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Sunday Mission (8/10-17 19:45 GMT+2)

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To any MOD out there: Please remove any old threads regarding sunday missions in the General Thread.

Mission ALWAYS starts at 19:45 / 7:45pm Swedish time. Use World Time Buddy to find out what time that would be for you. Enter your country/region in the white box to add your timezone to the list.,2643743&h=2673730

We are playing as NATO and we have been tasked to secure a road that would shorten distances for supply lines. Secure Checkpoints and nearby buildings while you wait for reinforcements to come in to guard the checkpoints.

There are 12 slots available. 
Limited respawns are present, avoid getting killed!

Required mods: CBA, TFAR
Allowed mods: Clientside stuff (Blastcore, STHud, JSRS etc).

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Thanks to everyone playing, since we lost a fair bit of players before the end of the mission. I enjoyed it mostly, I am still somewhat confused as a team leader and the fact that I f-ed up the tracker for SL and TL just made things worse for me lol.

I'll just go out and say that if there's anything you want to mention (optional) about the mission, good and bad or what could improve the experience of this mission if/when the mission is replayed. Please feel free to let me know with posts below. :)

Things that are already on my tweaking list are:
Floating bunker at Checkpoint 5 (Adjust to ground level).
Fix task so it gets created if you accidentally walk in to the MG nest between CP 1 and 2.
Mortar should not smoke first when firing single rounds (after barrage has ended).
Tweak Trigger Zone sizes.
Tweak AI ambushes and Counter-Attacks so that the AI is aware of our presence instead of getting surprised of our presence.

Hope y'all enjoyed the mission, I'm on call next weekend (15th October) so most likely no mission that sunday (I feel like having a break from editing too).

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