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Operation Tanoa Serpent

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Operation Tanoa Serpent


16th of August 2031 - Governor Elections, Tanoa being part of France elects its own leadership, who are guided by the french government. The candidates represents different groups of people on the island. Candidate Alexis Duchamps supports the poor people of the island and lean more towards the political left whilst Candidate Francois Richelieu supports the middle and upper classes, leaning to the political right. 

The people of Tanoa are split into different classes, where the lower classes live and work in the poorer developed regions of the island. Meanwhile the upper classes live in the major cities enjoying the fruits of being a privileged citizens, easy access to food, clean water, electricity and other luxuries.

The gap between the classes have been growing the past 2 years, the previous governor supported corporations, he changed laws to best support an economy with focus on middle-class and upper-class workers. The Lower-classes out in the smaller villages on Tanoa do not have access to things already provided to the cities in quantity. Life is tough for the lower-classes and their only hope is to side with Alexis Duchamps in the coming election.


20th of August 2031 - The Election results have been announced, with Candidate Francois Richelieu as the clear winner, gaining 72% of the vote. This was considered suspicious if not outright obvious, considering that 60% of the islands inhabitants are considered as lower-class citizens. Not long after the announcement of the results, left-wing media accused the government of having rigged the elections which sparked civil unrest around the whole island of Tanoa.

"We will not stand for this! The People of Tanoa will not accept corrupt officials who cheat their way into office! France must investigate these accusations and serve justice! And if they won't the people must rise up and take power from corruption!" - Comment by Candidate Alexis Duchamps


25th of August 2031 - The middle and upper class citizens of Tanoa gather in city squares and celebrate the election results, students parade in the streets and many officials and leaders have gathered in the gardens of the Chapel in Georgetown. Two hours into the celebrations the first shots were fired in what would be the bloodiest terrorist attack in Tanoan History, groups of men with automatic weapons opened fire and threw bombs into the masses.

357 killed in the first hour of the attack, everyone from teenagers, children, the old and the rich. Police was called into action to stop the massacre, but the Tanoa police force was ill-equipped and untrained to deal with the situation and the island was put into a state of emergency calling in the Tanoan Military.

The Tanoan Military is a low-budget defense force who mainly consist out of middle & upper-class officers and lower-class recruits and soldiers. When the call was made to mobilize all military forces only a handful of soldiers and officers were gathered to counter the coup, the majority of soldiers and recruits had deserted being supporters of the lower-classes.

The conflict in the major cities went on for two more hours, after which the terrorists had successfully killed 424 people and injured 613. When the remnants of the Military and the French Gendarme managed to secure the cities, the terrorists fled into the jungle and the bloodiest day in Tanoan history was over.


26th of August 2031 - A Left-wing "Freedom" group called Syndikat claimed responsibility for the events during the night of the 25th August, they announced to the world that they would not stop fighting the government until the left-wing party was given control of the island. Syndikat had now moved into many smaller villages and towns around the Island of Tanoa and now threaten to overthrow the government. The newly elected governor requested aid from the United Nations and France, demanding that they send military forces to stabilize the island.


5th of October 2031 - The United Nations gathers for an emergency meeting and decide that the group known as Syndikat are terrorists attempting to overthrow the government of Tanoa. The response for this threat will be to gather a force to stabilize the island and provide security for the people. A small task-force is gathered from France, Germany and the United States, this force will deploy on Tanoa and begin securing the island, rooting out the Syndikat terrorists.

15th of October 2031 - French forces gather around the central area of the island holding positions that will deny Syndikat free movement in the south region of Tanoa, this is in conjunction with German forces sweeping and clearing the villages and towns in the south region.  American pilots join the effort, flying reconnaissance sorties and conducting airstrikes for the German & French ground-forces.


18th of October 2031 - German KSK raid a small plantation held by Syndikat bandits and found a weapons cache of high-tech weaponry, the commander later confirmed that the weapons were of Chinese and Arabic origin which hints at possible connections between CSAT and Syndikat.

19th of October 2031 - The Task-force commander orders the UN Peacekeepers to double their efforts in finding enemy weapons caches and destroying them, Operation Tanoa Serpent will commence and the German KSK will be the tip of the spear, hunting down Syndikat Bandits and Tanoan Deserters, destroying weapons caches and rescuing hostages.


Campaign Start: 16/07-16
Campaign End: 30/07-16
Length: 3 Weeks
Creators: R4IDER & Oksman
Faction: Germany


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