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  1. Didn't think that AAC used drones, guessed that attitude has changed then. i have to give you cluster bombs though, i do like loads of explosives
  2. nothing of much use to us i dont think , except maybe defending some aid workers
  3. apologies, joined
  4. Its WIP i think, more will be added
  5. People have heard me go on about the old days of GOL in ofp etc but never seen anything from that time. Well last night i bumped into one of my old comrades from the very early days of GOL and he happened to have some pictures of things from that time so after going though them Ill put up the stuff which might be of some interest to members here First things first the original clan logos and the branches of the group at the time The official clan logo The "HQ" element The GOL air force The main inf annnnd yes we did have it GOLs first ever training when we decided to become "tactical" Heres a fuck up in a mission 15 seconds in and heres a GOL parody of the VCB clans banner This was an island "terrrain" being made for GOL which sadly didnt get finished but we saw some early versions aaaaand a wtf picture made by a strange member we had once wanting to turn gol into a nazi clan and one of our members broke all ping records
  6. You tested to find out?
  7. Must be living under a rock but whats argo?
  8. @Jason I cant see it lol
  9. For those who remember the old game World in Conflict and always wanted to be able to play its online multiplayer I have good news for you Its been restored! all you have to do is download and simply extract and overwrite the 3 files with the ones in the above download in the main World in conflict directory and it will work , enjoy Note: the game is no longer purchasable from the steam store so you didn't buy it at the time when it was on steam there will soon be a free download and cdkeys made available if you want to still give it a try
  10. Airsoft 14/05/17 - featuring cheaters
  11. oh jeaus hahaha, now r4ider is going to take this out on me for putting up that video , I see it coming
  12. annnnd video uploaded
  13. That's bandages used for "reviving" dead teammates on the day
  14. phoenix airsoft 01-05-17 And a video for @Goralight to enjoy

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We enjoy playing ArmA3 in a tactical and professional way and ensuring at the same time a high level of fun is kept within the game. We use tactics and procedures from various armies and modify them to suit our own needs. This allows us to operate in the ArmA 3 platform effectively.

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