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      ARMA 3 Sync Update   07/14/2018

      ARMA 3 Mods Updated! This update restructures our mod package, previously the mods would get added to either GOLIslandsA3 or GOLAddonsA3 and this resulted in a fairly large mod folder. Before downloading this update it is recommended that you delete your current mods first because A3S doesn't always clean up the old mods. To do this you simply need to head to the location that you downloaded the mods to for example: \Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 and delete all of the folders that start with @ The benefits of the new structure include: Being able to see what mods we are/aren't running To give you the option of disabling addons that you don't want to run To have the option of adding mods that some may like to run for example: Blastcore To have the option of downloading the mods outside of the GOL Repository for example: Steam workshop or directly from armaholic To have the option of creating campaign specific mod pack presets so users can select the mod set preset and only the mods required for the campaign will be loaded - this will mean better performance. This can be set on the server side so that the preset is made available to everyone for everyone to select.

      An example of this is that we are playing as the Russians against middle-east rebels. Only the mods required for this would need to be loaded and this can be determined by a mod preset - are present there is only one mod preset which is called "ARMA 3 GOL Mod Pack". Another preset can be added called "Battle for the Falklands" for example and then only the mods for this campaign will be loaded. Obviously by only loading the mods for this campaign would mean better load times and performance.

      Keep in mind that as a mission maker that if you save your mission while all of the mods are running then some mods will added themselves as required mods in the mission.sqm meaning that if you try to load the mission again later it will fail because it believes that the required mod is missing. When making the missions only do so with the required mods - if you do mess up then there is the option of opening the mission.sqm in notepad or some other editor and removing the mods from the required mods selection. The download size can be reduced if you choose to manually move the mod files but if you don't have much experience with the mods then please just delete the existing mods and download the mods fresh. Any problems then post a message in the technical support thread and myself and others who can will be happy to help   Download size:  35.44GB


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  1. Cheers bud. It’s going to go two ways I think. VERY well attended is my biggest fear.
  2. Have you got an opord I can look at @Oksman ? Haven’t squad lead Saturdays yet so would want to prepare just in case. Also, once done, and to save time on briefing, maybe @Jason could look at it and pass on what package he could deliver for the mission? That ok guys?
  3. Nice to see us bedded in and doing our thing @PARKER It’s taking me soooo long to edit this backlog. Sheesh.
  4. Thanks for the edits @Chroma
  5. @Oksman @R4IDER @hoofed @Filth @Pilgrim When men were boys, and gym socks were scared.... (You will observe, recruits, how the classic Alpha-2 of Filthy and Pilgrim, stick with each other like Gorilla juice, and flow like water through solid brick walls... Stand easy...)
  6. Cheers fella. Yeh all done thanks. Files starting to drop in now.
  7. And of course i understand there was a lack of data. Ultimately I have no server permissions/understanding so I rely on those that do
  8. Actually....i did try to steer the group in one way or another. There ended up being two schools of thought. I think it’s slightly off the mark to suggest there was not an attempt to steer the group. Id be glad to take this up further in NCO group.
  9. Go out with her? ..things aren’t THAT bad...
  10. Sure. I’m just getting loads of grief on Saturdays in my current situation. And last night I fully got the icey looks treatment for not being able to get together for yet another friends gathering. Living in a village innit. These things are apparently important. It was far easier when my ex wife hated me anyway. Sadly, this GF seems to like me.
  11. For me personally, it’s cos I only tend to revolve around either RTS games or very solo orientated things like FSX. Arma is the only FPS I have played since I discovered it. Sad I know. I have limited gameplay time now due to RL stuff. So I have to pick and choose carefully what I put my time in to. Re: Friday nights. Maybe if Friday had been mandatory from the start it would have worked. It just happens to be Saturday. And for me personally, going out with a teacher with kids, makes Friday and Saturday very awkward on occasions and causes a fair bit of friction. But there we go. Life innit. I value the friendships on here. It explains why I get so miffed when things go wrong, or especially when people fuck about. They’re wasting my time.
  12. Fridays and Saturdays are both traditionally social events nights on he UK aren’t they.
  13. Yep. Disappointing is one way of putting it. I think overall, if there is no GOL mission available by a cut off point on the day, say 3pm, we should default to a voluntary GOL public server session. This would give people time to plan their evening. Saturday has always been a point of contention with me and possibly others (I don’t know) who have partners or a social life. So many events happen on a Saturday night that are missed. Recently there was a poll about training on a Tuesday or Thursday. Frankly, personally, I’d be far more interested in a weekday operation AND training. Or even a Sunday. Given not many of us have to do a school run, 11pm isn’t exactly the middle of the night to finish a mission for those who work early in Europe, or go to school. Not reeeeeeally. I’m sure my suggestion would go down like Adele’s bodybag.

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