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  1. I think it's great, I'm a complete sci-fi nut and love all this sort of stuff It just isn't arma
  2. UGV comes in EOD bomb robot variant which would be cool. CBRN items are "cosmetic only except for parts of the SP campaign". Looks like there isn't a vanilla CBRN system but there might be some scripts or functions that let us cuff it
  3. new terrain and CBRN gear at least. if they manage to get CBRN mechanics working that could be cool. new factions also with new weapons. pinning my hopes on the CBRN stuff atm, that would something new
  4. ffs
  5. Yeah I agree. Like I said above East Wind makes the most sense of the overarching story
  6. That's why I'm thinking east wind. The SP campaign revolves around the missing east wind device and, depending on your choices, ends with you trying to escape Altis in the aftermath of the device being fired. Looking at it from outside then you could have NATO, CSAT and AAF all blaming each other to trigger WW3 while IDAP gets stuck in the middle trying to evacuate civilians from the warzone. Makes the most sense of the given information and content. Part of me is expecting zombies though given the release of DayZ and the popularity it had as a mod and through its early access days
  7. Top rumours/theories are: Nuclear weapons Chemical weapons The east wind device is made active causing natural disasters I like these ideas, especially the east wind thing which ties in to all the previous content nicely while opening up additional gameplay. Other ideas include: Zombie apocalypse aka arma3dayz Alien invasion. This is strange but apparently there are old files found by mining the game binaries that reference alien units, uniforms and possibly weapons. Given the futuristic nature of the game it is plausible. Mars. Given the spaceX idea of putting people on Mars in the next 10 years and the events of arma3 taking place in the next 15 years............ Guess we will see tomorrow
  8. Ok first up some definitions: Datalink: Jets DLC brought in the datalink system. It links the targeting systems for ALL connected vehicles per side. It resembles RL link16 systems. Units do not need to be synced in order to use datalink, it is automatic. SEAD: Suppression of Enemy Air Defence. The tactic of using aircraft to destroy anti-air threats AAA: Anti-Aircraft Artillery. Largely unguided and thus not connected to the datalink. Short range SPAAA: Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Artillery. Mostly fitted with radar and thus connected to the datalink SAM: Surface to Air Missile. Not to be confused with a radar, this is a missile launcher. Takes it's guidance and target from the datalink MANPADS: Man Portable Air Defence System. Simple shoulder launched, IR guided missiles SHORAD: Short Ranged Air Defence. Usually a visually guided AAA system, SPAAA or MANPADS. Designed for close ranged protection. Especially effective against helicopters The Integrated Air Defence System (IADS) An IADS is a collection of units designed to operate together to defend an area from air units. The main unit in an IADS is a SAM system of some description. The complete SAM system comprises launch units and radars. The more launchers there are the faster the system will fire and the more ammo it will have. The more radars the system has the bigger the radius it can cover and the more targets it can effectively track. This makes the SAM and its radars a prime target. To protect the SAM then SHORAD assets are placed in locations they can protect the SAM. These are usually elevated positions such as hill tops or buildings. While capable of engaging any air threat, their primary role is to stop SEAD flights from attacking the SAM. Datalink comes into play now then by broadcasting EVERY TARGET THAT EVERY ASSET CAN SEE TO EVERY OTHER ASSET ON THE DATALINK!! This means that if an SPAAA or jet at the far edge of the SAM engagement area can see you, so can EVERY OTHER OPFOR VEHICLE. This includes the SAM. The SAM then will launch on you by tracking the target relayed to it. This is where most editors fall down. They spam place SAMs thinking to make things more difficult and they end up making things impossible. A better way is to place a variety of assets over a wider area. This means the limited number of SAMs has greater coverage despite their numbers. It also gives the AAC a chance to systematically dismantle the IADS by taking out the sensors to limit the SAMs potential before coming in for the kill.
  9. it was unsung originally, vanilla now has the same functionality via datalink
  10. That mod looks like a complete rip off of the same old ARMA 2 assets tbh.
  11. They're not. Plain old visor slit view ports
  12. Meh. It's a reskin pack only for existing RHS stuff. Could look into it for authenticity I guess

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