably be hectic and energy consuming, I'll try my best to find time to play whenever. It sucks, but things are most likely better off without me and all my winning! All ze best to you all!
  6. Great, work has come up so I have to run away on my day off to cover my idiot colleagues, cheerio
  7. Wanted to check if at least 6-8 people want to play a small mission tonight at like, 20:00 UTC? An hour after usual times on Tuesday/Saturday. If I get 6 votes on yes I'll finish my little mission. Nothing too spectacular, just wanna try some shit. Nice custom kits - Check Oksman is making the mission - Check Stealing @NeKoArroW scripts because it's gud - Check Civilians - Check Tits on loading screen - Check Nothing else to add - Check
  8. Well it's kind of old, a few weeks back at least

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