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  1. Right its very clear despite this being already stated that there are other factors to the mission design which can effect diffuculty and this not being a decision poll and mearly attempting to gather some basic data a few people have gone full attack on it. im going to lock the post but its very disapointing to see those few fly off the handle when this was just some innocent intentions to see what members generally like when to comes to the gaming experience.
  2. because its related to the "difficulty" and care to share your ideas of additional vote choices? plus this isn't a decision poll so contributing to the data instead of "abstaining" would be more productive
  3. This one has hovered lately in my mind so figured Id ask everyone at once and gather some info while I'm at it , now we all know this will always have a factor in terms of how well the mission was made/the style of the mission maker etc so just run with what you generally think of the missions we play. I've done this because I know threre is the people which want a more "realistic experience" when it comes to enemy deployments such as fewer enemies but in more concentrated places and they fight really well and are unforgiving to the player which forces us to be far more careful with how we play. There's also the other way where the enemy is more forgiving but to make up for the easier challenge we fight 5000000 of them I've put out a poll with the options I can think of when it comes to the possible main changes we can do, this is not a decision poll just an attempt to gather data on the clans overall feelings on this
  4. Sorry guys im going to have to annoingly push this back next friday insted Soery again
  5. thats 2 , How about @PARKERand @Filth? if yes from both then all i need is 1 more to get a full 5 man team for best results
  6. right how about on the time of AACs training on friday gents?
  7. @unionjak @Filth@PARKER@SoKkada@Jason how about at before/after aac training tonight?
  8. Cool just need 3 more then.
  9. I am in need of 5 volunteers to do some videos to help bring our reference manual to life I will need you to do things for me while i video you doing them, its not going to be fun but it will be for a good cause and to make our stuff look better so if you are willing to do this post here and we will sort a time for all of us to hop on and get the videoing done providing all goes well id say it will take about 30 mins
  10. As always in this point in december we are announcing that the saturday op on the 23rd is cancelled. Enjoy christmas everyone
  11. "Watch out for that stratnall" meant to say shrapnel R4IDER - 21/10/17
  12. Didn't think that AAC used drones, guessed that attitude has changed then. i have to give you cluster bombs though, i do like loads of explosives
  13. nothing of much use to us i dont think , except maybe defending some aid workers
  14. apologies, joined
  15. Its WIP i think, more will be added

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We enjoy playing ArmA3 in a tactical and professional way and ensuring at the same time a high level of fun is kept within the game. We use tactics and procedures from various armies and modify them to suit our own needs. This allows us to operate in the ArmA 3 platform effectively.

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