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  1. Operation Escaping Zargabad
  2. So your saying place a AAA, and choose whatever datalink options in the radar or? No sync required? Anyone know what the crack is? Would these be something AAC could handle? Any issues etc?
  3. If enough people are interested and playing regularly i’ll give it a go though to me it just feels a bit battlefieldy...much prefer ARMA
  4. I seem to remember @Jason showing me how to set up a AAA system which required the launchers to be linked to separate radar equipment. (During Tet campaign) is this an unsung thing or Vanilla? If this is still a thing a short vid or explanation on how to do that would also be useful.
  5. Great idea, will watch this later, but yeah this is sorely needed as all the editors atm are infantry.
  6. PCs note the larger sizes have better read/write speeds
  7. PCs

    Nice advice above from @hoofed especially about checking your PSU is up to the task for whatever you choose. Ryzen is the way to go for an upgrade, bang for buck is way better than Intel and that's what I'd go for if i was building right now and I've always been a Intel fanboy......ALWAYS!. IF you were to go down the AMD route, then I'd have to disagree with the below which is based on Intel chips only supporting a max of 16 PCIE lanes, add a PCIE3.0x16 GFX card and an x4PCIE lane M.2 to an 8700k/9700k Intel setup and the CPU will force the GFX to run at x8 instead of x16. (x8x4x4=16) However the CPU hoofed has suggested above the 2700x supports 20 PCIEx3.0 lanes, x16 dedicated to the GFX and x4 for M.2 allowing the GFX to run at its full potential with an M.2 (x16x4=20). Unless however @hoofed is aware of some other issue related to the Ryzen CPU and using its max pcie lanes? The benefits of M.2's are, approx 3000MB/s on the M.2 (not in all circumstances but where its important) compared to 500MB/s on the SSD max read/write speeds, smaller and no cabling however more expensive. I'd agree an SSD is perfectly suitable for gaming on, however put your OS on a M.2 and separate your steam game installs onto a SSD and you will see the benefits on OS performance. Also regarding the RAM hoofeds suggesting, the corsair vengeance, absolutely agree, from experience i always buy slim memory as long as I'm happy with the specs purely for ease of install also the corsair vengeance stuff has some of the fastest memory latency wise, i.e. how fast the RAM responds on request, look for "CL" in the RAM specs.
  8. PCs

    8700k hyperthreading (10 / 15% performance boost), 6 cores, hot ish, cheaper 9700k no hyperthreading, 8 cores (33% more than 8600k) cooler, more £ try and get a mobo with dual m.2 slots u.2 is the new connection to look for but atm i think thats high end only.

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