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  1. Does this mean I'm not bringing my mission for the 23rd forward? Bearing in mind I'll be LOA until January as of Sunday.
  2. Update: Armaholic Page: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32544 Direct File Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByNlPemEkj1gQWZHZUlBMEtGNTA Steam Workshop Page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940368971 Changelog: V4.1.2 General Maintenance: AH-1Z: Expanded Editor Loadout Presets Fixed APKWS not guiding Fixed AGM-122 not locking AH-64: Completely restructured Loadout system
  3. Update: Armaholic Page: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32544 Direct File Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByNlPemEkj1gQWZHZUlBMEtGNTA Steam Workshop Page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940368971 Changelog: V4.1.1 General Maintenance: A-10: * Fixed loading error where certain rocket systems would not have an available weapon
  4. woop woop, Apex content decrypted. can start building jungles on maps now
  5. Update: Added expanded AAC roles from my alternate framework Scripting finished for expanded BLUFOR factions
  6. Russian backed rebel insurrection causes UN security increase UN intervention confirmed in the face of further violence in the Black Sea region! Russian backed, Krasnostavian Separatists have seized control of large swathe of Chernarussian countryside and moved to within 5km of the capital after defeating the Chernarussian Defence Force in the town of Zelenogorsk. This is the latest and most crucial setback in weeks of armed conflict as the Krasnostavians try to earn recognition for their independence from the Chernarussian Parliament. While Russia accepts and recognises this independence, most world leaders refuse to acknowledge the fledgling state given the accusations of ethnic cleansing of Chernarussian civilians in the north of the region. In the latest chapter of this ongoing saga Russia faces criticism for allegedly deploying controversial Cluster Bombs against civilian areas, something Moscow vehemently denies. The Krasnostavian movement faces fresh accusations of ethic war crimes as a Hospital and Press Centre were both targeted as the fighting in Zelenogorsk drew to its conclusion. Both locations were known meeting points for Chernarussian refugees fleeing the north. In light of the upsurge in civilian deaths, the UN are deploying forces to the region to help increase security for the civilians and deliver humanitarian aid to the region. The following countries have so far pledged aid: Republic of Altis Czech Republic Kingdom of Sahrani Georgia has also deployed military forces to the area to assist the Chernarussian Defence Force in rebuilding its defences. The UN will be hoping for a rapid de-escalation of the situation before the humanitarian problem becomes too big to handle. Timeline to disaster. The story so far in Chernarus: August 1 - An explosion on a road near Khelm, believed to be orchestrated by Krasnostavian Separatists, injures five Chernarussian policemen. This triggers a week of attacks on Krasnostavian hide outs as the police retaliate with a huge show of force. August 7 - President of Chernarus Mikheil Saakashvili announces a unilateral ceasefire. After this, attacks intensify against Chernarussian villages. Supposed Ethnic Cleansing in northern Chernarus begins. August 8 - Chernarussian troops are attacked and return fire, advancing towards the self-proclaimed City State of Krasnostav, during the night. President Saakashvili later stated that Russia had already sent tanks to Krasnostav before he gave the order for Chernarussian forces to launch a military operation. Several hours after Chernarussian troops had assaulted Krasnostav, Russia attacked Chernarus, claiming to be conducting "peace enforcement" operation to defend peacekeepers and civilians. Russian military captured Krasnostav in five days and expelled the Chernarussian forces. Russia also launched airstrikes against military infrastructure in Chernarus. Russia justified its actions by Chernarussian "aggression" and perpetration of "genocide" in Krasnostav. The battle was one of the biggest battles of the conflict so far leaving 273 civilians wounded and 44 dead. The Russians and Chernarussians both shelled the city with BM-21 Grad systems during the fight. August 12 - Russian President Medvedev said that he had ordered an end to military operations in Chernarus. However, Russian air raids did not stop. Russian troops drove through Lopatino and took up positions around it. After an end to hostilities was announced, Zelenogorsk was shelled by artillery for the first time. A fragmentation shell exploded at the press centre, which killed a Dutch journalist and also damaged the neighbouring buildings. The Occupation of Zelenogorsk is where most of the alleged war crimes have taken place. Russia allegedly bombarded the city with cluster munitions even though it was a civilian location, the hospital was targeted and bombed even though it was flying the red cross and the Russian occupation force has allegedly ignored the Krasnostavian attacks on ethnic Chernarussians. August 13 - Parts of Zelenogorsk, are still occupied by a Russian tank battalion several hours after the ceasefire agreement. Civilians find Un-Exploded Ordnance from Russian RBK-250 Cluster Bombs in the city despite Russian claims that none were used on the city. 2 children are taken to hospital with "life changing injuries" after accidentally triggering a bomblet. August 14 - UN Deployment Confirmed
