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  1. As has been said before. Limited respawn without something to increase casevac rates eliminates 70% of the AAC workload. You would effectively kill the AAC doing this. I wouldn't exactly call that progress. Any vote should only be done after more thorough testing which is again not being done. Just like ALiVE and the last time I saw adv med trialled there has been no concerted effort to tweak and test this to our needs. A simple "don't like it it's shit" after one op can't possibly be sufficient. In its current guise it is too difficult. There are however multiple options to adjust that are not being explored. Dropping the idea on the evidence of 1 op is not progress. Ultimately it's down to the majority as it should be but I think we're going into this half cocked without a full grasp of what adv med could offer. Again, this is not progress.
  2. Agreed, the award system is in need of an update. My suggestion to re-start using is ok but a full and proper overhaul is a better idea in the long term.
  3. Don't let this put you off guys. Check this out: Reserve Pilot is very much alive and well so if you don't fancy a full transfer but would like to pitch in let us know and we will cater your training to your current level of experience. Any extra hands are welcome and who knows you might even like it. Further to this, we should look at getting back to awards. It might sound petty but they give a sense of achievement. I know they technically never went away but they're simply not being used: The last campaign ribbon issued was for Tet and that started a year ago! Qualifications with appropriate awards for the JTAC Course, Mortar Course and players reaching Reserve Pilot status as well as trained AAC Pilots being given their wings. Other courses exist also, these are just the ones I'm involved with. Some sort of commendation system especially for the Privates. At present they can go to PFC and maybe SPC but after that rank means leadership. People like UnknownEngineer, UJ and Pilgrim, for example, have been here like FOREVER and should have something to show for it. I would also like to suggest a combined arms training session at least once per campaign like we used to do. The infantry and AAC do not spend enough time training together. It need not be the old crazy ass 3 hour trainings but a shorter mission between campaigns with an hour or so training before hand (a bit like current infantry training) would be a huge benefit to all. It could even be combined with the upcoming campaign as a sort of mission specific training where we test the equipment and try to trap as many bugs as possible to help the campaign itself run more smoothly.
  4. finite state machine, it's the same thing that drives the flight training. in laymans terms its a self contained script that tracks your waypoints and progress. a script to do the same thing could be hundreds or thousands of lines long while an FSM is handled by the game engine in a slightly different way. All the BIS firing drills, time trials and bootcamp ranges are controlled by FSMs rather than scripts
  5. Been a while but I've eventually got around to updating more of the training round: https://github.com/jasonjoyce971/GOL_Training_Ground_17/wiki I've added a context sensitive vehicle training area that provides an FSM based driver training course and a vehicle range. There is also now an FSM based marksman range that will form the basis of other ranges including (hopefully) a moving target range. As before if there are any requests let me know. You can track my progress and known issues here: https://github.com/jasonjoyce971/GOL_Training_Ground_17/projects/1 If you are interested in helping then let me know and I'll figure out how to get your work merged (still not used GITHUB for multiple contributors). On a different note, the mission size is starting to get a bit crazy so what are peoples thoughts on packing this as an addon instead? It means the training ground will already reside on everyones systems which should (I think) help with loading times.
  6. Not seen anything on that but all this LOAC stuff is making me think the whole "trident" hearts and minds thing might be getting a big up. Look after the civvies or they may turn on you sort of thing.
  7. We're not averse to using drones they just resemble their Eve cousins. Small, destructive, disobedient and guaranteed to go mental when you need them most A bit like kids really
  8. Logistics Drone that could be used by the AAC in specialist scenarios Mine overhaul including updates to detection and clearing procedures Training Mine to be added to the training ground UXO clearing missions could work well with our current numbers (play AS the aid workers/UN rather than protecting them) And did I mention more Cluster Bombs?
  9. Aww hell yeah, EOD here we come. BIS have also made their own cluster bombs, one per faction, that can actually drop dud bomblets which then blow up later
  10. Time to kick the tree again. The following people are not on the units page as far as I can tell. If you are there let me know your name on the units page so I can get you off the list. @Filth @NeKoArroW @ThecMaster Juan Sanchez badboy Sokkada @Dezo Mackaule It only takes a minute to set this up guys so lets get it done. It all serves to raise our profile. While you're at it, take the time to check out the playlists I've got so far of our gaming: Bloopers: Operations: Training Videos: Get some likes up there and help raise our profile that way. There is also the CUP Enhancement pack to subscribe to and rate: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940368971 Or if you prefer Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32544 Parkers channel to subscribe to and get some likes on: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqm8CVJeqlmpx7ACU4HfXqg Finally there is the reddit page: https://www.reddit.com/r/FindAUnit/comments/6febgw/a3recruitingguerrillas_of_liberation_tactical_coop/
  11. In all seriousness though, I think this has already been answered: That to me reads that it goes to the person who currently foots the monthly bill for the forum hosting and/or server to reduce their outgoings. The contribution is towards the cost of running these things
  12. I heard it goes on lady boys for Chris
  13. I'll have to abstain on this round. In theory I cannot attend either but if we move to combined training I may be able to juggle RL stuff to attend at the cost of no longer attending Fridays
  14. Any change to my training day would need me to juggle RL stuff before I could attend

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