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  1. Won't be an option because of this: You'd have to have DLC owners in all crew seats. Figuring this out will break any squad's organisation and consume time during missions.
  2. Quite simply because it splits the community. It splits us into those who want it, buy it, and those who don't. This is brought about by the lack of the so called platform update which came with all other DLCs before this one. Let's leave it at that, this thread is getting quite off topic. Squad: cool. Interesting. Will get it but won't have time to get into it properly.
  3. I've been watching a lot of Squad stuff recently. It keeps getting more and more interesting with all sorts of content and mechanics being added. It's definitely intriguing and I will certainly get it at some point. However, what little free time I have is already taken up completely by my GOL duties, and I don't see that changing much. Squad, just like Arma, is probably best if you play it fully organised with groups running events. And that's not gonna happen for me as long as GOL exists. Another thing that deserves pointing out is that, since Squad is purely PvP, the levels of autism and fuckaroundary are much higher than in our context here. Not sure that's something I will enjoy very much. As far as I'm concerned, there is no reason to support BI's shitty new DLC policy.
  4. No more or less than any other part of Arma, really.
  5. The Leopards have a loader crew seat, that from what I can tell is required to operate the gun efficiently. Loader has access to an MG3 on his hatch. Fancy, but not very practical for a group with low numbers. Note also that the turret crew seats put you on the roof of the tank when you dismount. The ones I really like are the wheeled APCs, called TPz (Transportpanzer). They're in use with the Bundeswehr to this day, they took them to all sorts of deployments (Balkans, Afghanistan, Mali) and keep updating them. The variant that is particulalry interesting to us is the one with an MG3 and an ATGM launcher on top. Very versatile, lots of passenger seats, many of which have the capability to turn out. Potentially you could run the thing with a three man permanent crew for fire support. Very useful for a Bluebell vehicle, for instance. Would love to work with this thing in missions but, alas...
  6. As much as I'd like this, I don't believe it's a fair approach. This statement highlights the exclusivity of the DLC. Consider also that someone who has the money may not be willing to spend it. May not be interested in the scenario. May even disagree with BI's policy decision with regards to this DLC. Just imagine for the sake of argument you'd have to pay for RHS, or CUP Maps. Would we force people to do that? We must allow active members and reservist to vote with their wallets - that is, oppose this DLC policy by not throwing money at it. Again, this DLC is exclusive. I would want to argue that GOL as a group is inclusive. We welcome blokes from all nations, all ages. Some of us are rich. Others poor. Some dedicate great amounts of time, others play (relatively) casually. Some have real life military experience, many don't. This is a melting pot of gamers with a military interest. We are far from being uniform. So far, BI has made sure that communities are not split over the addition of DLCs by introducing what they call "platform updates". GM is the first DLC to not come with a platform update. Meaning, you have to own this to even be able to see the outside textures of a vehicle for example. You have to own the map to be able to edit/play on it. Personally I strongly disagree with this change in DLC policy. In a time where we have trouble keeping our numbers stable I feel that forcing each and every member to adopt an expensive DLC, thereby supporting a questionable marketing decision on BI's part, is not a sensible action. If we seriously want to play as german forces, let's go for BW mod. It supports the inclusive nature of the GOL by being free and available to everyone.
  7. Quality is definitely decent. Equipment, uniforms, vehicles, it's all top notch. The map could provide interesting opportunities. Sadly there is no proper air field on it, and not a single air frame in the pack. But the fact that it's an exclusive DLC makes this thing pretty much dead on arrival. The Bundeswehr Mod looks back on many years of development. It has the same quality, nearly the same quantity, a greater variety of assets. Anyone can play it for free.

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