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  1. Well that was alright eh? Not too bad. A really good lesson for new mission makers. Keep it simple. Keep it achievable. Quality is better than quantity. The limited but realistic numbers we faced, enabled us to do things as we would want to, in a more immersive and methodical manner. We don’t need a thousand car bombers and insurmountable odds to make a mission immersive. Certainly from my own perspective, I’m far more into the role play and realism side of Arma than the shoot em up side. Yet we still managed to have some great combat situations, and put into practice some of the things we learn in training. Alpha played it very well. Not a single tier 4 as far as I remember. That alone shows me that the realism factor was high. But it was still dangerous and we had our fair share of luck. We took sectors well, performed mobile duties well, with common sense in abundance. Completing the mission on time gave me a very glowy, aroused feeling. G the hell G @Chroma @Skeliton @Joe Malley @Luke - Any feedback from the team or 1-actual regarding where I can improve comms wise or generally up to now, please either PM me or flag it up here. Any habits that irritate or don’t work. Let me know. I know i can be quite shouty, humourless and short with people In game when I’m leading, but I just want you to live, and objectives to be completed.
  2. I cannot tell you how much I love this type of mission. It’s why I Arma.
  3. Damnit. At least I will only miss one (girlfriends’ sons’ birthday on Saturday)
  4. I always expect a detailed, well produced mission from @Jason, and it delivered. I really like the para drop system. Just adds a really nice touch and got me in the zone straight away. The initial run was very very good. Almost like a Brothers In Arms cinematic, which pushed Arma to breaking point and showed what is possible with scripting and design. I had arguably one of the most experienced teams I could have hoped for, @unionjak @SoKkada @Luke @Skelitonand it was still an incredibly hard mission to team lead. Chaos with comms, poor weaponry for the task, in other words a pretty damn good go at delivering the ww2 vibe. This tested my relatively new team leadership skills, and It became a game of two halves for me. The first going far better than the second. We did improvise though. For instance, to counter the lack of radios, I often found myself deploying one team slightly in advance, with me in the centre JUST within earshot relaying to the other team further out. They may not have realised that was what I was doing mind, as it was fairly hectic. What hellish conditions they endured. As soon as you survived one incredibly dangerous situation, you were thrust into another. As this map will vary from every other future mission, it’s barely worth going into any of the technical glitches. I loved the variety of contacts, objectives and platforms we were up against. Very well put together, thoughtful and with a lot of love put into it. Im gutted I will miss this coming weekend. I was under the impression we were alternating factions? What’s the deal there because I’d rather like to plan my LoA’s for the coming weeks so I can make as many US missions as possible. G bloody G
  5. Agree with @Filth re training. Felt like good progress. And had more time to actually do the individual segments. Good stuff. Despite my gripes about the mission, the concept and load out was solid enough. Always like convoys. So gg for that @Wazowski Didnt like the weapons mind you. They have awful iron sights. If you could consider a swap out that would be great. Also my Fireteam leader m16 stopped working, with no option to clear a jam. Not sure what that was about but had to swap out with a standard m16 early on. And the zeussing? Well my feelings about that are clear. It was an exercise in self indulgence. And the fuel lorries seemed very contrived. It’s great that mission makers step up, but that has to be tempered with very close attention to balance.
  6. Roger. Well until the tanker boys arrive, we’ll have to be creative. Wonder if mortar fire can destroy a hedge. Just thinking about avoiding being channeled into fire zones. Thanks.
  7. Question: is bocage destructible and do we carry explosives? Any intel on mined areas?
  8. Thoroughly looking forward to it.
  9. Yeh makes sense. The “shrek” had a blast shield. I would like to play as FSJ someday. Top kit.
  10. Thanks @Jason From what I encountered, the enemy was just standing in the trenches, with their heads sticking out and didn’t return fire. The Panzerfaust was the smaller type 30-60 looking ones rather than the large Panzerschrek types?
  11. Regarding trenches. The enemy cannot seem to fire over the top of them as they are too deep, which kinda negates their effectiveness or threat. Can this be altered? Taking them seemed to be far too easy. Also adding a couple HMG’s would make them intimidating and force us to use the Panzer. Also the panzerfausts are just not up to Arma gameplay as the range is just too short for them to be effective for anything but urban warfare.
  12. One element I enjoyed was being able to leave my fireteam in position and actually come and talk to @unionjak. It felt very authentic. Maybe that’s an approach we can also use with the SQL. So we’re all on the same page. NCO’s round a map pointing.
  13. @SoKkada I have a solution. You have to lead the squad. That’s clear. So have a 2iC keeping you up to speed with the map reading. You can then make your tactical decisions. (Added: also make use of pauses in game play to draw lines and show intent so the fireteam leaders have a better idea of the overall strategy and can work together and with you to achieve it) @Wazowski Same old problem of making your own moves forward, and even leaving the team at one point to reconnoiter with 1-actual regarding your suggestions for mortar support..... I understand you’re depearate to lead. But it is irritating having someone constantly badgering and assuming a level of initiative they are not yet entitled to. Case in point. You move beyond the team, forcing my hand to make a decision to support or call you back again. I break cover. Sniped. One team leader down. Your over excitement constantly creates situations when I lose situational awareness, and creates danger. I don’t know how many more times I have to ask you to stop it. @Wartomsniper When you bitch about AAC and their decisions about you and evil commands inclusion or otherwise into their highly professional group, you are bitching about people I trust and respect and have known for a long while. Stupid move. I’m thinking of charging your parents for childcare costs. Take it up with @Raptor not me. And I know exactly what his response will be. At times you show signs of improvement, then you appear to take two steps back. And of course we lost you when you decided to resupply, because you weren’t listening and we couldn’t wait any longer. Standard stuff. Instantly made my job 25% easier. Thanks @Joe Malley again for remaining the sane member of my team. Thoroughly enjoyed working closer with @unionjak and Alpha. When we were left to it, we were as one. There were many times I didn’t hear Chris’s orders. Not sure what the problem was there. Tactically it was all over the place. And yes. We did get a “CHARGE” order. Until it was pointed out we had a whopping great tank to move along next to. And a tree line to the right we could have used whilst taking the last objective. I would like to see more care taken of the infantry, rather than just throwing them at an objective. We can still use GOL ethos in a ww2 setting. Otherwise it’s more of a re-enactment. I liked using the Tiger as cover as we moved up on the village. It was mostly historically realistic. Textures were cool. Looking forward to the US side of things.
  14. Oooo lovely. I’ll make a nice packed lunch.
  15. Re: attendance. I’m guessing it’s the annual summer drop off.... On top of which, It only takes a few RL issues to see It slump. Given those that HAVE attended, I wouldn’t say it’s down to training style.. We do need to tidy up the roster however. At some point.

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