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  1. If you can’t hear what’s being said then be quiet until you can. If other people are making noise tell them to be quiet. Turn your effects audio way down (that bar should be the width of your thumb or smaller). Chatting and banter are things you do after you can do your job and when it doesn’t interfere with the team. If you are in the middle of saying something and your TL starts talking you stop talking mid-sentence. As an infantryman you have 1 radio channel to monitor and 1 person whose voice matters: your fireteam leader. Everything else is noise. Filter it out. You should not be dependent on the HUD for your situational awareness. If you are talking all of the time and giggling you won’t be scanning your sector, listening to comms and watching to see what your fireteam are doing. These are problems with simple solutions and they are all within your control.
  2. Updated the initial post to reflect my recent testing with an Xbox controller. You absolutely can use an Xbox controller to fly in DCS. If you have a controller lying around, as most of us do, then there should be nothing stopping you from trying. And with that I’ll leave you with this message: https://twitter.com/jockowillink/status/993469288546582529
  3. Launch trailer:
  4. Well, I wasn’t completely useless flying CAP: 1x Mirage and 5x Ka-50. But I was way below my performance expectations having flown some CAP missions offline. One Mirage slipped past me at the beginning and it’s embarrassing to watch in Tacview. After the initial BRA call AWAC wouldn’t respond to my requests. In the end I just cheated and looked at the map screen to locate him. Raptor took a shot with an AIM-9 from his A-10 but it fell short. In the end one of the AI AA finished the job. I think the problem of me being invisible to everyone else was because I changed the livery at the start. I won't be doing that again. Fun mission but I’ve got a lot to learn in the F-15C. Next time I'll probably try SEAD in the Su-25T.
  5. I think the way to avoid cheating with TacView on a public server is to install the TacView DCS module on the server itself. Then upload the flight data file after the session is over. Not a problem in our case because we're a private session but it's something I might try out in future if I get my second PC set up.
  6. Sounds good, @Jason. Would like to also get the flight data for the session so I can take a look at it in TacView later. You’ll have to make sure it’s allowed because apparently some people use this to cheat on multiplayer servers. This page shows the settings required: http://www.tacview.net/documentation/dcs/en/#q21 Also, here’s a video I recorded this morning for @Luke, @Byleth and anyone else who wants to get started. It should help clear up some confusion about how DCS works and getting the Su-25T into the air. it’s not going to teach you about using weapons or landing. But there are plenty of good video tutorials on that already, some of which are listed on my Getting Into DCS World for Free thread. I forgot to say how you shut down your engines in the tutorial. Startup is Right Shift + Home and shutdown is Right Shift + End. Should be easy to remember.
  7. Yeah. It’s still sitting in Premiere with a bunch of mark points set. Been editing other vids too. Got one coming out today for the guys learning the Su-25T. But our formation one is next. Unfortunately editing time competes with DCS time. :-D
  8. Had a problem with recorded footage looking washed out with night missions (regions that should be black or nearly black being too light). It appears one of the defaults is set to an option for TVs and not computer monitors. You need to change the circled option from Partial to Full. Crazy that this would be set as a default.
  9. USAF greatest hits from April.
  10. That’s on me. I said I would write a guide for the editors on short notice and I didn’t get it done. Once I do post it… *then* it will be your fault. ;-) I’ve got a sticky note on my monitor to annoy/remind me. I hope you’ve both read this feedback, @Evilcommand and @Wartomsniper because this kind of behaviour is disgraceful. If you can’t demonstrate the ability to listen, follow orders, keep noise to a minimum and carry on to the mission’s end without rage quitting then there’s no chance you’ll be accepted into Air Corps and deploy as a Hunter team.
  11. Correction: MiG-28 theme.
  12. FYI, @Oksman the F-5 was exported to asian countries successfully. It’s small and quick, like asians. And like a Vietnamese prostitute it’s cheap and easy to operate. ;-) Add it to your wishlist and wait for a sale.
  13. Video from tonight’s test session. Game audio is missing due to a setup problem with SRS but the voice comms are there. I should have it fixed for next time.

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