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  1. I’ll have to adjust im a slow burner
  2. Good evening gentleman So i thought i’d make an official post about this as we have a fair few recruits at present and I thought it’d be a good time to offer some assistance and hopefully help a few of you have a smoother introduction to the clan as well as get to know you all. Not mandatory or anything and I can’t promise to be able to answer everything (I’m not that experienced myself) but if you have questions or just feel like attending then come along, suggested subjects include; Squad structure Fireteams/Buddy teams Formations Key Bindings GOL specific functions Radio set up Comms Medical procedures Ace Editing Paradrops CQB AT If you have any questions that you want answered but can’t make it then post them here and the let hive mind of the clan answer it for you! Chrs CPL Parker
  3. Yep i play it What speed does everyone play on?
  4. Battle for the Falklands WK3 - Bravo TL
  5. Good Morning Editing Ok I'll start with a few bummers....obviously dark! way to dark unfortunately, we had a few large lags spikes, kit issues and the issue half way through which required the restart so not the greatest which is a real shame as this op looked to be another cracker. However on a plus note @R4IDER AAC and all the teams seemed to have their head down...all fun and games on the way in but as soon as we took the first shots and realised we were gonna struggle shit got real! loved that! IF this was intentional then fair play it certainly added its own logistical problems (which fits with the history) I really enjoyed the flare use tbh once I'd remembered that I had them and boy did we need them. Special thanks to @R4IDER for the campaign so far, sticking with last night and not losing his shit mid game! Execution Unfortunately due to the above everything went way slower than expected and we weren't able to even clear the first town, we had contacts creeping up on us all over the place and failed to be able to set up good perimeters. I think we did ok up until we got to the hill in front of Douglas but then we got to spread out and would have struggled to support even in the light due to the distances. Once we got into Douglas full on urban combat, which from "The siege of Kavala" and many other examples is hard! again in the light would be difficult enough but at night wow! don't get me wrong bloody fun trying! From Bravo's perspective, @Chroma@Evilcommand@Joe Malley did well, moral was high and we kept at it, we had a good firing position over Douglas and made a good attempt to cover our approach, contacts were hard to see, fleeting in and out of buildings and very difficult to pin down to any one location. Comms in team was good, helpful and focused not sure about my comms to be fair and I personally got T4'd way to much but what I did do with Charlie and Alpha was good fun, all TL's working together to keep each other in check formation wise and keep ourselves protected, really good to see this, its a testament to everyone playing, I'm sure a whole lot of regular ARMA players would have walked away after the first KIA or they'd gotten lost or realised there's no super clear night optics. Personal highlight, the assault on Sapper Hill & getting into Douglas, talking in Giant in with re-supplies. Kudos goes to @hoofedfor also not losing his shit with tech issues, making some zero visibility HLS's and essentially being our lifeline. GG All really enjoyed it though incredibly hard, thanks for the test! PARKER p.s. please link me if you have any footage from last nights op
  6. Leaving: 19/03/18 Returning: 23/03/18 Reason: Working days till 7PM
  7. How do... Training I personally found the vehicle stuff very useful, theory and practical, ARMA has such an array of vehicle assets and while all are set up pretty much the same (i.e. keys) they all have their advantages/weaknesses/quirks and I've never really done much with IFV's hell I didn't even know what IFV stood for before last nights training so it goes to show that everyone has something to learn. I agree that the exercise could have "gone better" from the point of view that everyone probably experienced something slightly different but a unified experience would be incredibly difficult to achieve, this is ARMA after all, surely that was also the point though, a live fire experience to see how people did and address issues found, all new subjects need to start like this (thanks to this I now have my zoom out button configured correctly). I particularly enjoyed the scenario it allowed us to try our hand at a multi-vehicle defense something I've only personally seen a few times in my near 3 years with the clan, a pretty niche but bloody fun subject and boy would i like to do more. My suggestions - I think we should run specific, selected training subjects over maybe 3/4 weeks instead of swapping and changing them each week to different subjects, this has some advantages and disadvantages. It would allow for more detailed sessions, or sessions aimed at say a specific vehicle role or allow one subject to be broken up over 4 weeks but may make sessions more theory than practical which I'm fine with but others may not be. It'd also take co-ordination between multiple experienced trainers, something we heavily lack in at the moment and also rely on people turning up consistently to get the most from the training itself. - Last nights vehicle exercise I felt should've had a lead/HQ vehicle just like in a FT one vehicle to co-ordinate the others or an on the ground SL to order a specific defensive manoeuvre to complete, I think this would help focus all teams on the objective/training subject. I understand last night was probably way to early for all that but something to consider when sending multiple vehicles out. I found everything in the session to be well explained and useful....many thanks as always to @Filth for putting the time and effort in, you gorgeous bastard Mission As I said last night the op was a real good crack, I knew going into it that we'd never make it to the end but that was fine, the op was well run, performed nicely especially unit placement and the location chosen. Great that we had enough attendance for 2 vehicles, a squad medic and 2 fireteams! It was perfect for TL's, lots of view distance due to the flat railroad and loads of cover once we got into town. Comms were on form last night which made it easy for me to understand what was required and where I was in the squad. Loved having pig as back up and thought Filths use of pig to move his infantry into better positions and as re-insert was well done (oh yeah IFV). We had some good firefights, .203's incoming, grenades and flanking enemy thoroughly enjoyable stuff. Alpha team 1 @Chroma@Wartomsniper performed well, good initiative in places and Chroma was guiding Tom when required to ensure the team stayed in formation (thank you) unfortunately Tom had to leave early but it felt like he had improved even in the half an op he attended. I also need to apologise for getting you killed (sorry) we got flanked by an AI and he dropped a FRAG right on Toms head and maimed Chroma. My bad! Team 2 @Lt.Chris@Joe Malley were spotless tactically, I didn't have to ask twice and when they did there thing it was done right. The only criticism I have was when I was down tier 2 it took a while for Alpha to co-ordinate and for someone to pick up the command/report in, the quicker we can do this the better. muchos kudos to @Chroma for the op, recorded the lot, I'm looking forward to more Chroma ops! GG everyone, super! That's fucked up and hits grandpop being there and all...I must send that to my dad...
  8. As in a mini pc? Me no understandy?
  9. Chrmer! Matching pc / room lighting! Nice! Im getting a strip joint feel! Lol Nice boom stand!
  10. Oops clearly didnt see that lol.....oh Hoofed...
  11. Is this an i9? Why is it not overclocked?
  12. whats the model of the 1080p monitor Jas i wanna look into that...
  13. Do you not have an adaptor? like this? or have you tried that?

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