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Sunday Mission (10/9-17 19:45 GMT+2)

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To any MOD out there: Please remove any old threads regarding sunday missions in the General Thread.

As timezones are a pain in the ass (And I was informed it's GMT+2 here during summer time derp) I'll leave a link to a time converter. Enter Sweden and you'll get a clock with the Swedish timezone, later fill in your own country or region and you'll get one for your local time. I hope this helps us with any possible Timezone confusions.
So 19:45 / 7:45PM Swedish time will always be mission start.

CSAT Forces are occupying the southern parts of Malden and we are part of a guerilla group who with the assistance of NATO are trying to get the situation under control.
Liberate civilians from CSAT harassment and sabotage their staging point and when we're finished we will be picked up by a NATO helicopter for extraction.

There are 12 slots available. 
Limited respawns are present, avoid getting killed!

Required mods: CBA, TFAR
Allowed mods: Clientside stuff (Blastcore, STHud, JSRS etc).

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