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      ARMA 3 Sync Update   07/14/2018

      ARMA 3 Mods Updated! This update restructures our mod package, previously the mods would get added to either GOLIslandsA3 or GOLAddonsA3 and this resulted in a fairly large mod folder. Before downloading this update it is recommended that you delete your current mods first because A3S doesn't always clean up the old mods. To do this you simply need to head to the location that you downloaded the mods to for example: \Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 and delete all of the folders that start with @ The benefits of the new structure include: Being able to see what mods we are/aren't running To give you the option of disabling addons that you don't want to run To have the option of adding mods that some may like to run for example: Blastcore To have the option of downloading the mods outside of the GOL Repository for example: Steam workshop or directly from armaholic To have the option of creating campaign specific mod pack presets so users can select the mod set preset and only the mods required for the campaign will be loaded - this will mean better performance. This can be set on the server side so that the preset is made available to everyone for everyone to select.

      An example of this is that we are playing as the Russians against middle-east rebels. Only the mods required for this would need to be loaded and this can be determined by a mod preset - are present there is only one mod preset which is called "ARMA 3 GOL Mod Pack". Another preset can be added called "Battle for the Falklands" for example and then only the mods for this campaign will be loaded. Obviously by only loading the mods for this campaign would mean better load times and performance.

      Keep in mind that as a mission maker that if you save your mission while all of the mods are running then some mods will added themselves as required mods in the mission.sqm meaning that if you try to load the mission again later it will fail because it believes that the required mod is missing. When making the missions only do so with the required mods - if you do mess up then there is the option of opening the mission.sqm in notepad or some other editor and removing the mods from the required mods selection. The download size can be reduced if you choose to manually move the mod files but if you don't have much experience with the mods then please just delete the existing mods and download the mods fresh. Any problems then post a message in the technical support thread and myself and others who can will be happy to help   Download size:  35.44GB


