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  1. Praise indeed. Onwards and upwards.
  2. Really simple. just a succession of low walls, left and right, parallel with each other, enabling us to practice the very essence of successive and alternating, with a fortification at the end of it, central, and possibly at the start so we can turn round and do it again the other way. Repetition. Repetition. Rep...you get the idea STRONGHOLD xxxxxx ————. ———— ————. ———— ————. ———— (As many as you like) START Incredibly basic but incredibly useful for recruits, and banging procedures into the guys. The last central wall could be a frag exercise to complete the assault. Just to give a purpose. A skills test. For “fun”.
  3. Training There was not quite enough time to complete the different elements, but what we did do I hope was useful to Alpha. I tried to emphasise flexibility, common sense and communication, which the newer guys in Alpha picked up on well and went with. MAYBE an idea would be to give a heads up to TL’s pre training, so they can put any bullet points regarding training modules, around the map beforehand so they have a cheat sheet to work from. Like we do with formations sometimes. I initially messed up conveying alternating and successive bounding which confused my team to start with. My bad. Also maybe a slightly different layout for that exercise which I can explain later if I may @PARKER ? Just to simplify and clarify the basic intentions. Other than that I think this circuit approach can work well. Mission Total hectic fun. Great scenario. As said In debrief, had a strong team who supported my leadership, and also a shout to @hoofed who called out some solid contact reports. Disappointed with our grenade kill crossing that field. I could have been more decisive and got some smoke out. Who knows. We were uncomfortably exposed. Great AT work from @R4IDER , and @Joe Malley and Waz made a solid team 2. @Wazowski Yer a naughty boy who will have more tier 4’s than you should until you slow it down, and turn the Rambo down to 7 But ya did pretty good apart from that fella. And I will always love your tier 3 immersion. @PARKER gave good concise instructions, and the comms between us and Charlie in particular (as we always seemed closer to them) was good. Especially sweeping that last compound. Any feedback welcome.
  4. They don’t teach you this shit at school. ....mind you. I may not have been there if they had
  5. ....seriously though. Is this dateslexia or furreal?
  6. Oh. I’m aware I turned out more than Filth felt comfortable with. That was partly for my own immersion, I confess, so i’m sorry about that. I was getting claustrophobic, and the ballsy Russian vibe spilled over.
  7. Mission Apart from the tech issues which require no mention. I had an absolute blast in Pig. I hope my team had the same experience. With a tonne of contacts to deal with, @Skeliton reacted to call outs incredibly quickly and with great success, swapping between weapon systems on demand, and with good effect. Apart from once, on the game restart, where we spent a little time accustomising to the new vehicles weapons, we dealt with threats in good time. @Evilcommand performed driving duties admirably, getting us in and out of situations as requested. The team repaired the vehicle under fire which deserves mention. My comms were a tad phronetic and stuttery at times. Couldn’t spit my words out fast enough. And there’s also a balance in relaying necessary and unnecessary information to actual, which I may have done on a couple of occasions. Me: “You’re being engaged” @Filth “I’m well aware of that.” I thought he was going to follow up with “and if I die you’ll be sure to tell me, right?” We played it safe most times and found reasonable cover in most situations, and hopefully we were in position for the team when needed. One thing I would say to team leaders is that when actual is down, get on the radio and use Pig more on 50.1. But even then, towards the end that was starting to happen. We lost two vehicles and survived one of those. First was an unsighted enemy whilst In reasonable cover at the start, and the second was a do or die situation whilst taking out a major threat to the squad. Which we got out of. GG guys.
  8. That ain’t no criticism bwoy. That’s good advice.
  9. I like the look of the double danger zone crossing. It’s KIND of what I was trying to get at with Alpha. One thing that was pointed out last night as I was practicing breaching, was that many times theory goes out the window. In those circumstances, common sense and communication beats theory. What training is great at is teaching theory basics, but also communication and the DISCIPLINE of communicating. Always calling out intentions. Getting your message across quickly and concisely. As an old teacher used to say, you’re not here to work, you’re here to LEARN to work. The old maxim that no strategy survives first contact is so true. But In those circumstances, common sense, communication and discipline win the day. It’s what we fall back on when the shit hits the rotors. We found that practically, double breaching that particular smaller HQ from both sides of the door, was more effective than stacking up and breaching, as it gave a better chance of survival. And that was down to common sense and communication between two buddy team members. Assess, Communicate, Ingress, and be Decisive. ACID....That’s my top trip for the day. Take it as you will.
  10. Training Super useful. Blessed with a veteran team. More please. Mission Super fun. Hate losing guys. Relied on my experienced team to pass on information which helped with awareness. Good little baptism of fire. The only way is up. Any pointers from my team would be most welcome. Strengths weaknesses etc. @Oksman @Lt.Chris @Luke @Chroma Obviously EVERYTHING needs improving, but anything that’s immediately obvious and stands out. Message ends. Wine drinking begins Gg
  11. Hardy har bloody har....
  12. First im being landed on by my cousin for a couple days, then I’m throwing a party for my girlfriend at the weekend. Quick trip to rehab and back on form.
  13. You can go right off people you know.... ....twice... New buddy in my team....obviously looking the other way... Can you IMAGINE @Wazowski role play reaction if he lost his legs???
  14. Alpha love fest.
  15. Good job @PARKER Also I agree with @R4IDER mission planning. Really great having proper multiple patrols in town as well as surrounding areas. Multiple tactical problems to deal with, make for a fantastic experience. When Alpha got hit from the flank at close range by stumbling into a patrol, whilst moving to engage a longer range fireteam, it was a moment of orgasmicness.

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