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OPORD: Operation Crazy Horse I

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OPORD: Crazy Horse I

Terrain: Open Ground, Jungle, Villages ( Huts), Camp

Weather: Clear

Forecast: Normal

Starting Time: 0605 hours

Starting Loaction: Combat Base Tango (South-East Airfield)





Estimated calculations are 100 men.

Air Defense:

The area is believed to have very little to no air defense.


NVA is mixed in with civilians and are armed with small caliber weapons.

NVA is probably patrolling the forest around the villages or MSR


USMC is borrowing the Combat Base Tango (CBT) from the SVA and we are now using it as a Main Base

All personal that is going to smaller bases around the area is going to have to pass through CBT.



A. Objective Overview:

Primary Task:

Task Alpha - Secure MSR (Main Supply Route)

Task Bravo - Secure Camp Oscar

Secondary Task:

Task Charlie - Secure Villages around the MSR

Task Delta - Checkout the old castle

Keep Platoon supplied with equipment (AAC)



B. Detailed Objective:

Phase 1:

01: AAC will create HLS X-Ray and after helicopters will insert the platoon

02: Platoon moves to secure high ground around Ba Chin and then searching it

03: Platoon moves to secure and then search the other villages in the area


Phase 2:

01: Platoon moves along the MSR and to make sure that it is clear to pass with vehicles.

02: Platoon secures the Old Castle to prevent any ambushes

03: Platoon sets up defenses around Camp Oscar




A. Coordinating Instructions.

Radio Frequency (Platoon net, Support net):

Platoon Net - 036.625 CH1

Air Support Net - 040.275 CH2

1st Squad Net - CH1 (PRC343)

2nd Squad Net - CH2 (PRC343)


B. Material and Supply

AAC Assets:

2x AH-1G

4x UH-1C

3x OH-6A

6x UH-1D

2x CH-47

4x A-1J

8x F100

2x Support Vehicles (Rearm, Refuel, Repair)


Signed Sergeant GuzzenVonLidl

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Good mission its nice to do something new in ARMA2, the new setting is a good send off to ARMA2. The AI wasn't all that challenging in comparsion to what were used to in ARMA3 but it was still fun with plenty of bunkers & patrols to deal with. The air strikes are pretty cool we got to see one close up :) the counter attack at the end was fun also. Don't have anything negative to say about the mission other than the fact that the resupply boxes don't seem to go into the helicopters.

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Really enjoyed that. Immersive placement and objectives.

Only thing for me was not being able to hear any enemy, and some friendly weapons. Made it very hard to ID and lay down fire quickly.

Any clues?

Nice amount of 'Nam chaos. Loving the M60. Very nice feeling of unit cohesion.

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Love Vietnam.

I love napalm, totally lose my shit when that drops. I like the M60's firing off those brilliant bursts of tracer, the sound itself was awesome. Platoon cohesion was a bit better considering we're forced to move close to each other to not get lost. 1-1 managed to ambush a patrol with lots of firepower which was great.

I've got plenty of footage of close quarters and bombing runs, I believe we might have been able to do better on choice of formations and reactions to contact when we were moving in those. Platoon net was fairly dead when we had contacts whilst moving in Double-column, so no new orders were given at that point.

I like the enemy troops but obviously they weren't that accurate, they scream in both Russian and Vietnamese and kept us on our toes. The bunkers didn't pose that much of a threat and we couldn't find use for our AT Launchers, I believe we should consider using AT at bunkers and strong-points to avoid breaching.

Editing was nice, lots of civilians, lots of patrols and enemies outflanking us etc. Great stuff.

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Well, it was different but I liked it.

CAS was great to watch.

Accuracy was a little bit low but I managed to get killed as soon as I inserted.

Overall, it was a good mission.

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I had allot of bugs this mission mostly sound issues but the mission itself was great.

good enemy placement kept us on edge ;)

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Mission Feedback.

Enjoyable mission, with a lot of action and nice scenery. Bit low framerates but after a while i got used to that and it just got a bit nostalgic from my old PC.

Good amount of contacts and concealment. We used a shitload of ammo to supress wich was fun. Napalm strikes where fancy too.

We had a bit of trouble at the start with the situational awareness with the localization of teams and squads.

Good flanking maneuvers.

Nothing to say about the actual mission really, it was just quality balanced and well executed.


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Enjoyed the mission, had no technical issues at all. Terrain and setting were a nice change of pace.

