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  1. Skeliton liked a post in a topic by Pilgrim in Operation Linebreaker - 20/7/19   
    And so the two males, bloody and battered, retreat to their side of the beach. 

  2. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by Oksman in Arma 2 - Media (Pictures/Videos)   
    Best Airborne mission ever! 3 years ago!
  3. Skeliton liked a post in a topic by Pilgrim in Operation Linebreaker - 20/7/19   
    And so the two males, bloody and battered, retreat to their side of the beach. 

  4. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by Chroma in Operation Linebreaker - 20/7/19   
    Id like to see how it goes anyway. im gonna put together a smaller mission also so book me in for next saturday and we can get a game out of one of them. Id like to play this as is without a compromise
  5. Chroma liked a post in a topic by Pilgrim in Operation Linebreaker - 20/7/19   
    Awesome work. Let’s hope we have a Grand Ol turnout soon.
  6. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by Chroma in Operation Linebreaker - 20/7/19   
    Operation Line-breaker
    After months of back and forth between the US and Russian forces the winter season has strained both sides and slowed down any advances attempted by either side.
    There is now a slight stalemate and both sides have dug in and been bolstering their defensive line in a bid to one-up the opposing side.
    The Russian army is much more suited to these conditions and come prepared. So we can expect them to try and take full advantage of the current conditions, so AT Armour (Callsign Buster) is being utilised to stop anything they throw at us.
    Current friendly forces deployed are as follows;
    23rd Rifles "Lone Star" - Defence line 3rd Recon "Mortalis" - Assaulting Force Bluebell - Support Buster - AT fire support  

    Below: Friendly Trenchline and starting weather conditions

    Our advanced weather forecast shows that a heavy fog is rolling in. The last thing the enemy will expect is for us to attempt a flanking manoeuvre on their defence line.
    Enemies WILL be utilising a multitude of heavy armour including some of the smaller MBTs available to them so a crew for Buster is Imperative.
    There will also be HEAVY AA & AAA around the frontline as well as dense fog at ground level so CAS will NOT be an option untill we have their lines and there is less of a risk.
    Enemy air has been swarming with MIGs and a squadron of bombers has been detected on standby deep in enemy territory.
    Luckily we do have an active radar located by the front line so air contacts should be a lot easier to pick up even if flying low in the fog.
    Trenches marked in BLACK with 2x Hull down locations for vehicles.

    Firstly 1-1 Will be deployed to the front line from our HQ at the airfield just to the NW of our AO.
    The initial task is to move in convoy with Buster, Bluebell & 1-1 loaded in a truck along with resupply crate.
    There are 2 Bluebell vehicles to chose from at Sql's discretion.
    Upon arrival all units are to take positions on the Friendly defence line until the Sql decides that the weather has got worse enough to proceed. (roughly 30-40 minutes)
    1-1 must regroup by the Northern end of the defence line while Bluebell & Buster continue to support Lone Star defend the Line.
    Once regrouped and by the 'Join 3rd Recon' Marker. They will let you know they are beginning their assault to 'PUSH1'.
    Squad 1-1 is to move to 'PUSH1' and gain entry to the enemy trench line.
    Take Note: Friendly forces will continue to suppress enemy line until 1-1 reach 'ControlPointAlpha'.
     Once 'PUSH1' objective is complete, transition along the enemy line to 'PUSH2' and following that, 'ControlPointAlpha'.
    Once ALL of these previous objectives are complete and foothold gained is Bluebell & Buster to move via 'PUSH3' marker through no-mans land.
    From then on Mortalis will defend the enemy line and Lone star will remain in reserve. 1-1 along with Bluebell & Buster will push into the nearby town of Stary Sobor where no doubt an enemy FOB will be located.
    Once through use farm tracks marked in Black Arrows to push uphill towards the village of Vyshnoye. Clear it and destroy the installation located at the base of the castle.
    If able to do so try use the castle to scout the town of Mogilevka which is our limit of advance and the outpost where their main armaments are being held.
    Once that area has been cleared destroy as much as you can and RTB for Debrief.

