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  1. changed, small error
  2. OPERATION ORDER MAP: Chenarus DATE: 21/04/2018 Operation Name: Harvest Red Terrain: Urban city, forests, hills Weather: Clear Sies Forecast: Clear Starting Time: 1900 Starting Position: South Airfield =============================================================================== Situation: USMC forces have been able to prevent the total destruction of the CDF and now established a foothold and also moved their base of operations to the newly captured airfield from where AAC will now operate its assets from. Now the CDF have asked for the US forces to assist in their advance north to take the nearby villages up in the hills to ensure that we do not get attacked by artillery/mortars. Our job is to make sure the CDF can complete their new objective, see below for details ============================================================================== Briefing: We have identified 2 locations from where we think the chadaki have taken up ambush positions in order to intercept the CDF which will be on their way to Kozlovka to re-take the town. US forces must go as soon as possible to the 2 ambush locations and clear them of any threat before the CDF move though them. We cannot wait for long as the CDF commander of the troops appears to be impatient so move as soon as you are ready. Once the CDF have moved though the area they will begin their assault which then the AAC will step in to help the CDF in anyway they can in order to take the town back, we bealive the forces there will have tanks/apcs so these should be priority targets. The ground forces also must take out the AAA position to allow the AAC to fly freely to provide maximum support otherwise things will get very hard. Once this is done we can then move to help the CDF take control of our final objective Zelenogorsk. =============================================================================== Infantry Task Force: Task 1: Move from the airfield to clear the 2 ambush points before CDF pass though Task 2: Take out the AAA at the AAA site Task 3: Secure the town of Zelenogorsk USMC AAC: Task 1: Support the CDF assault on the town of Kozlovka Task 2: Avoid the AAA site till the ground forces destroy it Task 3: Support the platoon as requested and be wary of any air based attacks which the chadaki may respond with ===============================================================================
  3. LOA cancelled will be attending
  4. If 20 guys spread across 3 strong-points is "confusing" then I don't know what to say, all the failures were down how the objectives were approached and handled. No blame though because we have new people handling the roles. In fact a direct assault was the safest and best way to approach these objectives but it seems too much time was wasted on massive flanking movements and moving towards the un-beatable enemy forces which i directly warned about at the briefing and during the mission. Sadly we didn't get any further which is a shame and I'm hoping for a replay as a result
  5. When you are leaving: 13/04/18 When you are coming back: 16/04/18 Airsoft Milsim
  6. "I seem to be running out of blood" - Sokada
  7. done
  8. Next Campaign start (operation Harvest Red) which will fill in the break of Battle of the Falklands has been confirmed to begin this week, vote away gents
  9. updated with mission
  10. big question is if a team was to do it is - what kind of land do you want to make? eg: chenerus V2, some sort of forest map/desert etc
  11. If we are playing I wanna play as the nazis Edit: perhaps maybe 2 players on a same faction? could be fun
  12. @Filth allow me to help providing a mission which will compliment a CQB training nicely Mission - Desert Assault on shapur
  13. me loved the mission - defo one to be saved for future replys, especially the town fighting
  14. Work night out
  15. OPERATION ORDER MAP: Chenarus DATE: 31/3/18 Operation Name: Harvest Red Terrain: Urban city, forests, hills Weather: Clear Skies Forecast: Clear Starting Time: 19:00 Starting Position: USS Freedom =============================================================================== Situation: Chernus which is home to aprox 3 million chena Russians and eight hundred thousand ethnic Russian settlers, both of these ethnic groups have their own culture and languages. As time has progressed sections the Russian minority have become more and more radical which as caused small attacks on chernarussian homes/businesses etc. These attacks were responded to with the use of deadly force by the local police which killed and arrested many of the Russian rioters and protesters which assembled in the chernarussian capital. This incident led to the formation of the chernarussian Movement of the red star (also known as the chadaki). While to begin with they were a underground movement they are now a conventional force equipped with gear which they have sized from chernarussian government forces or purchased from arms dealers, this has given them enough power to start a coup against the government. While this has been happening the citizens of Chernarus have been suffering from attack after attack which has poised the government to take measures against the chadaki and launch a counter insurgency into the north of the country where chadaki support is vast and strong. Russia however has been warning however that it does not like the actions of government forces and has urged restraint against them. Its now been 2 years since the counter insurgency war has began and the government troops have been forced back to the far south of the country and is begging for international support to assist at its time of such desperate need. The UN has approved a USMC task force to come and help the chernarussian government to take back control and restore order. We have much work ahead of us standby for your orders ============================================================================== Briefing: We must first make a landing and establish a foothold in the country and take pressure off the remaining government forces which have been boxed into a corner in the southwest. We sent in a special forces team in the night before to recon and disable key enemy positions but have lost all communication since and we believe they have been captured. Spotters have identified 3 possible locations which the special forces team could be held captive at, its important that this team is recovered. We also need to secure a command post holding important documents in and also secure the nearby airfield for all future missions. =============================================================================== Infantry Task Force: Task 1: Land at the designated landing zone and defeat all armed resistance you encounter within the city of chernogorsk Task 2: Locate and secure team razor Task 3: Secure the command post intact Task 4: Secure the nearby airfield USMC AAC: Task 1: Destroy any fleeing chadaki forces moving north out of chernogorsk Task 2: Destroy any concealed armor in the chernogorsk hills Task 3: Support the platoon as requested =============================================================================== AAC Assets 4x UH1Y FFAR 2x Harrier II 1 x Repair truck 1x Fuel Truck 1x Ammo Truck

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