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Red Storm: Epilogue

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Red Storm: Epilogue

The scientists we’ve captured confirmed our worst fears. The Russians have developed a weapon based off alien technology that they scavenged through the “portal” at Object A1. They have already run successful tests and the weapon is ready for combat use.

The Czech forces lunched a valiant assault on Object A2, but failed, when the enemy used the weapon to turn the Czech soldiers against each other. Seeing no other option, the NATO forces lunched a tactical nuclear strike on Object A2 to prevent the enemy from transferring the weapon to the mainland.

It was not long before the Russians retaliated with their own nukes…



This concludes the Red Storm campaign. All who attended at least two of the three missions will be awarded this ribbon: QiQRij9.png

You can look forward to Jason’s campaign, which should be starting next week (1. 4.).

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