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  1. This is an excellent mission. Gutted I can't be there.
  2. I'm currently on LOA, so it's difficult for me to play any part in this discussion right now. What I will say is that I disagree with some of the points. -You are all well aware that in my mind Advanced Medical is more of a massive, even potentially game breaking problem, rather than a benefit. This should be a last resort in case a majority of the group pushes for it. This isn't the case currently, thankfully, and I don't see that happening any time soon. @Oksman has several interesting suggestions with regards to our medical system that are far less gamebreaking but which I won't repeat here. -Increasing the number of team leaders is really pretty redundant. As far as I was aware before I left, we had an official application for 4IC by @Juan Sanchez and that really is sufficient. Besides that, we have other members like @MACKAULE and @personalvoid taking a strong, dedicated interest in leadership roles. This point is thus an absolute non-issue. We're in a good place in that regard. We don't want to go back to too many chiefs. Agreed on most other points. More editors, more pilots, campaigns, sure. But then I put to you: How are you gonna accomplish that? We had a huge attention and morale boost during the phase when disbanding was a real option. This boost is now fading fast. Things are business as usual again. And it shows: People stop giving a fuck, as evidenced by last week's training session. This is currently the greatest danger the group faces at this point. How are we going to remedy that? I really don't know, but that's what, imho, we should concern ourselves with. @R4IDER lastly I'd like to request you bring these kinds of topics up in a proper council session first instead of a forums post. Have a good one lads, have a great mission tomorrow hopefully with decent attendance, good morale and good conduct. See ya next week!
  3. FSM?
  4. Bümp
  5. You will find Neko's missions are always worth your time. I hear many people are looking for "fresh" gameplay (whatever that means to you), and this is certainly the place to go to get just that, imo.
  6. Need six more ppl to attend for proper mechanised operations
  7. Bump. Will close Sunday, 23/07/17, 19:00 BST. @Pilgrim @UnknownEngineer @joona @Dezo
  8. This. And this. hah.
  9. Bump. Survey round two needs more votes. Again: We're doing this for your benefit, so please give us some input. We need as many of us to attend trainings as possible! Edit: Abstain option added. Vote Cast -Filth -R4IDER -Goralight -unionjak -Oksman -Baron -Sokkada -Juan Sanchez -personalvoid -Thecmaster -badboy -MACKAULE -Pilgrim -joona -Dezo No Vote @UnknownEngineer Abstain -Jason - GuzzenVonLidl -Parker -Raptor
  10. @Jason I find the above vague at best. The idea of donations has been thrown around for a long time. Many suggestions have been made about what should happen with donated money. Some of them were pretty wild. Nothing was really ever decided about this. The council did not at all take part in deciding anything about the actual implementation of a donation page. I don't believe donations are a good idea. Especially when, as @R4IDER says above, we don't actually need them. In fact I think this is pandora's box, particularly when there's no transparency and no clear thought behind it. This seems to me another wild GOL idea that wasn't thought through to the end. Summing up: 1. What happens with donated money? Please be transparent and specific. 2. We don't need donations. Why do we have them now? 3. Why was this implemented without taking it to the council?
  11. Indeed. Please clarify.
  12. Survey going into the next round.
  13. Result of survey inconclusive. Locked.
  14. Please keep voting. We need some input on this. We want to enable as many of us to take part in these events as possible. Vote cast -R4IDER -Goralight -Filth -Baron -Juan -Oks -Chris -joona -MACK -uj -Pilgrim -Jason -personalvoid Abstain -Guzzen -Parker -SokKada No vote @UnknownEngineer @ThecMaster @Dezo AAC, please vote as well. We're hoping to conduct joint excercises in the near future. @Raptor
  15. Bump. This is not a conclusive result yet. We have 18 active players. Where's your votes lads?

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