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  1. "Watch out for that stratnall" meant to say shrapnel R4IDER - 21/10/17
  2. Didn't think that AAC used drones, guessed that attitude has changed then. i have to give you cluster bombs though, i do like loads of explosives
  3. nothing of much use to us i dont think , except maybe defending some aid workers
  4. apologies, joined
  5. Its WIP i think, more will be added
  6. People have heard me go on about the old days of GOL in ofp etc but never seen anything from that time. Well last night i bumped into one of my old comrades from the very early days of GOL and he happened to have some pictures of things from that time so after going though them Ill put up the stuff which might be of some interest to members here First things first the original clan logos and the branches of the group at the time The official clan logo The "HQ" element The GOL air force The main inf annnnd yes we did have it GOLs first ever training when we decided to become "tactical" Heres a fuck up in a mission 15 seconds in and heres a GOL parody of the VCB clans banner This was an island "terrrain" being made for GOL which sadly didnt get finished but we saw some early versions aaaaand a wtf picture made by a strange member we had once wanting to turn gol into a nazi clan and one of our members broke all ping records
  7. You tested to find out?
  8. Must be living under a rock but whats argo?
  9. @Jason I cant see it lol
  10. I had this idea in the past back in arma2 however the idea got shut down due it the thought it would put loads of downtime on missions when you are spending loads of time bodybag the dead players and loading then up on a chopper to be extracted. The other problem would be team wipes and there being no one to extract the dead , what do we do then?
  11. moved for clan vote
  12. Hello all, based off the discussion of the latest council meeting we decided in this topic we would put it to all the clan since it will be something your harddrives/ssds will endure That topic in question is the popular high quality mod of RHS - link below Have we not had this mod before? Yes we have however we replaced it with something of lower quality but with a wider range of different units/vehicles etc which is currently in our pack which is the CUP addons which hopefully by now all will be familiar with . So why are we asking you? We are asking because if we were to approve this it will have a significant amount of extra data to the mod pack which we know to some (or many) might be something they would be unhappy with so we are resulting to a clan poll to determine the mood to this Are there any pros to this mod itself? It provides extremely high quality Russians and American soldiers, guns, vehicles certainly a nice thing to bestow your eyeballs upon, see the video in the armaholic link to see for yourself if you do not wish to download them to have a look. If the clan votes no? Then we wont add it and we will go on as normal
  13. Assuming it will replace the standard arma3.exe it should happen automatically when the update is released in the public version of arma
  14. this looks like it will add some extra things to consider with kits so that should be interesting
  15. we will do what we can do guzzen

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We enjoy playing ArmA3 in a tactical and professional way and ensuring at the same time a high level of fun is kept within the game. We use tactics and procedures from various armies and modify them to suit our own needs. This allows us to operate in the ArmA 3 platform effectively.

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