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  1. Are you going to take the advice on board or counter with reasons on why it works like it does? If its the former dude I will come <3
  2. Id rather have limited respawns and no adv medical - personally. Should make a vote
  3. I thought the PFC was exactly that? to show that youve been a credit to the clan but not in a leadership rank. @R4IDER @Filth I suggest an award overhaul. Start from scratch (awards, not the ribbons) and carefully pick which awards are worth having. id say about 80% opf the awards we have right now, arent even available to get, so why have them in the first place. Also think we should make new ones as IMO they look dated.
  4. Well @Juan Sanchez is interested in this and has the capability (was previously B TL in 1-2 many moons ago) so he, personally, should be the first person for this.
  5. What you mean? Is me and Filth not static right now? Or do you mean to have a static backup of people? for example, juan to always be backup number 1 (4IC) etc..
  6. @R4IDER - I wasnt implying that you was gonna steal the money I just know the old clan i was with had this donate directly to the server kinda of deal and was wondering if it was like that. Having a tracker would be nice. Although youve said people who donate think they have more say should be ruled that, someone who donates, eg UJ, does not have more say than someone who didnt, eg Joona for example. The hierarchy remains. You 1IC, Filth 2IC, etc. If "more you pay the more it goes your way" was a thing, ill just donate 100 quid and own the clan then, right? Think of the donation as investing into the future which is why were all here and haven't fucked off yet isn't it Not saying this is a bad move (the opposite) but we need to be careful for this entitlement ordeal. Also - what happens if we day, donate 120 pounds out of the needed 88 bill cost? what happens to the 32 squid left over? does it loop round for the next bill? what happens if we start overfilling and shit?
  7. Where does the money go? Does it go into the server pot on the server hosting services? Or does it go straight into you bank account?
  8. Due to the dip in numbers attending the Tuesdays training day, we are looking to see if changing the day will increase the members actually showing up for the mandatory event / reduce the amount of LOAs for it. WE ARE NOT CHANGING THE DAY, THIS IS SIMPLY A SURVEY
  9. @NeKoArroW - Deleted old posts <3
  10. its still larger than raiders - notice how raiders has a padding which matches the flow your wings(?) are currently within that space
  11. Why are they the size of the sun? Either make them all the same size, or dont bother dude lol Is there a recruit rank? Also, it is a green background for private / PFC and a blue background for the rest...
  12. Im missing too it seems.. @Jason
  13. So why wont people be realistic and stop having their heads up in the clouds lol. @unionjak - If you cant use your "@" function, refresh the browser, i get it sometimes bro. It's Fubar, but ill just go with the flow - turn up for missions and thatll be it lol
  14. I do this - But problem is they either unfriend me, ignore me, or lie... I want everyone in the clan to come as a big blob to where ever we end up. I just want to stick with the bros i have. Which is every, single, one of you. Including rigs... Im past caring what happens now.. If you want to try and revive the dead then ill stick around - if you want to be adults and look for new better things, then ill follow then. Where the bros go i go. Done being the realistic guy who everyone thinks is just being negative xD
  15. Repeating the same joke doesn't make it twice as funny rigs

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