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  1. Nice mission. I liked it alot. One of the best mission I have played Grate teamleading from @SoKkada well done. Some screenshots I got
  2. Come in when you can then.
  3. Put it up please.
  4. Thanx for the good critic and advice and tips. I'm working on my next mission and planning to finish it on Saturday. If I manage we will play that on Sunday.
  5. It's my first missing so please give me all critic you have. good and bad. I need it all so please just don't complain without telling me what was good to. See you later
  6. You knew what was going to happen. why did you go first?
  7. Hi. I have decided to leave GOL again. I can't find the time for it. I have plans to study and I have a son to spend time with. I have been on an Longtime LOA because I haven't felt good at all. Now when I have sorted some of that I can't fit GOL in the schedule. You will see me on some missions when I come and guest play with you all. And of cause on NekoArrows missions when I have the time to play them. /ThecMaster
  8. Now I have voted what I think are going to be best for me this fall. But I can't know. I have work hour somewhere between 7 am and 11 pm and i also work weekends sometime. I also have a son that I want to spend time with. Hope you can understand that and give me some slack.
  9. I'll fix that in about 1.5 weeks. when I have some extra time. If I haven't done it in 2 weeks please remind me again.
  10. I really thought that I did have the time to play with the best gang of this world, GOL. I re assigned in December and was really looking forward to play Arma with all of you, but unfortunately my life got in the way this time. It's with a grate amount of sadness I now need to resign. I will miss you all. Maybe sometime in the future I will have the time to play with you again. Please, feel free to add me on steam if you want to play arma or any other game with me. It would be an honour. Special thanks to. Filthy, you have been like a mentor for me. Oksman, for your patience and understanding. MacGregor, for all the couragement.
  11. I wasn't there on Saturday... :-P
  12. I just found out that AGM is no longer being developed. So if we want to improve it we need to do that for our self.
  13. yeah I blame coops for that.
  14. If we just had an apache also we have got you...
  15. I wrote a post on Github about the problem that you need to have a bandage in your own gear to be able to bandage someone else. They responded within 2 min and labeled it as enhancement and that they are going to fix that for v.0.96

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