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  1. Very cool Jas, awesome to see some other roles in GOL being recorded/broadcast, would recommend tagging it FAC / Forward Air Controller in the title, its a pretty unique role and not seen much in ARMA i shouldnt imagine, should attract more attention that way.
  2. Clearly based on our kills in the last op Pilg we suck when that obviously isnt the case....:(
  3. I dont think theres anything wrong with a bit of team v team competition like when we had 1-1 and 1-2 and dont believe anyone was focussing on kills while in the actual op but i also see @Pilgrims point so won’t post the scoreboard in the opords any more.
  4. Morning Editing Apart from the requirement to restart the op and the frames being a tad low last night all seemed to work well. Terrain and objective selection where both good and made it an enjoyable op to move through. I thought there could have been a bit more "Nice touch's" added for immersion and also the AI appeared very skilled. I, like Pilgrim, experienced some extremely accurate long distance shots on a couple of occasions but I'm fine with that, i should keep my noggin out of site more. Many thanks to @Lt.Chris for the campaign so far... Execution Execution wise I thought 1-1 was a different beast last night, Filth as always played his part of 1-A very well, comms overall where frequent and detailed and from what I could see adapted & planned out on a live battlefield, the use of AAC as an FAC seems to be a great choice as @Filth mentioned he reaped the benefits and therefore so did we. We had plenty of time to practice our squad formations in last nights session and on multiple occasions was 1-1 able to press and flank enemy positions with minimal disruption to the flow of the game. This sort of thing makes a massive difference to the overall flow of the op and makes it more enjoyable in my opinion. Alpha @NeKoArroW@Joe Malley (2ic) @Ironhide @Evilcommand did well, we did run into a few issues that i take responsibility for, namely 2 partial and 1 full team wipe at OBJ 1 & 2, the first was crossing the open ground with Bravo, Charlie in overwatch, Alpha had only just moved out when they came under fire uphill on our flank and I was ordered to continue contrary to my senses saying run and hide we continued, we lost 3 guys in that move. The 2nd was again a flanking team putting down accurate HE rounds direct on our position (probably could have avoided some casualties if we had kept our spacing discipline and the 3rd was a full wipe getting stuck behind cover but in the crossfire of two flanking enemy teams, again very accurate HE rounds. Individual performance was a mixed bag. @NeKoArroW showed his experience and helped out @Ironhide with the formations, technical issues and overall guidance, many thanks! Ironhide himself was doing a great job and listening to what I was asking and doing it if possible, great, however you were still very difficult to hear so please take a look at your mic set up and try to improve it if possible as it'll make everything a lot easier for us all. @Joe Malley (top scoring AR from last night i believe ) did a good job, i placed him as 2ic as he showed interest in leading on Thursday so any feedback from 1-A would be appreciated from my perspective he did really well, just keep your one ear unblocked for actuals orders and make sure to call in contacts and casualties asap. @Evilcommand once he got into it did ok, as AG he was attentive and kept us in peak condition however as AR's eyes not that great, nothing major just remember that your the medic and a spotter/ammo carrier for your AR, also keep formation and put your binos away when we're travelling, other than that chatter was definately reduced and that is very much appreciated @Evilcommand. AAC was flying high last night with 5 attending (a first since ive been here) which is great to see, whatever they were doing seemed to be done well, I didn't see any T72's so they must of been on the ball 8/10 GG and such a great turn out
  5. Just heard off Kim and the latest is he’s being discharged to reserve force on the 28th May.... fingers crossed he’ll be able to join us shortly after for much ARMA fun but not yet confirmed. happy days
  6. Afternoon, Training From a training perspective I was disappointed that I'd managed to misinterpret the current SOP for the travelling formation, I put a fair bit of time into getting the material prepped so would have liked to have nailed it first time. However I'm partly learning these on the job as it were so it's to be expected and while @Filth as usual blames himself (donut) this is all part of the parcel, we learn as we go and these sessions while based on set SOP's should be challenged constructively. I would like to ask everyone to take what I personally bring to the training table with a pinch of salt, I find it very challenging to structure and deliver the sessions in a way that'll be useful but not boring, I also like to know what I'm talking about