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  1. So far: -AI squadmates constantly complaining about having no ammo, though it never actually appears to be the case. -At the beginning, after killing the 2-man patrol, and being ordered to follow SSgt, the SSgt immediately runs off to the destination, regardless of whether the player is with him.. I was pilfering ammo from a dead guy for a minute only to look up and realise Oksman was 350 meters away. -Possibly an auto-save is needed after you are extracted by the 2 Wildcat helicopters on the beach, not essential, just a thought. -'Staff Sargent Killed - Mission Failed' or something to that description pops up 20 seconds after landing at the LZ outside Frini, and I can progress no further in the mission.. squadmates don't seem to disembark the helis of their own accord, and I only have control over the 1 other squadmate riding in the Wildcat that I'm in, so it is him alone who I can command to dismount. Enjoying it thus far though!
  2. I fully support any decision which brings more of a 'combined arms' element to the missions we play. That, afterall, is something the ArmA engine executes extremely well. I think there is significant enjoyment to be had from playing all roles, even the ones that are not so popular. For example, I doubt people will be killing eachother over who gets to be the designated driver... but this is why we rotate things between missions, keep it fresh and keep it fun for everyone involved.

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