Saturday OP 31/12/16 Cancelled

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For those of us who want to play we can either re-play an older mission or we can do a zeus mission or something. I will be about on Saturday so lets see how many people we have and decide then.

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It saves us doing LOA`s Orev and as Raider says anyone that is about can fight with Raider :)

Anyhow...many thanks to all the Admins (from server guru`s to the mission makers and onwards) for making us what we are..the mind boggles at all the hours you put in to make the clan again, thanks. I wish us all a happy new year, and may it be peaceful and prosperous. Its an honour and privilege to be within the clan, and is always good when i look forward to Training tuesdays(Baron tuesdays :)) and missions on saturday. So thanks again to the creators of our Saturday campaigns.

Have a good one, and looking forward to more still in the new year.


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