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  1. The option to contribute is a good move in my opinion. What is the current monthly charge for you guys?
  2. Apologies for the delay
  3. The music makes this vid pop imo as well as a lot of good ol tracer work. Whats the music Nekster?
  4. Makes no difference to me guys, my shifts move each month so some ill make some i wont.
  5. Shake that pussy...
  6. Skylake x and i9 benchmarks
  7. New laptop anyone?
  8. Im feeling its lost cause to be honest and thats no reflection on anyone in the clan, leaders, editors, admin, senior personnel are all already in place (well most) More a case of too many chiefs and not enough indians. Full respect to all who have contributed to this amazing clan! I'll say what was said in our original get together, i'm here because i love ARMA and basically because i like playing with you lot, my band of brothers, i would be truly gutted if a single one of you decided to pack it in! i really dont want any casaulties from this. That said i feel a move, a combination of talent by joining another clan, as a group, fresh, no ranks, no assumption of knowledge or structure MAY be what we need. hell its still GOL under the skin, we dont have to lose our identity, the group is what is important not the name on it. Merging the squads while we sort this shizzle out makes sense, one leader is what we need as everyone seems to know best, aim small lets get the basics right. Gameplay type changes will be nice but wont sort out any of our main issues. ARMA is hassle to play, we wrap rules and sops around it aswell as requiring mods etc etc and when new recruits do join we smack them with LOA's, barely interact with them in some cases as well as that while the rules are in place and easily read we kick players who miss a week or two instead of encouraging them to play or asking why. On top of that we have no public presence, we never play public games or even host for the public which alot of people do and have 50,100 players. Out of those 50 there maybe what 5 potential recruits, players that actually want to be a bit more serious, like us! But we never do that so no recruits for us! PR wise our PR now is the best its been since i joined, Oks and i put a lot of effort into making the current BIS thread, new, modern (well ish) and informative, we changed the logo, we put up videos im not sure what else we can do, though a change in strategy to small and personal might look better im not sure itll drag any more through the doors???
  9. I dont mind either day, however an earlier time may not work so well for me but if its in the interest of the group i will adjust though it may lower my attendance slightly if it is earlier due to the time my shifts are 7am till 7pm or 7pm till 7am. Atm i can get in an hour early and leave at 6 to make it back in time for the op... i couldnt do that if it was earlier as it would mean me starting at 5am which physically i cant it would mean a 4am alarm! Nope nope nope
  10. Done! ill try and post more tweets, definately need more followers and retweets please all...
  11. Army Air Corps
  12. Fair enough, there gonna be pretty expensive aswell, however it should bring down the price of the current HEDT 6 and 8 core chips...

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We enjoy playing ArmA3 in a tactical and professional way and ensuring at the same time a high level of fun is kept within the game. We use tactics and procedures from various armies and modify them to suit our own needs. This allows us to operate in the ArmA 3 platform effectively.

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