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Operation Jupiter: Phase II

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Operation Jupiter – Phase II

maxresdefault.jpg (03/05/2032)

Elektrozavodsk – A shaky seize fire brokered by Ukrainian diplomats has been in place for three weeks.

The Chernarussian military had made significant concessions: Russian troops would be allowed to withdraw freely from the area of Balota, where one of the major battles in the conflict left them surrounded and cut off from any support. Twenty-three wounded Russian soldiers had to be left behind and they are now in Chernarussian care as prisoners of war. CDF soldiers arriving on the scene after the Russian withdrawal encountered a scene of horror, with unburried corpses strewn all around the Balota air field.

Russian VDV and armoured formations still hold parts of the Chernarussian North, where fighting first erupted in the beginning of April. However Russia still maintains the position that Chernarus in its entirety rightfully belongs to the Russian Federation.


Chernarussian officials suspect that the seize fire is not a genuine gesture on the Russian part. Many in the Chernarussian government assume that the opposing side will use every quiet day to rebuild their forces which, surprisingly, took heavy losses in major engagements in April. Observations made by the OSCE seem to confirm Chernarussian suspicions. Civilians trying to return to their property in the area of Gvozdno became witness of a skirmish between VDV and Chernarussian special forces, in which a minimum of five soldiers died. The Chernarussian Ministry of Defence claims to have information about a Russian build up at the border, as well as evidence that the pro-Russian Chedaki militia has received further aid. The Chedaki are maintaining pressure in several areas deep within Chernarussian territory and have so far refused to take part in negotiations.


Due to the situation still being tense and no follow-up negotiations taking place, Chernarussian military is preparing for the worst. CDF and CSFB are maintaining high standards of readiness. A number of modern BTR-90 infantry fighting vehicles have been bought from neighbouring countries, bolstering the country's otherwise relatively weak ground forces. The CSFB received a shipping of new, more modern weaponry. Chernarussian pilots took part in training excercises with a number of NATO countries.


The current state of affairs doesn't seem to develop towards a lasting peace. Quite the opposite, both sides appear to be ready for another round of heavy fighting.

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