    Crew Bluebell
    Ground fire support on Enemy Armoured corridor.
    CAS (After enemy lines have been captured)
    Enemy Mortar pos somewhere in marked area between Gorka & Dubrovka
    Air Supireority. Do not give the enemy the chance to target our ground vehicles
    Enemy Bomber Squadron Patrolling out to the Eastern part of the map
    3x F-16C
    2x AV-8B Harriers
    2x UH-60
    2x MELB
    2x Rooikat 120 UP (Buster)
    1x Cargo Truck & Box
    1x Humvee (MHQ)
    1x Namer (Bluebell 1)
    1x M1117 ASV (Bluebell 2)
    This Mission Relies on a high enough turnout to crew 2 vehicles, have at least 2x 3 man teams and air presence so either everyone votes or we just leave it as a backup if or when we get a big ol' turnout
    @R4IDER @Filth @Pilgrim @SoKkada @Joe Malley @GuzzenVonLidl @PARKER @Skeliton @unionjak @Luke @falseprophet @Oksman @UnknownEngineer @NeKoArroW @personalvoid @Devastator @Wazowski @slayer @Jazz @Def @jan @Naphtalin @kierontighe @DerGamer131 @Geeza @Tearace @Ghostwolf @Nag @chrisboy246 @Jason @Raptor @Des @Blu. @Byleth
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    In the first 50 seconds you have…
    Jaws Say Anything Die Hard Blade Runner Wayne’s World First Blood Predator Breakfast Club Raiders of the Lost Ark Risky Business Fuck doing the rest of them.
    P.S. I’m a Gen-Y. Just. :-D
  9. hoofed liked a post in a topic by Pilgrim in New Music Thread   
    Friday tune for all us Gen-X
    How many movies can you be bothered to spot. 
  10. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by Filth in Training OPORD 04/07/2019   
    Training Subjects
    CQB Focus in natural, dynamic environment
    -Danger Zone Crossings
    -Breaching Compounds
    Mission Info
    (mission is still in Alpha Version)
    Name: Georgetown Down
    Date: 27 June 2019
    Time: 1700
    Weather: Low Fog
    Forecast: Clear
    Tasking (Infantry
    Search and Destroy
    Remarks: Sound suppressors must be used
    -Destroy Enemy Air before 1-1 deploy
    -Destroy AAA/SHORADs
    (only 3 yet  1x reaper allowd ent only 1x reload allowt to make it harder on him)
  11. Filth liked a post in a topic by Pilgrim in Training OPORD 04/07/2019   
    See schedule below.
  12. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by NeKoArroW in Arma 3 - Media (Videos)   
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    Operation Escaping Zargabad
  14. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by NeKoArroW in Arma 3 - Media (Videos)   
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  16. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by NeKoArroW in Arma 3 - Media (Videos)   
  17. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by Filth in Operation Hold   
    This one mainly stands out for selection of terrain and flexibility. Lots of tactical freedom. Option to use mechanised forces in a very unorthodox way, which could be interesting if we ever get the chance.
    On the ground, we faced enemy infantry exclusively. These were usually quite dumb in their maneouvers, yet also quite threatening because in every action we seemed to be outnumbered roughly 2:1.
    Tasking in this mission was extremely limited. Go there, kill everyone, move on. While this can make for interesting gameplay in a situation where there's lots of us, we can do maneovers and procedures to control ground, in this case, it wasn't suited to what we had.
    Overall I'd say that the scope of this mission was maybe a bit too extensive. Even an overstrength squad would certainly have struggled to complete this.
    With regards to attendance, some people mentioned we should have some smaller scale ops lying around. While in essence a solid suggestion, we're still struggling with mission makers. I would argue that we already have small scope missions lying around in the shape of thursday training ops.
    Attendance this year is maybe the most unreliable it's ever been. One week you're struggling to give everyone a seat in a vehicle. The next, we may be so weak that we can hardly play at all.
    As such, our organisation was more complicated than it needed to be. One fireteam doesn't need a detached squad leader. In this sort of scenario, every single player on the ground must be considered fighting infantry. This goes for squad leaders and FACs alike.
    We were struggling to make any progress at all. Many times, we had to commit to risky bounds and maneouvers without any support whatsoever.
    As a result of the above, the entire thing was exceedingly frustrating. We come out of this not really having achieved anything.
    No rating today. Will have to give this one another go, under different circumstances.
    Thanks anyway for making it @Blu. and thanks for making a valiant attempt at leading it @Pilgrim.
  18. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by hoofed in Operation Hold   
  19. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by hoofed in Training OPORD 27/06/19   
    Good training and playthrough of the mission. I always enjoy stuff where infantry and air corps are working more closely together rather than two disconnected units who occasionally bump into each other. And that reminds me that I’m long overdue to take a turn at being the FAC. I hope you’re practicing your fixed wing flying, landing and shooting @Blu. and @Byleth. Papa Hoofed is going to kick you out of your comfort zones (again) unless Jason gets back in time to save you.  
    My approach for the para-drop was sloppy. I haven’t flown the Chinook for that purpose in a long time and forgot how much of a pig it can be. I was fighting it drifting and yawing the whole way in and probably should have taken a longer route for the approach to iron out those problems. So that’s on me. But an imperfect drop is good training as shit happens in missions and you have to deal with it.
    I have some time today to update my missions. Your feedback from yesterday will be incorporated into Thor v2 and I will post an OpOrd for it later. So far:
    ACE vehicle cargo capacity fixed for all vehicles. Tripwire mines checked and working as intended. More mines have been added but their probabilities reduced. Mine detectors added to the Rifleman’s gear. But you should always check those doorways before charging in.   Mysteriously, two BTR-80As showed up in the vehicle pool. Let me know if those are to your taste, @Filth. Rebels have acquired a small number of heavy machine guns to repel the advances of drunk plus-size helicopters. Enemy forces have been increased and probabilities activated to maintain roughly the same level of opposition but with more replayability. If I’ve missed anything let me know below, or you’ll have to wait until version 3 to get what you want.  
  20. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by Blu. in Operation Hold   
    Operation Liberate - Hold
    Map: Taviana
    Terrain: Urban, Forest
    Weather: Sunny
    Date/Time: 2/04/93 16:30:00