  7. Been a while but the latest update is now available: Armaholic Page: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32544 Direct File Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByNlPemEkj1gQWZHZUlBMEtGNTA Steam Workshop Page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940368971 Changelog: V4.1.0 CUP Pylons and LOAC DLC Update: A-10: * Implemented CUP Pylon System AH-1Z: * Implemented CUP Pylon System AH-64: * Removed - Loading Script requires complete rebuild for CUP Pylons AV-8b: * Implemented CUP Pylon System AW-159: * Implemented CUP Pylon System * Added Init Script to correctly animate winglets at mission start depending on weapon selection from editor F-35: * Implemented CUP Pylon System H-6: * Removed - Loading Script requires complete rebuild for CUP Pylons Jets: * Added BIS Cluster Bombs to relevant aircraft * Fixed incorrect bay animations on F/A-181 Wasp * Removed RAH-66 - Loading script requires complete rebuild Ka-50: * Added expanded Kh-25 Missile Family L-39: * Removed - Weapon systems require complete rebuild after removal of co-pilot turret MH-60: * Implemented CUP Pylon System Mi-24: * Tweaked nose wheel ground contact * Removed AT missile pod options for inboard weapon stations to match real loading options Su-25: * Added Expanded Kh-25 Missile Family Su-34: * Added Expanded Kh-25 Missile Family
  8. As usual I can't attend any discussion but my points going forward would be: Vehicles: The current vehicle spawning system causes massive problems whenever I use it and is almost completely broken. The vehicles don't follow waypoints and are often incapable of moving at all, the crew members jump out and get stuck most of the time and you cannot use the system to spawn OPFOR aircraft of any type without the crew spazing out and crashing. This also applies to stuff like the Zeus CAS module which likewise results only in a crashed aircraft. Any attempt to fix these problems in Zeus goes completely mental and I ended up reverting to the vehicle spawner from the previous framework which works fine. Obviously this needs to be overhauled urgently otherwise vehicles become a major problem in mission making. We also need a way to spawn aircraft without them crashing all the time. Gear: The load out scripting needs to be much more transparent to allow editors a chance to adjust the mission equipment without having to dive through multiple layers of code and files. Comments in the load out scripts would be a good start but also common.sqf needs to have a documented way to change things so we can change flare ammo etc depending on the scenario. While I get that we have set equipment that we use, there is a multitude of alternate variants of said equipment that simply do not get used since people don't know how to adjust these settings. As an example, when I made the diver gear for Deniable Presence I had to change details in 5 files, most of which has never been documented. As a result we always end up playing the same factions, in the same gear which does get a bit tedious. You could also integrate the expanded factions that I've made. This gives us way more pre-configured factions to help new editors out without them having to script the stuff themselves. Zeus: I know there is a way to "blacklist" units from automatic gear allocation, so can we please remove the function that detects units that are zeused in and replaces their gear? If I place an AA soldier through Zeus I want an AA soldier, not whatever the framework decides to re-equip it as. This will make dynamic mission editing much easier. Civilians: Our recent move toward spec-ops/small unit gameplay has been great but the civilian life is still lacking a bit. We used to have the spawnCivilians function that worked fairly well. An improved version of this would add the immersion we need for these operations, especially with the new humanitarian stuff. Functions to add lone wolf attacks or suicide bombers would also be a godsend to those that cannot script for themselves and would provide yet more immersion. At present these things only turn up in missions that are made by those of us with scripting experience and it shows. The AAC: The AAC are a misunderstood bunch. Our equipment is usually not suitable for purpose unless the editor takes the time to communicate with us and editors simply do not know what we are capable of or what to use for the given task. I made a standalone module in my alternate framework that automatically spawns the relevant equipment for most of our callsigns depending on the player faction. This would make a great addition to any clan framework going forward since the editor need only know what he wants the AAC to do, and delete some objects accordingly. Further to this, we need the equipment for our other roles. We have Hunter configured now but that still leaves out our Paramedic, Jet Pilot and Mortar Teams. While I take the time to script these in properly, others do not as they expect the framework to do it for them. These teams are there to mix the mission up and keep things fresh, something that will benefit us all in the long run. To answer the question before it gets asked, yes our jet pilots need different equipment to our helicopter pilots simply to promote SERE/CSAR operations. This again will benefit everyone by making our missions more dynamic.
  9. Update: Added EOD settings and role changes based on Orange DLC testing work Changed ACE Advanced Medical Settings to latest working version in our testing/ops Added OPFOR Expanded Factions. BLUFOR and INDEP factions are also added but not scripted for the exercises yet.
  10. Update: New Mine Handling Training Lane added to FOB Cluster. Tucked up on the South West wall. Use the laptop to choose between training (inert) or live versions and the lane will be populated with 50 randomly placed mines. There is also a crate nearby with some EOD items in it to play around with if you wish. Role Selection boxes now dotted around FOB Cluster on user request. New spawner function for FOB Cluster objects. Requires server test and feedback please! The function does take a little while to run to prevent big lag spikes so give it a chance. As a rough guideline, once you can see vehicles, the objects and buildings should be present.
  11. Great idea but my plate is full sadly so I can't help. One of you millenials should get on board with this!
  12. Pilgrims Literal German Translation on The Patrol: Filth: You have marsch which is march and marsch marsch which is like jogging Pilgrim: So like walk and walky walk?
  13. I'll look into the spawning and copy over a gear box. I'm not sure why the objects wouldn't spawn when the vehicles have, that seems strange.
  14. And finally, the full operation highlights. I'm finished with the video spam now

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