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Operation Order: SURROUNDED II


Location: Everon
Player Faction: BAF
Starting Time (Ingame): 0545
Starting Position: Fort George
Weather: Clear
Forecast: Overcast
Terrain: Towns, Hills, Grassland





Tasking Ground

  1. Insert at LZ Alpha

  2. Proceed to Recon point Zulu and determine enemy strength at Objective Charlie

  3. Clear Object Charlie of enemy forces

  4. Proceed south to unknown enemy installation position

Tasking Air

  1. Insert Squad to LZ ALPHA

  2. Carry out Reconnaissance south of Objective Charlie and locate enemy installation

  3. Destroy the enemy motorised division to the south of Objective Charlie

  4. Provide logistics, reinsert and CASEVAC


2x Merlin
4x AW159 Wildcat
2x F-35
4x Land Rover (M2)

Signed Staff Sergeant R4IDER

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Op is up, sorry for the slowness in getting this done and also the lack of lack of detail, I have been having keyboard problems this week.

Streams should hopefully appear on the forums I will add them to the site next week some time.

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Good to be back, especially starting with a nice mission like this one.

I can see/hear that comms have improved quite a bit, and the chattering on the radio makes good sense most of the time. There was good cooperation going on with the teams doing some nice textbook peeling and general tactics.

The mission was well designed with some random patrols and well-fortified positions that were allot of fun to besiege.



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Following on from Tuesdays op this was more of the same. Similar to Tuesdays op the map felt stark and featureless in places, A2 esk for sure, but due to the op being well laid out this wasn't an issue, objectives were well set up, lots of contacts, good mix of forest work, open ground and urban throughout with plenty of tech/armour to deal with, happy days!  1 or 2 long waits but nothing major.

AAC seemed to be busy which is good to see and with only two pilots, but it didn't delay ground troops at all, seemed like a constant stream of CAS, medivac, re-insert....nice going AAC.

Only suggestion would be to use a few more objects to break up the voids of open ground between objectives on this kind of map. Happy to see advanced medical still being used. We did see one or two lag/spawn spikes coming into objectives which threw our formations a little.


1-A & FAC

Can't knock their performance last night, instructions coming down from above were frequent, clear and quick. Apart from maybe 1 or 2 risky approaches which seemed unavoidable due to the map we used the terrain well to mask our approach towards objectives aided either by forward reccying on the ground or advice from "them in the air". FAC appeared on the ball also, I could hear orders going to and from FAC for most of the evening and calls were prompt enough to ensure assets arrived when required instead of 10 minutes after. Good job both, thanks!

Alpha / Bravo

I had a good time leading Alpha last night, I had to step up my game due to the experience in the team. Alpha knew exactly what I wanted and did it promptly and professionally, really great to TL as it meant I could concentrate a bit more on keeping them alive and giving them detailed orders something I'm trying to improve on. Though we saw plenty of firefights last night most were either really close or really far which didn't allow us to use our buddy teams as effectively as I would have liked, T2 positions were difficult to come across outside of the objectives and T1's rifleman wasn't utilized for any enemy assets something I would like to have seen considering the amount of contacts on the map.

I was very impressed with Alphas performance in the forests, we had some really close contacts on a few occasions and took no casualties as far as i'm aware, comms were good.

Urban was a bit different, our approaches were made as best as possible but casualties came thick and fast. bunching up in certain places was rife, formations need to be spaced out more, simple but really important stuff. @unionjak was our AG last night and he had his hands full with lots of minor injuries due to the open spaces and AI sniping lucky shots as well as some mass injury moments, didn't seem to phase UJ though he was on it like flys on....kudos

Great to see @Pirate back in the action, appreciated the tips being whispered in my ear and could hear him passing orders on which a massive help, thankyou

@ThecMaster & @UnknownEngineer cut down many many enemy troops with complaints, good bants!

Hats off to @SoKkada for stepping up as TL again, comms between the teams were a little low but to be expected, comms when required where fine. Both FT's did a fairly good job of clearing the urban areas I think, again I was a little tunnel visioned with keep my guys alive so will wait for others feedback on that.

Me....I got my ass shot too many times, mostly for either hesitating or not looking properly, a difficult balance when trying to keep track of everything and everyone but good fun all the same, GG everyone.

urch thats a mess...tired...anyway you get the picture..



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