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SITREP - Red Storm

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The Namalsk situation escalates

The 43rd Airborne Battalion conducted a daring operation, which resulted in the remnants of the 218th Battalion and 45th Brigade HQ to be trapped and later on destroyed. The Russians retaliated swiftly by launching an Iskander missile strike against the Sabjun Airfield. The 22nd Helicopter squadron as well as elements of the 43rd Battalion suffered heavy losses.


The runway was severely damaged as well. As a result, our air support will be limited in the upcoming operation. Speaking of the upcoming operation, a C-130 has been shot down on the western part of the island. The crew managed to eject and are now on the ground, attempting to make their way to friendly positions in accordance with their SERE training. We are currently putting together a rescue plan.


The operation will be carried out by the freshly deployed 42nd Mechanized Battalion. Since the anti-ship batteries were destroyed in the previous operation, the battalion managed to land safely at Tara Harbour and is now situated around the Old Hospital. A tank platoon has been embedded into its OOB.


You can expect a full briefing soon. For now, dismissed!

Signed, Sgt. Beny

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