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  1. Ah yes. I was wondering what their actual effect was. Do they alert enemy? I like the idea of local elements bearing down on the location once triggered. That could be used to our advantage to lure them in to an ambush of our own. Or as markers for an instant mortar attack by them?
  2. Any mods we SHOULDN'T have running?
  3. Tuesdays for training deffo. Sundays for clan missions would be Valhalla as I could attend both, but I understand why that's a no go. Im just enjoying the time I'm spending with the lads again.
  4. Awwwww.
  5. Either you "just work here" or you don't. its good to be best. But its better to be good.
  6. Funny that.
  7. If only the wars were boring. I think we could all do with some boring wars right now. Even a blockade or two. Over bananas.
  8. I like to think our Op names are a little more.....grown up.
  9. Boom!!!!!! Hell the hell yeh!!!
  10. My for'penneth is your for'penneth.
  11. Great. Will chat. Already have OBS and a linked Twitch account, but YouTube is obviously just a stream address away. Thanks for the info mate.
  12. Thanks Parker. We really do need one from each teams perspective. It's a long and accurate, bullshit free debrief. We need a 1-1 POV. (Not just edited to show Oksman being a hero. Mwahaha) I'll have a look at it. What's the performance impact? "Royal Incursion" was the stuff of gaming legend.
  13. Resurgam. Boom! Instant Bog effect
  14. GOL menu now rebinded. Had to "fix radio" Top level menu is there, as is the parachute jump option when at altitude. None of the second level settings available in the menu however. Visibility, grass etc. Is that intentional?
  15. All fixed. .a3s folder appeared in my main folder. Removed. Worked. New one on me. No....that didn't work. Filthy has sent me the ace update "by hand" but i would like some help after tonight if that's ok. ran out of ideas.

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