Basic Medic Qualification 26/10/16

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Basic Medic Qualification
19:00 GMT

Everyone is invited to come, however this course is intended primarily for recruits who have yet to receive the Basic Medic badge. 

Course overview
- ACE familiarization

- Casualty tier system

- Basic tactics and tips

- Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

- The actual qualification 

- Working microphone and verbal participation
- Read following SOPs ahead of time:





The course will be concluded with a short test for every applicant. Following successful completion of said course the Basic Medic badge will be awarded.

Signed, PFC MacGregor, Army Air Corps

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1 hour ago, SoKkada said:

wen is the next training then  ont houw late  i keep forgeting i will put it in my telefon this time :D

Show up in TS with your mods ready at 19:00 GMT (20:00 our time) next Wednesday :P 
I've got you on Steam though mate, I'll drop you a line fifteen minutes before we run :D 

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