before I try to teach others and this is causing my learning curve to rise sharply at present so bare with me I'm not the brightest spark as it is Overall I think the session and format worked well, I liked that Filth and @R4IDER were willing to provide "per team" support especially as we had 3 teams (great turn out) it allowed us to micro manage each team at the same time which I think will be very useful in future session. I think it worked better than the rotation format that I did last time, any feedback would be appreciated. I'm not sure what everyone thought of having diagrams in game, the pre training work was increased, hopefully the team icons thread will help with this but I think it helped a little with concentration more than anything, interested to know what everyone thinks? Mission I enjoyed the op (apart from the shore line troops that is ) As Filth again quite rightly mentions the terrain was interesting and fun to move through, contacts were well placed in fortified positions or patrols moving in and out of our site some quite difficult to catch, not as easy as I was expecting so pleasantly suprised. Thanks @Lt.Chris for the op enjoyed it. @Filth is a top gun squad leader and showed us how its meant to be done! I enjoyed working with @Wazowski for the first time with him as team leader, and so much interest in Team Leading overall is great to hear! Waz was tactically on the ball, using terrain well and making sensible approaches on targets, he tends to lead from the front which isn't a bad thing just a bit dangerous, his comms were good, a tad slow at times of activity but local comms to his FT was good at all times. informative and as short as possible is what we need. I think Charlie suffered a little due to @Lt.Chris "managing" the op while playing and having a new recruit with us but we managed, Ironhide made some good contact reports and took out a couple of snidely placed units near the first compound. Your comms are quite difficult to hear so I would recommend trying to improve that as if we can't hear you we can't help, this should be covered in your recruitment interview, also please stick with the team at all times. Thanks all GG..
  7. Training Notes - Movement GOL Training May 2018.docx?dl=0
  8. Role call @R4IDER@Lt.Chris@unionjak@SoKkada@GuzzenVonLidl@Oksman@Luke@UnknownEngineer@madmatt@ThecMaster@Devastator@Joe Malley@Evilcommand@Skeliton@Wazowski@Wartomsniper@Thunda@elyas007@Echo
  9. The Royal Navy's field gun competition is a contest between teams from various Royal Navy commands, in which teams of sailors compete to transport a field gun and its equipment over and through a series of obstacles in the shortest time. The competition evolved during the early years of the 20th century. The "Command" format, negotiating walls and a chasm, was held annually at the Royal Tournament in London from 1907 until 1999 The Royal Navy Field Gun competition was contested by teams from the Royal Naval commands of Portsmouth, Devonport and the Fleet Air Arm (although teams from Chatham and the Royal Marines have also competed). At each performance of the Royal Tournament, two crews competed to transport a 12 pounder field gun and limber over a series of obstacles. From the start line in front of the Royal Box, the crews pulled the guns and limbers to the end of the arena where they turned and carried themselves and the equipment over a 5-foot (1.5 m) wall. The guns and limbers were then dismantled and carried to the top of a ramp on the "home side" of a 28-foot (8.5 m) "chasm". The crew set up a wire and traveller so all 18 members of the crew and their equipment could cross the chasm. The team and equipment then passed through a hole in the "enemy wall" at the end of the arena. Each crew then fired three rounds to end the "Run Out". The average time for the "Run Out" was 85 seconds. The second part of the competition (the "Run Back") involved the crews taking all their equipment back over the 5-foot (1.5 m) enemy wall and then back across the chasm. Once all the crew and equipment were back on the home side of the chasm, the wire and traveller were dismantled and three more rounds were fired in a rear guard action. The average time for the "Run Back" was 60 seconds. In the final stage, the "Run Home", men, guns and limbers passed back through the hole in the home wall and then the teams "hook up and pull for home". The clock was stopped as the teams crossed back over the start line. The average time for the "Run Home" was 21 seconds.
  10. Has GOL finally met its match? does Filthy really think “Alpha behaved admirably”? What really happened with Pilgrims blue on blue incident....find out next week in....The Stanley Family (im kinda happy that we have a nemesis op)
  11. Much appreciated
  12. Removed cheers for the heads up @Chroma
  13. Training Subject: Travelling Overwatch / Bounding Overwatch / Peeling LIVE FIRE EXERCISE Preparatory Reading (Optional) Mission TBA by @Lt.Chris

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