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Servermonitor issues fixed

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Both 1-2 and AAC noticed some heavy de sync in their trainings, unfortunately this was happening because of my sloppy mistake of forgetting to remove some debugging items causing everyone to send large packages every 5 sec.
On top of this there was also a double execution meaning everything happened x2.

This morning I have tried to figure it why it was causing the double execution but no luck, so I figured I would rewrite how everything was handled between clients and server and hopefully fix it on the way, this was something I was going to do anyway since I knew there was going to be a lot of traffic when someone was monitoring the server but I figured it was something we could live with for a shorter time.

Old system:
A player request info from everyone and it sent directly from and back to him. This is happening every 5 sec until that player decides to stop. This happens for each player that starts the server monitor meaning it works but causes bigger traffic on the network, the more people requesting it the bigger delay.

New system:
This handles things very differently.
A player is requesting the server for info, the server gathers info from all players(including headless), same as before with 5 sec interval.
The server then sends it back to the player requesting the info. This does not sound like much however the main thing here is to remember the server does everything, then passes the info to the correct player/players requesting the info meaning it wont drag down performance.

After I was done with improving this system I still had the duplication issue but there was no reason for it, so I went ahead and looked through some of my configs and sure enough there was the problem.

2 very simple mistake and easy to fix caused some bigger issues however thanks to that we got a major improvement of the new server monitor. If the mods are not updated before tonight's mission, I will do some hot fixes mid mission so no need to worry.

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My for the 5/12 was made from a framework i downloaded last week but it is finished will this play or will it have to be tweeked in someway?

Packet smugler!

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Previous versions of the framework still works without issues, the latest update have change many things meaning that you can NOT update a mission to the latest version
In other words next mission you make you can use the latest version

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