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  1. Postponed until after the mission.
  2. We are having another meeting at 18:00 BST. @R4IDER wants to present his plan to save GOL.
  3. Switching the mission day will change nothing. If you wanted to save GOL, the following would need to happen: Merging the squads and uniting under one strong, motivated leader Changing our gameplay to SF / insurgent style Serious research into why we can't retain almost any recruits and working on resolving the issues Changing our PR strategy to reflect the state we are currently in (not coming off as a group that plays platoon sized missions) Why can't some people see that the most prominent reason why we are in this mess is because of the leadership? The clan leader is never here, @Baron coulnd't care less and Raider is here like once a month. I'm burned out. I was looking forward to the merger (still am), but I will not be sticking around if you try to salvage this situation. I consider it a complete folly and don't have the energy for it.
  4. adsgrwarg = joona
  5. Now that Chris has been made aware of the situation, the following can be made public. We've basically come to the conclusion that due the low attendance and low member count, we have to make same drastic changes. Options: 1) Scout out for an allience (a group of clans that plays regulary in a similar style that we do) 2) Scout for a clan(s) willing to play coop regulary (basically forming an alliance) 3) Leave GOL en masse and join a clan that we have "vetted" (some sort of trial perior before leaving) 4) Merge with another clan IMPORTANT: Do proper research of the unit we are moving to Time frame: 1) Consult with the rest of GOL (before 7. 6.) 2) Choose one of the options from above (before 11. 6.) 3) Start exploring and revisit the topic around end of June @R4IDER is currently in the process of talking to other clans (three at the moment). Everyone can contribute to the list of clans we'll approach. Use google, reddit, youtube, arma units, anything you can think of. I've made a Google sheet to keep things organized - We just ask that you don't contact the unit before checking with NCOs or Raider.
  6. We've come up with a couple of options. Before we put them on the forums, we want to introduce them to Chris so that he hears it in person. Please be patient.
  7. We are having a meeting open for all GOL members, where we will discuss the current attendance problems and the overall FUBAR situation GOL finds itself in. Be on TS at 20:15 BST if you want to attend.
  8. What do you mean, I'm handsome in real life AND in Arma
  9. Some pics from the IDET Expo. Here's me inside Mi-35 And here I am behind the Minigun of Mi-171Š: You can check out the rest of the photos here - There's pics of the Puma IFV and some other cool stuff.
  10. Denied - inactive
  11. Denied, no show.
  12. Amazing, @hoofed. I'm really glad that Stranger Things introduced me to this kind of music. Oh, and this is my current favourite.
  13. Sure, got one mounted on my SUV. Problem is the ammo cost
  14. I'm suprised @R4IDER can count up to twenty.
  15. Have you heard about ARMA 3?

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