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  1. very nice screen shots both of you I need to start taking them my self haha
  2. im famous in two of the picture you uploaded oksman hahah
  3. always up for beta tests
  4. I made one of those photos i'm happy, nice screenshots arron
  5. That vidoe it pays to be afk was one of my very first arma 2 mission I think
  6. You would be very surprised actually that the AI in arma 3 will hit a APC or tank with an RPG from a great range before you even have the time to react. It happened so many times in the Blucher York Mechanized missions.
  7. Well for arma 3 at least there is a mod in the works that takes away the hit point system of arma and adds a more dynamic hit box system so different damage depending on were you hit the tank or what every it way be. But for the most part I enjoy having and APC backing us up. As to beating the mission it shall never happen hehe
  8. how sis you fix i have the same problem
  9. brilliant
  10. very good mission and the best part is I've been playing it since the very first test version and its just gotten better and better thumbs up from me. Expecting another episode. In terms of the best part of the mission its gotta be the mechanized assault on the town.
  11. i would love to see the return of that map
  12. the problem is you could never get away with doing and entire mission this way nor should you.
  13. It's just possibly a much simpler form of MCC in my opinion but shows potential, and as to the tank and the lightning its probably possible but highly unlikely not to go into detail but super heating a massive metal thing like that for a split second may be just enough to set fuel ablaze and in turn lead to it blowing up but like I said very very unlikely. Like I said looks like a much easier to use MCC with the added ability to still be able to control AI once you have placed them. I do agree there is more pressing issues they face than this such as fixed wings weapons other functionality that ARMA 2 has but not 3.
  14. what are these said lines?
  15. slight update first op will take place today at 8pm GMT please post here if you can attened

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