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  1. Question is why the hell wont this go into a normal video when I post a link like it usually does? Some kind of sorcery at work.... I think
  2. As the title suggests, I have gone and done something seen by many as... odd. I just spent £400 on a couple of new bits for the PC to enjoy my Arma 3 some more New processor i7 4970k (upgrade from 3770k) and also the ASUS Sabertooth z97 mark 2 (from P8z77v-pro) Downloading and benchmarking to commence soon.... hopefully will be ready by Saturday my internet is bad but not that bad... Pics and stuff also to come.
  3. First Name: Gary Age: 25 Country: UK Gamename: IAmTheGaz Steam Name: As above Have you read the recruit information and requirements?: During my previous time with GOL yes Do you have previous experiences with OFP/Arma1/Arma2/Arma3?: I have indeed What are you looking for in our unit? exactly what you guys offered last time What can you contribute with to the unit? my videos... and my weekends Where did you hear about the unit? (Media, Website, Member etc.): Memory! Can you attend any of the following Weekly Exercises? Yup Yup (Tuesdays 19.00 GMT, Sundays 19.00 GMT) I prefer to Exercise on (Day): Sundays Do you have a preferable role?: Just give me a gun & med supplies and point me at the wounded! Additional Information: Hope you don't mind me showing my face around here again Would like to return to my old unit of 1-2 if poss as i have good memories there and by the looks of it all the brothers in arms are still around!
  4. Hello Lads I have been having some thoughts over the past few weeks about trying to sort out my career to get to take it to the next level so to speak. As some of you may not be aware I work odd hours due to my role and it does take a lot out of me. I think this has built up and put me in a position where I am now, I don't get much time to relax and go and see friends due to commitments not only to work, but the clan itself. I want to be able to give it my all but fell that I can right now, work is a priority to me. As soon as this is all in shape and I am happy with the situation in my personal life I will return It has been a real pleasure playing with everyone in GOL and I really mean it when I say GOL has been the best Arma clan that I have been a part of (even better than my own one which I ran). We have had some pretty funny moments like super satchel charges, the happy birthday video!, prop hunt, TTT, PC talks with "The Lord Engineer" during ops ... I could go on. I will return when the time is right as long as you all would let me. You can catch my on YouTube/ Facebook/ Steam etc if you want to stay in touch and chill out sometime Airsoft vids will carry on as usual Chow for now! PFC IAmTheGaz Signing off (for now)
  5. http://youtu.be/QH8mqdKxpvs
  6. Link Removed My current version of Sony Vegas pro 10. Your welcome Tip: Disable your internet when installing and only install the 32 bit option (it works fine for me on a 64 bit os) If you have any other problems then message me Chow!
  7. Is the "Red Orchestra 2 - Heroes of Stalingrad" the game which you are referring to as that is what the link you posted directs you to if so I'll download it when I am home in about 30 minutes
  8. Annoying as hell, the video wont display below! http://youtu.be/PEcbcyUOaU0
  9. Unfortunately not mate, working until pretty late. may be back mid way through or towards the end. We need more missions on N'ziwasogo on Arma 3 that map looks beautiful!

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