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  1. Ok. Is AAC in that Big need of training that you need a major op for it. ;P
  2. is this mission played on Friday?
  3. This was a big success. Both for us and for my mission making. Well played from @unionjak and @Pilgrim who formed team Bravo with me. It's really nice to have experience in the team when I'm still new as a TL. Please let me know if there is something you think I can do batter as a TL. (And yeah. Ok. When I said we I ment me. ;P ) Well played from @NeKoArroW , @Nemac and @hoofed that formed Team Alpha. I know @Nemac had a lot to do for the second objective. And @hoofed got to do most of the first. If you have anything to say about the mission I like to hear it. It helps allot in my mission making.
  4. Really nice mission. I liked it allot. And for @Filth I like it when you squadlead on Sunday missions. Even if it's a bit more strict than usual. So next time don't worry to much about that. I like nekos missions becaus there's a bit different depending on who's leading it. And I like GOL ops because there's more strict and more of the same procedure on things.
  5. Oooh. And @SoKkada try to be a bit more distinct with your orders. Short and clear. exampel: you: "we are going to go there. i want buddy team two to go first." (and then nothing. ) How I want you: "Buddy team two. GO there. NOW!" or "charlie Bound!" And Use your buddy teams more to bound and cover each other.
  6. This is hard as fuck. But i really like it even if I died ALOT!!! Not use to it being this hard. But I having a really fun time. Need to join you guys more often. Big thumbs up to @R4IDER for mission making. Some feedback that was said but I also was thinking it. Maybe making AI less skilled or giving them lesser weapons. It was a bit much 1 shot kills for me. BUT as I wrote, I'm not use to it. I think @SoKkada did a rally good job today. I stepped up when hi was dead, and he was dead a lot. @Evilcommand and @Wartomsniper Did a really good job shooting and holding sectors when they didn't fool around. You have good qualities. BUT I felt that @SoKkada, @NeKoArroW and me needed to micro manage @Wartomsniper and @Evilcommand a little to much today, and I believe it was hugely because all the fooling around. One time when sokkada was dead I shouted to, I believe it was TOM, "SHUT UP, I'm trying to hear the radio." After that both TOM and EVIL played really good and was listening really good. You know how we play and you know the way we do stuff. I hope I didn't offend anyone. Thanx and hugs /ThecMaster
  7. Yeah. It was a bit to much and I have tuned it down a bit. Most groups we encountered was patrols going around the object and in between ASM and Camp Maxwell. I will add some markers that tells us where to expect enemies from. Or at least from where my idea of where they suppose to originate from when attacking. Some groups that's attacking will get in on the north side but that's nothing I can do anything about I belevie. That's just how AI do. And it will be random if thay go there. Thanx for feedback
  8. where is that dislike button...
  9. Wizu will play too.
  10. It works really good. I think it's about the same. It's nice that you don't see the name to far away. Did you implement the longer distance while you point on them? @GuzzenVonLidl
  11. Agree about tanoa. I often don't like the fights there. The mission was good. I liked it allot. We might need 10 + to attend next time.
  12. Nice montage.
  13. Nice mission. I liked it alot. One of the best mission I have played Grate teamleading from @SoKkada well done. Some screenshots I got
  14. Come in when you can then.

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