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      ARMA 3 Sync Update   07/14/2018

      ARMA 3 Mods Updated! This update restructures our mod package, previously the mods would get added to either GOLIslandsA3 or GOLAddonsA3 and this resulted in a fairly large mod folder. Before downloading this update it is recommended that you delete your current mods first because A3S doesn't always clean up the old mods. To do this you simply need to head to the location that you downloaded the mods to for example: \Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 and delete all of the folders that start with @ The benefits of the new structure include: Being able to see what mods we are/aren't running To give you the option of disabling addons that you don't want to run To have the option of adding mods that some may like to run for example: Blastcore To have the option of downloading the mods outside of the GOL Repository for example: Steam workshop or directly from armaholic To have the option of creating campaign specific mod pack presets so users can select the mod set preset and only the mods required for the campaign will be loaded - this will mean better performance. This can be set on the server side so that the preset is made available to everyone for everyone to select.

      An example of this is that we are playing as the Russians against middle-east rebels. Only the mods required for this would need to be loaded and this can be determined by a mod preset - are present there is only one mod preset which is called "ARMA 3 GOL Mod Pack". Another preset can be added called "Battle for the Falklands" for example and then only the mods for this campaign will be loaded. Obviously by only loading the mods for this campaign would mean better load times and performance.

      Keep in mind that as a mission maker that if you save your mission while all of the mods are running then some mods will added themselves as required mods in the mission.sqm meaning that if you try to load the mission again later it will fail because it believes that the required mod is missing. When making the missions only do so with the required mods - if you do mess up then there is the option of opening the mission.sqm in notepad or some other editor and removing the mods from the required mods selection. The download size can be reduced if you choose to manually move the mod files but if you don't have much experience with the mods then please just delete the existing mods and download the mods fresh. Any problems then post a message in the technical support thread and myself and others who can will be happy to help   Download size:  35.44GB


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  1. Not only acceptable, mandatory.
  2. @guyjacklin
  3. Co-pilot seat, tilt the camera down like 10deg, fly around spotting like a nutcase. Fun time if there are no heavy assets but a nightmare otherwise
  4. I am having too many issues with my textures/assets. The trees and houses keep rapid loading and unloading causing about 10 fps. I cannot play like this, good luck with the rest of the mission. Apologies. It is a similar issue to what I have encounted in a previous mission, looks like this: https://i.gyazo.com/604dbe4eccfb898d114e250e7cb25766.mp4 Feedback as I will not be there for debrief: The addition of the USS Freedom with it's 3 frigate escorts made this mission from an air perspective almost impossible. They were ~16km away but as soon as you lift from the airfield you would get painted and have incoming, once anywhere near the AO you would be greeted by a flurry of missiles. This would put you on defensive evasion for the whole flight with continues incoming. Throwing the enemy air assets into the mix also made for a mission that wasn't really a great time for 1 friendly fast mover, we only have so many flares. I do not believe there was any armament that we had available that would be able to take out the frigates, I fired a combined 16 x Kh-25MPU (4 rearms worth) at them with no sign of them caring or lowing of there barrage back at me. If tasked with just land based AA this mission would have still been a challenge but also would have been possible to destroy those to make clear way for the insert birds which sadly a lot of the time landing in the same fate as me, burning. Unfortunately these problems lead to pretty much no air support for the duration of the mission.
  5. C'mon you fuckers.. join the insanity that is DCS!
  6. Did you get anymore from our flight the other evening?
  7. Maaaaaan the days when we could fully function 4 aircraft and an FAC! Our time will come again
  8. Sad that it didn't, seemed to be a fair few decent moments throughout I liked the comms through the initial assault, another bonus of being on 50.1
  9. Can get a list of air assets?
  10. Highlights - Battle for the Falklands Week 3 - Banshee
  11. Damn it. 1 off of 100 xD
  12. Cannot attend, going to visit my mother in hospital.
  13. @Filth Can attend.
  14. In the initial testing we did as long as you were prone, weapon holstered or not, you could easily disarm the IEDs.. even going as far as to crawl on top of each type, as soon as you pressed to crouch you would explode. So if the class setting are as Jason has set up I do not see how you could have issues as it seemed impossible to make it go off in prone.

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