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Red Storm

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Red Storm




14. 12. 2017
US begins the process of exiting NATO after negotiations for an "equal troops and budget commitment" reach no definite conclusion.



Summer 2018
For a second year in a row now, the yield of wheat in the Russian Federation is extremely poor. The state is facing a contemporary famine. A military solution is considered viable by the Russians - it is decided that the fertile lands in Ukraine need to be seized. In order to reduce the number of opposing forces on the Ukrainian front, a strategic diversion is put into place – a push into the Baltics. Russia begins mobilizing its armed forces.



August 2018
Large concentrations of Russian troops are being moved to the western border. The Czech 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade is sent to Lithuania as a part of the deterrent NATO force.

Spring 2019
The Russian Army lunches an offensive on the Baltic states. Both sides take heavy casualties, but eventually the Russians manage to reach the north-eastern Polish border. The 4th BRD is pulled to Pomerania for R&R. Shortly after, an offensive on Poland is lunched. It loses its momentum shortly after reaching the suburbs of Warsaw. British and French troops start pushing back and a counter-offensive by the Italian Army on the south front successfully traps and destroys a significant Russian force around Krakow.



16. 6. 2019
Weather anomalies are reported over the Namalsk Island in the Baltic see. Less than 24 hours later, the 45th Guards Detached Spetsnaz Brigade is deployed to the island.  A message mentioning “a device potentially capable of resolving the current conflict” is intercepted. The Czech 601st Special Forces Group is sent in to investigate, soon to be followed by elements of 4th BRD.



Welcome to Namalsk. The world is ending, the weather is shit and we got Ruskies to kill. Talk about dreams coming true.

Signed Sgt. Beny

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