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World in Action was proper TV.

Prime time television n' all. Not hidden in the scheduling. I was always freaked out by the music as a kid. I knew that something serious or dangerous was about to be shown.

TV is so dumbed down now.

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On 05/11/2015 at 10:32 PM, PARKER said:

Remembrance Day dedication....

Staff Sergeant Parker served in the 3rd kings own hussars initially starting as a cavalryman "cavalry of the line" and later mechanized in 1937 to eventually become the 1st Armoured Brigade in 1939. Grandad Parker was sent to North Africa to be part of the North African Campaign in 1941 and took part in the battle of El Alamein (he drove tanks) in which I believe his tank was hit and destroyed as was most of his regiment. After that there is hardly any record of his movements, we believe he ended up in Italy after being refitted in Cyprus. I'm extremely proud of him and dedicate this post to a brave brave man as they all were!

He drove the General Grant, (Correction - 3rd Hussars had a mixture of M3 Grants and M4 Shermans(aka Tommy Cookers) Shermans had rotary petrol engines which ran on high octane fuel, you can guess the rest) a terrible tank imo, I wonder if he's in this video? (He's not these are all Royal Tank Regiment and REME (Royal Mechanical & Electrical Engineers)

He made it home to his wife and 3 sons, Michael, John and Christopher and lived to the ripe old age of 83 and saw 7 grandchildren in his lifetime.


Top Left: GD Parker on the left

Middle: GD Parker 3rd from the left middle row

Middle Right: Bit of shrapnel took one of his fingers

Bottom Left: GD Parker holding my father Michael and his brother John standing behind

Bottom Right: GD Parker and my sister


RIP Grandad P


Never forget...

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So the media have been downplaying this shootout between Qatar and Saudi:

Saudi defense missile guidance system goes wrong:


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I know it’s heresy to say this… but the Mi-8 is better than the UH-1. There. I said it. ;-)


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The Royal Navy's field gun competition is a contest between teams from various Royal Navy commands, in which teams of sailors compete to transport a field gun and its equipment over and through a series of obstacles in the shortest time. The competition evolved during the early years of the 20th century. The "Command" format, negotiating walls and a chasm, was held annually at the Royal Tournament in London from 1907 until 1999

The Royal Navy Field Gun competition was contested by teams from the Royal Naval commands of Portsmouth, Devonport and the Fleet Air Arm (although teams from Chatham and the Royal Marines have also competed). At each performance of the Royal Tournament, two crews competed to transport a 12 pounder field gun and limber over a series of obstacles.

From the start line in front of the Royal Box, the crews pulled the guns and limbers to the end of the arena where they turned and carried themselves and the equipment over a 5-foot (1.5 m) wall. The guns and limbers were then dismantled and carried to the top of a ramp on the "home side" of a 28-foot (8.5 m) "chasm". The crew set up a wire and traveller so all 18 members of the crew and their equipment could cross the chasm. The team and equipment then passed through a hole in the "enemy wall" at the end of the arena. Each crew then fired three rounds to end the "Run Out". The average time for the "Run Out" was 85 seconds.

The second part of the competition (the "Run Back") involved the crews taking all their equipment back over the 5-foot (1.5 m) enemy wall and then back across the chasm. Once all the crew and equipment were back on the home side of the chasm, the wire and traveller were dismantled and three more rounds were fired in a rear guard action. The average time for the "Run Back" was 60 seconds.

In the final stage, the "Run Home", men, guns and limbers passed back through the hole in the home wall and then the teams "hook up and pull for home". The clock was stopped as the teams crossed back over the start line. The average time for the "Run Home" was 21 seconds.



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Go on Dem'port you bleddy glorious janner bastards!!!!!!

This was an annual must watch in my family when i was a kid :) Plymouthians are very proud of our crew. 


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