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  1. I wrote my previous post rather hastily in the morning. The script itself isn't intended for this kind of execution but supports it. It's old but should work, let me know if you have any issues. It has an automatic mode with settings and stuff that might be interesting for future use, there are quite a few settings in there and I also have a video trying to explain some of this shi- on my youtube.
  2. If you'd paste a link to like with the script and the trigger code we can probably figure out why it loops infinitely. I could also recommend my mortar script. Trigger Condition: Alive MortarName && isServer; Trigger On Act: [MortarName, side, "Firing Mode", "round type", ["position", inaccuracy]] execVM "Scripts\NEKY_Mortars\NEKY_Mortars.sqf"; Trigger set to repeatable Trigger Countdown (whatever delay you want between barrages)
  3. But a module is not a unit, why does it affect modules?
  4. I've never got the module for Tracers to work so I have no idea how the F that works. Why would the FW-Gear module affect modules at all @GuzzenVonLidl? Is it related to modules that spawn units?

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