13-10-2015 Soviet Highway

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Brilliant mission oxman, left me with very little adrenalin left...which i need as i am very old :)

Not a good start for me as died about 3000 times in the armour due to the bastard rpg gits...who i will admit were very good.

The cqb was brilliant and relevant as we covered this in training...i still clearly need more(cqb training not love from filthy) but enjoyed piecing together what we went over and putting into a real mission. The enemy were on form and merciless if you poked your head out or any other part of your anatomy.

Moving from house to house was very dangerous and tense...those who dared didn't necessarily win this time around. 

There was some very brave moments by our anti-tank man(baron) who put the offending armour units right out of the action at considerable risk to himself...nice one baron and i hope we can watch a video of it.

Thats all.

steve (uj)


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