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Chernarus - Russian Offensive Stagnates, Civilian Casualties

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OSCE Report Kozlovka/Balota Excursion 14/04/2032

Recent Events

The Chernarussian nation over the past week has had to open up a second front against Russian invasion to its south. Its main industrial areas in Elektrozavodsk and Chernogorsk are threatened by Russian troops. A large scale battle took place along a line stretching from Kozlovka to the North-West of Chernogorsk to Balota at the southern coast.



Once again, Chernarussian authorities were very cooperative. Our observers were granted full access to the area controlled by Chernarussian military and were able to obtain information from all available sources without interference.

Due to the surprising nature of recent engagements, the civilian populus couldn't be evacuated from the area in time. CDF authorities estimate the total loss of life over the past week to include 800 combatants from both sides, as well as ca. 300 civilians.


The town of Kozlovka has been almost completely destroyed in the course of recent fighting. Russian troops had used it as a staging area. When Chernarussian special forces were unable to dislodge them, they called for extensive air strikes. OSCE personnel are currently making an effort to gather bodies and document the events in Kozlovka. Some civilians were able to flee towards Chernarussian lines at the beginning of the battle and are currently being interviewed.

When traveling further south, it became apparent that combat in the area was still going on. Mechanised CDF units had succeeded in isolating the Russian invasion force in and around Balota and were still skirmishing for the small Balota air field. The air field is currently the only way Russian forces can be supplied and reinforced. Their southern push appears to have turned into desaster, in spite of heavy Chernarussian losses. Once again, our obsevers were unable to establish the disposition of isolated Russian forces due to their aggressive behaviour. However it appears they are allowing civilians to pass through their lines freely.

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