Enemies seemed to appear from many different angles. Their fire however was mostly very inaccurate and failed to put significant pressure on us.

Air strikes were a blast to watch today. Took minimal casualties, at least on our end. Unfortunately, 1-1 Alpha saw quite a bit of down time throughout this mission.

Maybe, in order to enhance the experience, the infantrymen should no longer carry personal radios.

Thanks for the mission, Guzzen!

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This new Vietnam scenery has been well done and gives the closed in by foliage type of warfare that Vietnam films depict. The mission was different from the usual CQB in towns but still close because view range is not far. What was good was seeing the air corps strafing and bombing in support. It was sometimes frustrating not being able to see through some foliage. There was about the right number of enemy. We had a good turnout so we were not under strength and could effectively deal with the enemy.

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Many points were made during AAC debrief, regarding both AAC performance and the issues within the game:

-Resupply - boxes would not function. Game issue, not AAC.

-Strikes were at times slow in delivery - issue will be addressed by AAC, however mass unguided bombing runs by fast air are outside of what AAC is used to in ArmA. Training is to focus on this subject to address the issue, particularly in reference to the incident concerning the near Blue on Blue with 1-2, and the 5 minute waiting time on an airstrike.

-Blue on Blue incident with GAU-12 on Platoon elements - I claim full responsibility for clearing AAC on a suspected HMG position, which resulted in AAC engaging Platoon with cannon, resulting in 2x casualties.

-Napalm issue - AAC cannot reload napalm dispensers on airframes, meaning to conduct repeated airstrikes with napalm, AAC must change airframes. An unacceptable compromise.

-Terrain issues - Landing impossible on certain HLS locatons, chopper bouncing around on the ground, potentially damaging the airframe and jeopardising all CASEVAC taskings/reinserts/resupplies.

-Bomb strike disappeared - AAC conducted a strike on a confirmed HMG position, AAC confirmed the bombs dropped, but no strike, no sound, no visual explosion, nothing. Odd.

-HLS Clearance - HLS Alpha, the first HLS we landed at was cleared by bombs, which worked well, however the location was nonetheless terrible, on a slope far too steep to be considered a reasonable HLS, certainly not one that would be chosen by a qualified FAC. With this in mind, future HLS locations for the start of a mission should be approved by FAC before mission start.

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Ash the first HLS was placed on top of a hill, but the idea was you could land somewhere in the general area of the X-Ray marker, however since we did not have any council meeting there was no planing, unfortunately the bombs overshoot the hill and cleared a small area in a slop instead on the other side of the hill, that is why we first of all had a hard time finding it, and secondly there landing.

Just tested the boxes a bit futher, the ACE cargo system works perfectly fine, but not the R3F script

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I sooo enjoyed this mission!


Nice change tho low FPS, after a while one gets used to it 'cause the frames are constant and not going up and down, I might consider changing some video settings for this campaign.

Nice placement of static HMG's, they were hard to spot and were prioritized targets on the field.

AI everywhere, this makes a fair amount of sense on a map like this, they can easily run around and sneak up from any direction. To my knowledge that is also what they did alot in Vietnam.

Good stuff for CAS.

Ammo hungry map, too bad the boxes didn't load in properly.

AI could use a little more accuracy, not too much tho, they shoot through trees every here and there but generally they're visible to someone, not by much perhaps but usually they've been visible when firing on me. (Tho it could take me a bit to find them, damn vegetation, yet I love it.)


Alot of CAS called in, it felt slow at times but Ash has already filled in on why this was the case, it didn't bother me much that a strike took some minutes, it will take a few minutes, that's obvious. It was more frustrating that the strike came and they dropped bombs and then the bombs teleported to an alternate dimension.

For the future, please avoid or try to avoid calling in airstrikes in a line where friendly units are, I think we should either relocate the ppl on the ground or adjust the line that the bombs are being dropped on, for the safety of ground troops.

1-2 Did well in this mission, we went through ammo faster than I don't know what tho, I suspect the map is somewhat responsible for that but, I've heard opinions about people here not firing 'enough' so. :)

The situation on the hill when the enemies started wearing military clothing, we got caught badly there, I don't know how to improve the situation I'm afraid but it felt like we were in the shittiest position ever. Though, it was fun :)

I don't have anything else in particular that sticks out, I just think everything went well, good work from 1-1, 1-2, platoon and ofc AAC.

Good job everyone, thanks for the great mission Guzzen!

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