    Brief - KEY INFORMATION We've got our hands full with this one. SL can approach this how he wants. The Russians have depleted their storage of mines and explosives so expect minimal explosives etc. Although intel suggests that air assets have been replenished so expect air threats. Oh also forgot to say we're standing here this afternoon due to the help of the friendly resistance which cleared out this town of Apshironsk we didn't get to last week. Nothing else from my part.
    All I can say is, Good Luck and God Speed! PID YOUR TARGETS, CIVILIAN PRESENCE IS EXPECTED!     Objectives - Infantry
    1. Assault the enemy Military Base North of Apshironsk. 2. Eliminate any hostile contacts in the Fuel Depot. 3. Eliminate any hostile contacts in the Oil Fields (Optional/AAC Capable) 4. Assault Enemy Comms Station (Optional/AAC Capable) 5. Assault the enemy occupied Cargo Dock located to the south-east of the comms station. 6. Clear the Enemy FOB located south of the airfield 7. Capture the Airfield 8. Enemy Occupied Town to the north of the airfield must be cleared for possible Hostages. 9. Clear the enemy occupied docks to the east of the airfield. 10. RTB if no further tasks persist.
    Objectives - AAC
     1 - Assist 1-1 with Logistics and CAS
    2 - Search and Destroy all AAA located around the area. 3. Search and Destroy Enemy Air Callsigns 4. Search and Destroy Enemy Contacts on Enemy Airfields.
    Assets - Infantry Vehicles
    1x M1083A1P2-B (M2) (MHQ)
    2x M6A2
    2x M113A3 (M2)
    2x M1220 (M2) 1x M977A4 (Ammo Truck) 1x HEMTT Fuel --------------------------------------------- AAC Vehicles ----------------------------------------------
    6x Harrier
    2x UH-60M
    4x AH-6M
    4x MH-6M
    2x CH-47F
    3x YABHON-R3   Additional Info Operation is able to be played at 21:00 using the Radio located at the back of the hanger
    Night vision is available if required.   Full Map   Due to heavy AAA presence and radar, drone footage was not possible.
    This operation requires a zeus if more units are needed. Basic units have been placed.   (If @Blu. is not present NCOs will be notified of events)
  21. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by SoKkada in Training OPORD 27/06/19   
    Mission Info
    (mission is still in athpa)
    Name: Georgetown Down
    Date: 27 June 2019
    Time: 1700
    Weather Low mist - with wil clear up a bit