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  1. @CBA_A3 should be deleted, only @cba should be used. Seems A3S doesn't always remove folders when it should.
  2. Thank you @hoofed and @Chroma
  3. As of today, September 12th, it’s been 5 years since Arma 3 officially released out of Steam Early Access. Naturally, that calls for a celebration! A lot can happen over a period of 5 years. And, looking back, that’s certainly been the case with Arma 3. As a result of more than 70 platform updates, Arma 3 has become a very different animal compared to the original 1.0 version. There have been tons of tweaks and additions. Many of those have been so profound that now we couldn’t imagine living without, such as the 3D Scenario Editor. During its fourth anniversary, we shared a retrospective[arma3.com] that charted our adventure until then, and earlier this year we posted an infographic[arma3.com] with some of Arma 3's achievements and most impressive stats. For today’s milestone, we’ve prepared a timeline video that covers each of our key release milestones thus far. Click on the play button below for a quick trip down memory lane! https://youtu.be/CjL3_H1BqWw But that’s not all. Since Arma 3 has played such a major role in many of our lives these past five years, we wanted to create some unique physical memorabilia. Starting today, the Bohemia Store offers a limited number of 5 Years of Arma 3 Collector’s Packs[store.bistudio.com]. These are composed of true collector’s items: a hoodie, a soldier's salute laser crystal, and a printed map of Altis & Stratis. Additionally, we have a special t-shirt on sale. Find out more at https://store.bistudio.com/category/arma3-anniversary and place your order while stock lasts. [store.bistudio.com] For those who have not yet enlisted for Arma 3 or have yet to pick up some of the DLC packs, we’re also hosting a special anniversary sale. You can get the Arma 3 base game and many of its DLC, including the Arma 3 Apex expansion, at up to 66% off. Reaping the benefits from 5+ years of post-release development, and with new content and updates still on the way, now is as good a time as any to jump into one of PC’s must-have military games. https://store.steampowered.com/app/107410/Arma_3/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/395180/Arma_3_Apex/ Finally, we know that as the game has evolved, most of everyone’s personal lives evolved, too. Since 2013, you might have finished your studies or started a new job. You may have moved to a new place and made some new friends. Perhaps you even got married and/or had kids. Or you've experienced some other defining life events. It makes it extra amazing to realize that, throughout all this, Arma 3 has remained such a bustling platform with one of the most loyal communities in gaming. You’re the absolute best of the best. Thank you for these 5 splendid years of Arma <3. Here’s to many more!View the full article
  4. Thanks @SoKkada Donation: £5 Received Two donations for £10 from someone called Tom and another for £5 for someone called Alex, I have not been able to work out who the donations are from so if this was you please let me know. Donation tracker has been updated - I have had to only pay 13% of the server costs so far in this window so thanks to everyone who's donated.
  5. FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users INFO: Gamescom Recap, Diagnostics PRECEDENCE: Flash [dev.arma3.com] SITUATION Our gamescom task force has recovered and we're now processing all the feedback our developers have received from visitors. Besides that, we have an important Armaversary coming up tomorrow, and we've prepared a few fun things in celebration. Stay tuned! Full SITREP[dev.arma3.com]View the full article
  6. ARMA 3 Mods Updated! ACE Updated Achilles Updated Diwako's ACE Ragdolling Updated RHS US and Russian Packs Updated Download size: 1.45GB
  7. FROM: BattlEye[www.battleye.com] TO: Arma 3 Users UNIT: Main Branch ACTIVITY: Anti-Cheat Update SIZE: ~6.5 MBView the full article
  8. FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users INFO: Gamescom 2018, Community Spotlight PRECEDENCE: Flash [dev.arma3.com] SITUATION This week is all about the gamescom[www.gamescom.global] conference for Bohemia Interactive. While a fine selection of our staff is already in Cologne and welcoming people to the Bohemia Booth, let's take a look at the news from the Arma community! Full SITREP[dev.arma3.com]View the full article
  9. Thanks @unionjak Donation: £5 I have added a donation progress tracker to the website, what this shows is the total donations required to cover the server costs over 3 months which is how often I renew the server for. Right now we have 83% of the £270 required so thanks a lot to those who have donated. If the goal is exceeded then the amount that the donations exceeded the £270 by will be carried over to following next 3 months. The donation tracker will also show who has donated and how much, if for any reason you don't want this information to be displayed just let me know and I will remove you from the list.
  10. ARMA 3 Mods Updated! CBA Updated Achilles Updated Download size: 6.42MB Note: Ensure that the "@CBA_A3" directory has been deleted - The CBA team have updated their mod to just be called @cba
  11. FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users INFO: Encore Update, Updated Tools & Experimental Ports PRECEDENCE: Flash [dev.arma3.com] SITUATION Last Wednesday was another big one for us and our community thanks to the release of Arma 3's 81st platform update, also known as the Encore Update or Update 1.84[dev.arma3.com]. Since its release we've been collecting your feedback - and we'll try to respond to potential issues as quickly as possible. Full SITREP[dev.arma3.com]View the full article
  12. I have no idea but somehow Guests were given permission to reply to topics :S Thanks @GuzzenVonLidl Donation: £100
  13. Arma 3 Encore Update now live Destroyer ship "USS Liberty", SAM systems, radar sites, and more The Encore Update is ready for boarding! Download the latest Arma 3 platform update (1.84) on Steam, and enjoy free new bonus content such as the "USS Liberty" destroyer ship, SAM systems, radar sites, anti-radiation missiles, small diameter bombs, plus various other additions and improvements. https://youtu.be/QBYuJYjCEC0 The highlights of the Encore Update include: "USS Liberty" Destroyer Ship - The NATO carrier strike group has a new addition; a destroyer-class ship with detailed interiors and new naval fire-support options. It's also capable of launching/recovering small naval vessels and helicopters. The USS Liberty is a static object that can be placed and moved around the map via the in-game Scenario Editor. "MIM-145 Defender" SAM System & "AN/MPQ-105" Radar System - A stationary missile system used by NATO forces that presents a beyond-visual-range threat to even the most modern of aircraft. It can make use of the Data Link connection via the AN/MPQ-106 radar system. "S-750 Rhea" SAM System & "R-750 Cronus" Radar System - The CSAT faction's variant of a stationary long-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) system capable of engaging aerial targets from beyond-visual-range. It works in tandem with the R-750 Cronus radar system connected via the Data Link. Anti-Radiation Missiles & Small Diameter Guided Bomb - Both NATO and CSAT receive new anti-radiation missiles, which are designed to auto-lock on ground targets that have their active radar sensor switched on. NATO fighter jets can also be equipped with new, relatively small, air-to-surface precision-guided bombs. The new bonus assets were created by third-party developer BRAVO ZERO ONE Studios to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Arma 3 Jets DLC. They are designed to provide even more opportunities for diverse and immersive military operations, while introducing more balanced options for ground-to-air combat and vice versa. Besides the new sandbox content, version 1.84 also implements various adjustments to all of the official Arma 3 scenarios and campaigns released so far. These improvements are aimed at making sure that even the older playable content makes optimal use of the assets and gameplay features that were introduced to the game over the past few years. The full update changelog is available for inspection on the Arma 3 Dev Hub[dev.arma3.com]. See you in-game!View the full article
  14. FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users UNIT: Main Branch (Windows) ACTIVITY: Game Update 1.84 (Encore Update, Free Jets DLC Bonus Content, Fixes and Improvements) SIZE: ~3.0 GB / ~504 MB (depends on Apex ownership) More in the full changelog and SPOTREP[dev.arma3.com]View the full article
  15. Devastator #1 GuzzenVonLidl #2

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