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  1. If you thought Kavala was an FPS killer…
  2. Playing around with different ways to procedurally generate landscapes in Blender. Hopefully this will be a way to quickly create something realistic looking which can then be refined and customised before rendering at extremely high quality as a texture to be brought into Bohemia’s tools.
  3. RL comes first. Good luck, mate.
  4. Idea for a map without too many buildings: Mini Falklands.
  5. Free for the next 46 hours: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/f1-2015
  6. Very rough version of the OBS guide recorded this morning. I’ll make a better version some time in the near future… with better graphics and blackjack and hookers. If you need it, you can download one of the three fully functional VB-Audio Cables I show in the guide for free: https://www.vb-audio.com/Cable/
  7. At two weeks since the initial post I think it’s time to get something shipped, so I recorded it unscripted this morning. I can always make a better version later. I’ll be uploading it this morning and will post it to a new thread, which will be linked below. Next task will be to play around with recording settings and see what can be done on low-to-mid range hardware.
  8. My assumption would be many hundreds if not thousands of hours to go from nothing to something quite polished. That being said, I will give it a go and try to make a tiny island map (1km square is probably a good starting point). Learning stuff like this is going to take a long time. But the sooner some of us start the sooner we’ll have a bunch of people with the skills to create custom terrains. I may end up focusing on making assets for maps (like buildings and trees) but knowing how map creation works would be useful.
  9. Probably won’t matter now as I have to go into hospital tomorrow afternoon and will probably be nearly blind for 5-6 hours. If I have any vision I’ll show up as the platoon medic for the mission.
  10. I’ll be available if needed.
  11. Had some issues soon after we began with my keyboard dying. It caused all USB devices to reset repeatedly then it would be fine for a while. Unfortunately I didn’t know what was causing it until later when I lost all control and crashed. I guessed what the problem could be and swapped the keyboard out of a spare. This was happening in the worst possible conditions too with no NVGs and close to zero visibility except for a few dimly lit rocks and a few lights way off in the distance. With that said, as the pilot everything that happens to the airframe is your responsibility (regardless of cause) and you just have to fix the problems as best you can and get back to supporting infantry. Thank you to everyone who waited patiently for me to pick them up at the spawn point. As promised here’s a clip of the low visibility landing in Giant where infantry guided me down so that I could drop off the resupply box. For some reason Premiere Pro is exporting with the black level raised making what little you can see more visible. It was darker on the night.
  12. Yeah, I'm definitely interested in DCS sessions.

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