    seek en kill 
    CQB in town 
    AT in town
    plz keep the kit as giffen with Sepresors
    this mission in still under constrution
    kill Hali Petoling the city by for infantry stranceport comes to close.
    al so i put up a AA/AAA ? Defensif net over the sea part of the city.
    only 3 yet  1x reaper allowd ent only 1x reload allowt to make it harder on him 
    @hoofed @Filth @Blu. @Byleth @PARKER @Pilgrim @Des @Chroma
  22. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by Filth in Training OPORD 27/06/19   
    Training Subjects
    Air Assault Focus
    -Paradrop Procedures
    -Basic Helicopter Landing/Pickup Procedures
    -If time allows: TL designates HLS
    Mission Info
    TBA @SoKkada
  23. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by PARKER in Saturday Mission 22/06/19   
    Morning all,
    We asked @Blu. for more and we got more, this was one of those ops that felt like we were in a conflict zone rather than a sterile controlled zone of pre planned objectives, I like that, the im "mersion" was there and that's good to see and experience. Performance suffered unfortunately and some triggers that i assume were not fully tested, caused us to restart which was a shame. Again improvements shown and felt in game but still some basics that need tightening up i.e. full tests.
    Still enjoying what Taviana has to offer! Choice of AO and objectives were good, supris ed at the bridge choice again but proven wrong as this was completely different to last weeks experience. Lots to get on with, lots to react to and lots to throw us off our guard.
    All in all a very good op which clearly took a fair while to set up, I think locking down the basics i.e. what vehicles are good and which aren't, setting up scripted stuff to work well with zeus stuff and setting up objectives/tasks to be more easily understood would be a big benefit to Blu. I highly recommend you look into Neky's Tasks script, it makes the laborious set up part of tasks (don't kill civs and count them if we do, destroy this, clear that) easy!
    Opord was spot on again, briefing screen was a bit busy for my liking, seemed like it just needed tidying up a little to only show 100% relevant info, that being the info we need to understand what we are doing, markers showing enemy advances, non operational info sould be slimmed down as much as possible.
    @Filth did a top job last night, seriously, it takes a huge amount to organize and command a mechanized operation without an FAC when aircorp are attending when it works smoothly, when things don't work as expected, that workload easily doubles. Hats off to you, fully appreciate the effort and how you must have felt at the end. I for one had a really fun game!
    Pig was a good crack last night, strangely due to our slightly handicapped 'pig' callsign. @Chroma and @GuzzenVonLidl had the AO locked down. I hope my driver skills are improving, I found this particular IFV quite difficult to see out of, while it had plenty of viewpoints i could only really see 20m ahead but nothing below that from my low position, possibly related to TrackIR, but it made fine manoeuvering difficult. It also had quite a few graphical glitches (windows full of white, guns running round outside with no bodies and no back to the vehicle when looking behind). It also has no bearing indicator or turret/vehicle positional information or rear view camera. We managed to get around this by using the cam view of the panels (thanks @Chroma for being reverse cam) which made life a bit easier as i could see where the commander and the gunner were looking at least.
    Thanks very muchly for the op, intense but enjoyable.
    Capital P
  24. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by Filth in Saturday Mission 22/06/19   
    Once again a leap forward from the last op of the campaign. More feedback taken into account. The depth of the experience was greatly enhanced. However, this came with new problems. Trying to sum up:
    -Combination of time limit and mines is problematic
    -Too few passenger seats in IFV (minimum 8)
    -Too many utility vehicles
    -Bullshit artillery
    Other than this, the overall balance for mechanised gameplay was much improved. The combat itself was well balanced, challenging and a lot of fun.
    As a squad leader, this was maybe the heaviest workload I've had to experience so far. As a result, I'm not quite happy with how everything turned out. Managing this took a tonne of energy and focus. My biggest problem was the absence of an FAC.
    Added to this were the issues regarding manpower requirement on one hand, and seats limitations on the other, which I mention above. Frustration, particularly throughout the first third of the op, was pretty high on my end.
    Another point that needs to be made is that loss of leadership posed a pretty big problem in the beginning, when the squad failed to continue their push in accordance with our time limit, in my absence.
    I was surprised to find that all ground elements seemed to find ways of working together effectively, even without close micro management. As such, we were a pretty effective fighting force. A great deal of our casualties was caused by, again, bullshit artillery, or indeed sheer technical problems such as server stutters in CQB. Safe to say though our casualty rates were pretty atrocious.
    Because of this, and because of our lack of progress, I wouldn't call this mission a success. There were however some pretty interesting, unusual situations that we encountered and had to find ways of dealing with. And we did.
  25. Pilgrim liked a post in a topic by PARKER in Saturday Mission 22/06/19   
    Bugger that, push on!

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