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  1. Buy followers? xD
  2. I have to agree that having extra ranks available to be obtained would be worth it, lets people know we appreciate what they do Recruit - New members. Private - Passed recruitment. Private First Class - Been around awhile, shown interest in the clan and is active. Lance Corporal - Shown exception input to the clan(Currently what PFC is). Corporal - Veterans Specialist- Course runners etc Sergeant - 2ICs. Staff Sergeant - 1ICs.
  3. These can't be too hard to adjust in most image editors <---- Look at the size of that
  4. @Danny, as has been mentioned above by Jason we could go into great detail as to what lead to his eventual removal but have decided to leave it with as little outward information as a benefit to Orev. He did not mix well with our squad but I gave him the chance to switch back to the ground as he may have fit better there, this is a choice I did not have to make. It has been clearly explained to himself in the message informing him of his removal why this decision has taken place, with clear, specific examples. I don't see a need to make this public.
  5. In case this is ever removed.. must be saved.
  6. Our normal setup consists of 1 SR and 1 LR frequency so this is perfect.
  7. Can attend, Mon & Tues day/night but on Thurs & Sun just during the day.
  8. You came to the right place.
  9. @Des If you still don't have it reply to this and I can get it for you today.
  10. I guess it depends what the offer is
  11. I am very tempted by this offer.. although can't be thaaaaat long for the 1080 ti!
  12. Noice!

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