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  1. I'm just going over the replay now looking for stuff to snip out into a movie of some sorts and trying out that tac view thing. For me I managed to lift in every aircraft last night and promptly fly them into AAA while trying to locate the convoy lol. Trying to find that last bloody packet of vehicles was way more difficult than I was expecting. I think I'll put an AFAC in next time that can guide the A-10s in so they can mark for the Su-25s. Now to try this tacview thing to see exactly where I screwed up..... For next time I'm toying with the idea of using Combined Arms with the AWAC radio system built into SRS and working as C2. That should remove the "AI is mental" problem. Self critique on the editing: there were not enough air contacts to keep the Eagles busy all mission ground target locating was way too difficult. will add other means of locating targets such as JTAC/SF/AFAC. will probably have to use the A-10s with the DCS JTAC system since the scripted JTACs are largely static biggest noob editor mistake though was leaving in the map markers........DOH! I'll look into why the JTAC forces were visible also. not sure why they were visible to us but not to the enemy but go figure Looking forward to the next one. With my next school holiday enforced LOA looming I'll be starting to build it so any requests feel free to nag me.
  2. Last bump for this guys. I'll be starting the servers up at around 1845 so we can get in game for 1900. There are plenty of slots still available for anyone wanting to get involved including Combined Arms slots for those that want to play on the ground as vehicle crews or play as ground commander which is a bit like an RTS.
  3. This is exactly what I'm currently reading up on lol. They cheat by using Tac View to view the flight data as it is recorded giving themselves a sort of all seeing radar showing the entire battle in pretty much real time. Lets strike pilots avoid CAP flights and CAP flights to find bandits. The tracks for the flights are automatically recorded for me as I'm the server which is handy. Downside I have to either trust the dubious DCS export tool to get an AVI or replay the entire mission in replay mode while recording it in OBS. I would then have to record multiple times to get different shots etc then edit the whole thing. Lots of work but should look cool as hell by the end of it. Sadly I don't have any radio audio from last week as I wasn't recording. Game audio is there though.
  4. I'm going to try to record this weeks action. I'll record it live so long as it doesn't screw up the game too much but I'm also going to see about exporting the track and creating a movie from there where I can pan between all aircraft
  5. Yeah I believe any controller can be configured to any input with any modifier key. That's how people make their own home cockpits with working MFCDs etc
  6. Another silly bump. C'mon guys you know you want to blow some stuff up spectacularly @Luke This may help you out a bit mate:
  7. If you're in doubt, simply ask the pilot. He'll be happy to point you in the right direction. Obviously he has to concentrate on flying and landing, often while under fire so it sometimes slips our minds to call it out. If it was the drop that I was with you, I gave you a heading as I ran off to check a supply crate. My own feedback then: The mission brought an end to a classic campaign, I just wish I'd seen more of it but my various LOAs meant that wasn't the case this time out. It has been a grand campaign throughout with some truly epic air combat rarely seen in GOL operations. Massive congrats to @R4IDER for putting it together. This particular mission was more conventional than some of the earlier ones but it made sense of the overall campaign story. We can't still be engaging the Argentinian Air Force after they've suffered so many losses. The highly mobile ground assault coupled with the contacts being more sporadic meant that CAS was limited but Banshee was still kept busy with air defences so it wasn't a spoiled evening. Only real thing to mention would be the radios which seemed to have truly appalling range last night. A long range radio that can only broadcast 2.5km is pretty useless. Not sure if it was the terrain or a problem with TFAR but it meant that most AAC comms was done by cTab text message which kind of spoiled the immersion a bit. Just like the medic running around with a sniper rifle (you know who you are ) Personal highlight was managing to headshot a contact with a GBU-12 outside of the radio station Oh and getting some very rare FAC rifle kills Personal regret, not managing to get a BLU-118 into some CAS runs. Dammit! Decent mission, Great campaign. On to the next one!
  8. I got rifle kills, go me
  9. Then paint it Black and zip around humming the top gun theme like Hoofed does
  10. Couldn't find you guys to get into formation lol. No wonder I was about 2000ft above you trying to get my Mavericks to work.
  11. dcs world

    Oh yeah just throw this up on your second monitor Nice table though, I'll have to PRINT it and put it on my wall coz I'm old school like that and only need one monitor
  12. dcs world

    More Su-25T training stuff, this time on Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=166298920
  13. Asians guide to A-10C, play my no bullshit training campaign: Asians guide to Su-25T (the one you get for free): As for trackIR, I can't help with that. You can use the mouse to look around (not sure why you'd want to) or you can set "snap" points for your view so you can instantly switch to points of interest around the cockpit that you can designate. Edit: Alternately there are free mobile apps that can be used to turn your phone into some sort of head tracker but it's not that great and can be a bit of a nause to setup. There are also other options such as tobii (can't remember how to spell it) eye tracker which I believe can be configured for DCS. Finally there is also the VR option which again you can rig up on your phone for very little cost. I used this with some measure of success before in both DCS and Elite Dangerous but it can be fiddly to set up.
  14. Bump. C'mon guys I know there are more DCS pilots out there.
  15. Got the manpower now, just need to get everyone up to speed. Will happen sooner rather than later. We're taking over the place

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